Bowman Photo #6


Bowman and Andis family photo

those identified:
middle row: Margaret (Sims) Bowman (white collared dress)
William Howard Bowman? (behind Starlin Bowman), 
Isaac Andis (far right,old man with beard), 
Martha Ellen (Yount) Andis (woman far right with long dress)

front row:  Lora Edith Andis (left center with large bow in hair),
Delphia Allegra Bowman (center, in white dress),
 Starlin Ermal Bowman (3rd from right),
 Seth Sims (2nd from right, white shirt),
Bernard "Bob" Andis (far right, small boy with "fancy" coat)

c. 1906
photo taken by Earl H Tomey

Photo obtained from:
Hal Bowman

Probable family:
Probably mostly the families of 
William & Margaret (Sims) Bowman,
other Bowmans and various Andis

Approximate date:

Probable locale:
Daviess County, Indiana

Notes and speculation:
people identified as shown above;

see original letter below... It was sent
in 1959 from Earl H Tomey to 
Sidney Ellsworth Bowman (son of 
William and Margaret Bowman of Odon, IN).
In addition to those identified,
he mentioned that the following people 
are in this photo: 

Ike and Ella (Yount) Andis,
William and Emma (Wildridge) Andis