Andrew and Mary's Children


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1) Henry Andis:
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2) Rachel Andis:
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3) Julia Ann Andis:
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4) Catherine Andis:
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5) James C Andis:
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6) Eli Andis:
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7) Jacob Andis*:
   born c. 1825-1830;
   died before 1850; 
   married Sarah Brown on 13 Aug 1845 Martin Co, IN - by George McReynolds  
            (born 1827 IN;
            died likely after 1870 census;
            daughter of George Best Brown and Ruth Pigman;
            on 20 Apr 1851 in Martin Co, IN, Sarah married (2) Benjamin James (born c. 1824 OH-likely after 1870 census));
   marriage register entry for Jacob and Sarah;
        1) Julia Andis (possibly)* - born c. 1846 IN; died (___); married?; children?  
        2) Jacob Andis - born c. 1848 IN; died (___); married?; children?  
        3) Alice Andis (possibly)* - born c. 1850 IN; died (___); married?; children?  

* Note: In the 1860 census in Daviess Co, IN, there is a Benjamin James, wife Sara and children listed in this order: Julianders (14), Jacob (12) and Alice (10), then Benjamin (8), Florence (6), Malissa (4) and Emily Jane (2).  We believe the first three children are those of Sarah (Brown) Andis, James.  We believe the second group is the list of children of Benjamin and Sarah.  The "Julianders" is possibly a misinterpretation of Julia Andis.  All dates fit perfectly - even the marriage date of 1851 for Benjamin and Sarah (sandwiched between the two groups of children). The only concern is why Julia would not have been enumerated with Sarah in 1850.  We again find Benjamin and Sarah in the 1870 census - still in Daviess Co, IN with Benjamin, Florence, Malissa and now the addition of Lucinda and Orletha.  We believe this is the correct family.

* We are placing Jacob Andis (born 1825-1830) in this family because of the following speculation:

1)  Marriage: Jacob Andis and Sarah Brown (born 1827) were married on 13 Aug 1845 in Martin Co, Indiana by George W McReynolds, preacher of the Gospel. We have a copy of the recording.  In the 1850 Federal census, Sarah and her two-year-old son, Jacob, are living with George B and Ruth Brown, likely her parents, and we believe Jacob was dead by this time.  We also have information that Sarah is the sister of Elizabeth Brown. There is a marriage on 20 Apr 1851 in Martin Co, IN between Benjamin James and a "Mrs Sarah Andes". This Sarah Andes and Benjamin James are found in 1860 with her child, Jacob.  2) In the 1840 Federal census for Mary Andis and family, all children are accounted for with one exception - a male 10-15 years old.  We do not know who this is.  3) This is the only Andis family in the Martin County area at this time.  For these reasons, we speculate that the Jacob Andis that was married in Martin County belongs with this family.  We do not have any proof and would welcome any information that will confirm or disallow this circumstantial evidence.

8) Sarah Andis:
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9) Mary Andis*:
   * According to Federal census calculations, Mary M Andis, was born after Andrew's death, but is listed in the household with Mary in the Federal census.  Is she indeed the child of Mary (Shutters) Andis, or some other relation?  In government pension records, it states Mary swore under oath that she did not remarry after Andrew's death.  This was verified by neighbors.  One other possibility is that Mary did not remember the exact date of Andrew's death - a distinct possibility given the fact that she was not educated.  The date of death for Andrew was taken from pension papers, but several dates were given throughout the documents.