Cemeteries: Indiana (Decatur County - Greene County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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 Indiana   (Decatur County - Greene County)


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Decatur County, IN: Milford Cemetery, Milford (2)

Edward Oather PRICE *
Olive Leotta (Thurston) PRICE *

Decatur County, IN: Mt Aerie Cemetery, Greensburg (1)

Robert John GARDNEW *

Decatur County, IN: St Mary's Cemetery, Greensburg (3)

Cecil Wendell SHUTTERS *
Florence Lucille "Lucy" (Whalen) SHUTTERS *
Patrick Alan SHUTTERS *

Decatur County, IN: Westport Cemetery, Westport (1)

Meredith Henry "Marty" FAIDLEY *

De Kalb County, IN: Woodlawn Cemetery, Auburn (3)

Carl Otto (Rev) WIREY *
Helen E (Vickers) WIREY *
Sarah Catherine (Wirey) KEYES *

Delaware County, IN: Beech Grove Cemetery, Muncie (4)

Arthur G MASTERS *
Eva (Broome) DAY *
John Augustus DAY *

Mary C (Radabaugh) MASTERS * 

Delaware County, IN: Black Cemetery, Albany (4)

Alice Maxine (Life) JONES
Dollie (Bales) LIFE *
Earl LIFE * 

Delaware County, IN: Elm Ridge Memorial Park, Muncie (2)

Jacob Riley McDONNEL *
Winifred June (Grow) McDONNEL * 

Delaware County, IN: Gardens of Memory Cemetery, Muncie (5)

Arthur William CLEMENTS *
George Washington "Bennie" CANADY *
Hazel Louise (Furniss) SMOOT
Mabel E (Chesnut) CANADY *
Roll Edward SMOOT *

Delaware County, IN: Tomlinson Cemetery, Muncie (2)

Anna Mae (Newlin) McDONNEL *
Lucius Ellsworth "Elza" McDONNEL *

Delaware County, IN: Union Cemetery, Eaton (16)

Clarence Jehu JONES *
Cora Alice (Johnson) CRAW *
David Maurice JONES *
George Washington VORE *
John Franklin CRAW *
John Paul JONES *
Leona Lela (Duckwall) VORE *
Lewis S DAVIS *
Linda Lee JONES *
Margaret Elizabeth (Craw) Davis, JONES *
Mary Elizabeth (Vore) JONES *
Max Warren JONES *

Nora Evalina (Dawson) JONES *
Richard Maurice JONES *
Roll Edward Jr SMOOT *
Wilda Kathaleen (Cooper) JONES *

Dubois County, IN: Fairmount Cemetery, Huntingburg (2)

Hilda E (Prior) REUTEPOHLER * 

Dubois County, IN: Fairview Cemetery, Jasper (2)

Mildred Ann (Lane) HAUSER *
Simon J HAUSER *

Elkhart County, IN: Oakridge Cemetery, Goshen (4)

Karl Kenneth McGARVEY *
Lean B (Battie) McGARVEY *
Minnie O (Alford) McGARVEY *
William R (Dr) McGARVEY *

Elkhart County, IN: Olive Cemetery, Elkhart (1)

James Arthur MEEHAN * 

Elkhart County, IN: Rice Cemetery, Elkhart (6)

Austin Bernell DYER *
Howard Smith BIDDLE *
Mildred Louise (Wininger) WALKER *   
Paul Jr WALKER *   
Sareita Mae (Niblock) BIDDLE *

Elkhart County, IN: St Vincent Cemetery, Elkhart (1)

Larry Dean WALKER *

Elkhart County, IN: Union Center Cemetery, Nappanee (1)

April Ann DUERKSEN (unmarked as of 2015)   

Fayette County, IN: Dale Cemetery, Connersville (11)

Beatrice "Bea" (Burch) BROCK *
Bessie Florence (Crawford) GALLIHER *
Edith Marie (Richmond) GALLIHER *
Grace Emma (Collins) SELFRIDGE *

Isaac Franklin GALLIHER *
Kenneth Foster BROCK * 
Mary Ladonna (Sutherland) BRYANT *

Pansye Marie (Loveless) NEAL * 
Rhonda Gail BROCK *
Ruben Richard GALLIHER * 
William Taft BRYANT *

