Amanda Webster Land Records


All three documents shown below are for the same parcel of land.  After receiving a patent, Amanda Jane Webster was the first to own this land, then she sold it to her father, Survetus Webster.  After Sarah Webster's death (Survetus's wife and Amanda's mother), the land was sold by Survetus.

Description of the land

The NW 1/4 of Section 18; Township 24; North Range 11 West,
containing 159.40 acres by government survey.
This land is located southeast of Carmen, Alfalfa, Oklahoma just off Highway 8. 
It is on the SE corner of Hiway 8 and E0310 Road, with the railroad track
running through a very small part of the NW corner of the land.

Chronology of the land transactions




Claim to Amanda J Webster by
Theodore Roosevelt
Patent Application #8366
Homestead Certificate #4388
12 Sept 1900
Amanda Webster, a single woman, sold the land to her father, Survetus Webster, for $200.00 Warranty Deed 10 May 1902
Survetus Webster, a widower, sold the land to Herbert S Collins, for $8000.00. Sale of land filed 20 Oct 1914