Bowman Photo #2


back of photo:

Photo obtained from:
the collection of 
Ida May (Boman) Gasaway
1910 - 1997

Probable Family:
William Howard Bowman (photo is labeled*)

Approximate date:
c. 1920?

Other information:
Front of photo states
"At Uncle Bill's in Odon, Indiana"


Probable locale:
in or near Odon, Daviess county, Indiana

Notes and speculation:
Back of photo states: 
"Uncle Bill, one of his sons and grandson, and Dad and Russell in Uncle Bill's yard. To say good by (sic) to Kansas Bomans"

We assume that the "Uncle Bill" is William Howard Bowman (1855 - 1926) who settled in the Odon area with his family.  We cannot determine accurate labeling for each individual.