Floyd County, IN: Abundant Life Memorial Gardens, New Albany (2)

Dorothy Mae (Knight) BRAMLETT *
William Thomas BRAMLETT *

Floyd County, IN: Kraft-Graceland Memorial Park, New Albany (5)

Jack Wallace SMITH  

Sheila Jo (Little) BRAMLETT *
Vertis Pauline (Waddell) LITTLE *
Walter H LITTLE *

Floyd County, IN: St Mary of the Knob Cemetery, Floyd Knob (1)

Harold Joseph FESSEL * 

Fountain County, IN: Coal Creek Cemetery, Coal Creek (1)

George Washington RENNICK

Fountain County, IN: Rockfield Cemetery, Veedersburg(2)

Arthur Ode SONGER *
Blanche Imogene (Baughn) SONGER * 

Fountain County, IN: Rose Hill Cemetery, Hillsboro (4)

Alton R RILEY *
Benjamin Phillip RILEY * 
Freda Mae (Andis) RILEY *

Mary Elizabeth "Mallie" (Brown) RILEY *

Franklin County, IN: Maple Grove Cemetery, Brookville (2)

Lillie (Sandlin) BURCH *
Walter BURCH *

Fulton County, IN: Citizens Cemetery, Rochester (2)

Dewey N DAMRON *
June Alice (Hockett) DAMRON * 

Fulton County, IN: Moon Cemetery, Leiter's Ford (2)

Emma Augusta (Newton) FIELDS *

Gibson County, IN: Owensville Cemetery (2)

Minnie (Thompson) STONE *
Rollie Prentice STONE * 

Grant County, IN: Estates of Serenity, Marion (27)

Ada (Compton) STEVENS *
Albert ADAMS (unmarked)
Barbara Jean (Stone) KISTLER *
Charles E CROOKS *
Chester Payne YOUNT *
Daisy G (Byrd) CROOKS *
Dallas Ralph KISTLER *
Dorothy Louise (Adams) KISTLER *
Elizabeth V (Stanley) Patterson, STREET *
Esther Ruth (Stevens) KISTLER *
Ethel Marie (First) ADAMS  (unmarked)
Frank Albert (Arthur Frank) KISTLER *
Garnet Juanita "Dollie" (Burman) KISTLER *
Harry Jr KISTLER *
Harry Monroe "Henry" KISTLER *
Iva May (Kistler) WEAVER *
James Hubert KISTLER *
Juanita Garnet (Burman) KISTLER *
Lorren Eugene KISTLER *
Lydia Alice (Bradford) WOODS *
Margaret Louise (Wilson) YOUNT *
Myrtle E (Brown) KISTLER *
Raymond Lewis KISTLER *
Robert WOODS *
William L STEVENS *
William O FOGLESON *

Grant County, IN: Grant Memorial Park, Marion (21)

Anna Liza (Malott) EVANS *
Benton R SHARON *
Chris Taylor CROWELL *
Edith Pauline (Johnson) EVANS *

Ethel (Morris) SHARON *
Floyd Fremont SHARON * 
Frank Silsby BRAMLETT *

Goldie Adaline (Dawson) SHARON *
Helen Mae (___) BRAMLETT *
Margaret A "Maggie" (Mathias) SHARON *
Oliver Lewis EVANS *
Paul Joseph SHARON *
Philip Benton SHARON *
Robert Samuel SHARON * 
Russell Leroy EVANS *
Shelby William CASSIDY *
Sylvia Emeline DAWSON (unmarked as of 2015)

William Harley SHARON * 
William Shelby CASSIDY *

Wilma Frances (Stephens) SHARON *

Grant County, IN: Knox Chapel Cemetery, Point Isabel (2)

Bertha Cleo (Todd) KISTLER *

Grant County, IN: Marion National Cemetery, Marion (2)

Jack Arloyn CROWELL *
Forest E McCARTY *

Grant County, IN: Matthews IOOF Cemetery, Matthews (6)

Calvin M JONES *
Charles Clay DAWSON *
Claude Blaine DAWSON *   
Flora L (Duling) JONES *
John Charles Fremont DAWSON *
Sarah Ann (Street) DAWSON *

Grant County, IN: Park Cemetery, Fairmount (3)

Elizabeth Ann (Day) TODD *
Jack Edward KISTLER * 
William D TODD *

Grant County, IN: Riverside Cemetery, Gas City (3)

Anna Belle (Fogle) MYERS *
David Thomas MYERS *
Elijah MYERS * 

Greene County, IN: Bethel Cemetery, Marco (4)

Clara Anette (Fry) KEMP *
Harold David YATES *
Ruth Myrtle (Pruett) YATES *
Walter Ervin KEMP * 

Greene County, IN: Burris Chapel Cemetery, Linton (4)

Edith Matilda (Daugherty) GOODMAN *
Edwin Dewey GOODMAN *
Jennie Hazel (Andis) GOODMAN *
Theodore Erwin GOODMAN *

Greene County, IN: Buzan Cemetery (1)

James Taylor BUZAN

Greene County, IN: Calvertville Cemetery, Calvertville (1)

Norman Lee "Tack" NAIL * 

Greene County, IN: Carmichael Cemetery, east of Cincinnati (4)

Carlos Leveron "Jack" FORTNER *
Evalena (Hendricks) Fortner, WRATTEN *
Gary Farvell HENDRICKS *
Marjorie May (Sullivan) Hendricks, FRYE *

Greene County, IN: Dog Island Cemetery (2)

Maggie Dalphia (McKee) JEFFERS *
Samuel Dock JEFFERS *

Greene County, IN: Fairview Cemetery, Linton (7)

Bert Marion CARR *
  Joseph William TURPIN * 
Lex Elmo DUNCAN *
Martha Mary (Sipes) PRUETT *
Minnie (Harris) TURPIN *
Oliver Perry PRUETT *

Greene County, IN: Flynn Cemetery, Bloomfield (13)

Carrie Ell (Heshelman) FORTNER *
Charles William DeMOSS *
Darrell Fay FORTNER *
Elisha Ephraim "Eph" FORTNER *
Flavel Sylvester (Rev) FORTNER *
Francis Elisha FORTNER *
James Franklin DeMOSS *
Larry Randall FORTNER *
Marjorie Naomi or Noma (Fortner) DeMOSS *
Mary Tabitha (Andis) FORTNER
Ricky E DeMOSS *

Ronnie L DeMOSS *
Willis Ray FORTNER *

Greene County, IN: Friendly Grove Cemetery, Jasonville (2)

Pherbey (Duncan) INMAN *
William S INMAN * 

Greene County, IN: German-Memory Hill Cemetery, Linton (4)

Frances P (Brookshire) BREDEWEG *
Herbert A BREDEWEG *
Jennie Pearl (Bredeweg) ANDIS *
Ralph Ernest ANDIS *

Greene County, IN: Grandview Cemetery, Bloomfield (9)

Alonzo Edward MITCHELL *
Edna Mae (Andis) BUZAN *
Homer E HEATON *
Jennie B (Phillips) BENNETT
Lillian Altona (Wollam) TITUS *

Mary Ruth "Tootie" (Heaton) CANADY *
Ora V (Dilly) HEATON *
Thomas Ralph TITUS *

William C BENNETT *

Greene County, IN: Greene County Chapel Cemetery, Solsberry (1)

John Floyd DeMOSS * 

Greene County, IN: Kentucky Ridge Cemetery, Doans (13)

Elsworth Curtis "Elza" PRUETT *
Eugene Dalward PRUETT *
George B HARP *

Grace Florence (Davis) PRUETT *
Harley Francis BLAKE *
Lena (Davis) BUNCH * 
Martha B (Fines) CARR
Mary Isabelle (Hasler) HUMERICKHOUSE
Mary Jane (Davis) BLAKE *
Rhoda Elsie (Todd) HARP *

Walter BUNCH * 
William S CARR *

Greene County, IN: Lebanon Cemetery, Midland (13)

George Anthony HARRIS (unmarked as of 2015) 
Hurlie Elizabeth (Nicholson) CRICHFIELD *
James S McCALL * 
Lois Marie (Pruett) CRICHFIELD *
Mamie Cordelia (Brown) PRUETT *
Margaret I (Yeryar) McCALL *
Marion Everett (Rev) PRUETT *
Mildred H (____) SHUTTERS *
Peggy Norma (Brewer) ANDIS *
Ronald Joseph ANDIS *
Wendell Rice SHUTTERS * 

Greene County, IN: Marco Cemetery, Marco (26)

Amanda Catherine (Canady) LAUGHLIN *  
Amanda (Gee) CANADY *
Audrey Frances (Elgan) CANADY *
Clarance WRIGHT *  
Columbus Matthew LUCAS *
Dora Blueford WRIGHT *  
Edmond Kelly CANADY *
Ellen May (Nail) WRIGHT * 
George D KENT *
Herber Edgar CANADY *
Ida Irene (Humerickhouse) CANADY * 
Iva Irene (Canady) PERKINS *
James Clinton LECKNER *
James Danial CANADY *
James Harrison CANNADY * 
Julia Ann (Canady) LECKNER *
Lee Adam "Terry" LECKNER *
Lena (Vaughn) WRIGHT *  
Lois Imogene (Canady) KENT *
Lowell Irving McKEE *
Mabel E (Arney) LUCAS *
Mada Leona (Leckner) McKEE *
Mildred Maxine CANADY *

Greene County, IN: Newberry Cemetery, Newberry (1) 

William Elmer BOWMAN *

Greene County, IN: Newark Cemetery, Newark (8) 

Elizabeth Edmund(Bingham) BLAND * 
Elizabeth May (Trowbridge) BLAND *
Leon BLAND * 
Ralph BLAND *
Rolla Cassius (Rev) TROWBRIDGE *
Ronald Keith BLAND
Roland Wallace BLAND * 
Zelpha Judith (Andis) TROWBRIDGE *

Greene County, IN: Owensburg Cemetery, Owensburg (4)

Angela Kay (Phillips) COWELL *
Luther FIELDS *
Mary Jane (Roberts) FIELDS * 
Steven D COWELL *

Greene County, IN: Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Lyons (2)

Emerson PHILLIPS *
Mary B (Cole) PHILLIPS *

  Greene County, IN: Prairie Chapel Cemetery, Washington Twp (10)

Chancy Raymond COWELL *
Curtis J LYNN *
Dola Mae (Pruett) COWELL *

Dwight Leon ANDIS * 
Evelyn Bernice (Pruett) CHAPMAN *
Helen Marguerite (Lynn) ANDIS *

Lewis Allen BUZAN *
Mary Emma (Waggoner) HARDWICK

Osia O (Rader) LYNN *
Sherman Lee ANDIS *

  Greene County, IN: Salem Cemetery (1)

Emma (Swaby) BROWN *
James B BROWN * 

  Greene County, IN: Scotland Cemetery (13)

Albert Raymond EMERY *
Bessie Bell (Ashcraft) BOLING *
Carolyn Sue (Emery) WEBSTER *
Delbert I DOVE *   
Edgar Otis WALLS *
Isaac N DOVE *
Josephine F (Sharples) DOVE *   
Julie Anna (Bough) WALLS *
Martha Agnes (Cole) EMERY *
Sarah Frances (Dove) PLUMMER *
Olive Virginia (Girdley) DOVE *
Zacharaiah Colvin BOLING *

Greene County, IN: Slinkard Cemetery, Newberry (1)

Noretta (Messenger) WILSON (unmarked as of 2015)

Greene County, IN: Stafford Cemetery (2)

Clara Belle (Cooksey) MOWERY *
William H MOWERY * 

Greene County, IN: Switz City Cemetery, Switz City (2)

Charles Roger COWELL *
Ruby Mae (White) COWELL *

Greene County, IN: Walnut Grove Cemetery, Park (4)

Daniel PORTER *
Nellie Alice (Strausser) DOBSON *
Tressa May (Inman) PORTER *
Vernon Franklin DOBSON *

Greene County, IN: Worthington Cemetery, Worthington (7)

Clifford C CRODY * 
Fannie Mae (McFarlen) GOINS
Helen Lucille (Kolaske) CRODY *
Homer Clifford SANDERS
Louvena (___) McCARTY *
Virginia Maxine (Cannady) DYER *
  Wayne Loyola McCARTY *


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