Cemeteries: Indiana (Miami County - Morgan County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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 Indiana   (Miami County - Morgan County)


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Miami County, IN: Mt Hope Cemetery, Peru (4)

Catherine M (Luy) Stiver HURTT *
Edwin T GREGG *
Eva (Kenyon) GREGG *
Perry Silvester STIVER *

Miami County, IN: Old Miami Cemetery (2)

Lucretia Ellen (Rush) CLEM *
Willis G CLEM *

Monroe County, IN: Bethel Cemetery, Bloomington (4)

Charlotte T (Allen) BAKER
Leona Myrtle (Terhune) ANDIS *  
Minnie Ethel (Payne) Terhune, CHITWOOD *

Monroe County, IN: Burgoon Church Cemetery (1)

Lee Ann (Andis) BOX *

Monroe County, IN: Clover Hill Cemetery, Harrodsburg (15)

Brian SOWDERS * 
Clayton P KOONTZ *
Florence Annebelle (McGlothin) KOONTZ *
Frederick Austin PRITCHETT *
Frederick George PRITCHETT *

Heidi REEVES *
Helen (Parker) HAZEL *

Jeanie Kay (Koontz) ANDIS * 
Ola Jane (Norman) HAZEL
Rhonda C (Sowders) REEVES *  
Richard Joseph HAZEL *
Ruby E (Woodward) PRITCHETT *
Ruby Violet (Brassine) PRITCHETT * 

Walter W HAZEL *
William Edward PRITCHETT *

Monroe County, IN: Garrison Chapel Cemetery, Bloomington (1)

Joanna Lynn WARD *  

Monroe County, IN: Koontz Cemetery (1)

Etta May (VanPelt) COX * 

Monroe County, IN: Little Union Cemetery (1)

Vernal Daniel BARROW * 

Monroe County, IN: Mitchell Cemetery (1)

Kathy Jo (Kern) ANDIS *

Monroe County, IN: Mount Ebal Cemetery, Smithville (9)

Gerald Edward "Gabby" WEBSTER *
James Arnold SOUDER *
James Ivan WEBSTER *
Joyce Rose (Andis) SOWDERS * 
Lona M (Sowders) MAY *
Louis Everett MAY *
Terry Dale SOWDERS * 
Thelma Jean (May) WEBSTER *
Violet (Meadows) SOUDER *

Monroe County, IN: Mount Gilead Cemetery, Bloomington (2)

Mary Ethel (Goodman) GALYAN * 

Monroe County, IN: Rose Hill Cemetery, Bloomington (3)

Georgia Irene (Callahan) Steinert, JACKSON *
 Reason Charles SCOTT *
Shirley Iva (Hawkins) WOOD

Monroe County, IN: Valhalla Memory Gardens, Bloomington (28)

Bette Lou (Sterling) BRINEGAR * 
Cleotis C SAMPLE *
Doris J (Harker or Hacker) SAMPLE *
Dorothy Ann (Pruett) QUILLEN *

Doshia Pearl (Cox) ANDIS *
Earl Harman QUILLEN *
Francis Patrick "Frank" JACKSON *
Franklin Melvin ANDIS *
Grace (Bell) HAWKINS *

Herbert Isaiah CHASE * 
Homer O SAMPLE *

James Clyde WEBSTER *
James Franklin DeMOSS *
Laura M (Johnston) HOBBS *
Lawrence C HOBBS *
Lena Deloris (Fortner) WEBSTER *
Loel Orum JACKSON *
Lucille Gayle (Pruett) SHIPLEY *
Lucy (Scott) HALL *
Marion John HARP *

Oscar B HALL
Selma B (Hobbs) BLANTON *
Sharon Lee (Buchholz) HARDESTY

Shelbern Lucy (Hall) JACKSON *
Theodore Charles HAWKINS *
Walter Leon GALYAN *
Wilma Jean (Heatherington) DeMOSS *

Montgomery County, IN: Greenlawn Cemetery, Darlington (2)

Clyde Lyle or Linton COX *
Flossie Mary (Chester) COX * 

Montgomery County, IN: Oak Hill Cemetery, Crawfordsville (2)

Caroline K (French) BANTA *
Richard E BANTA * 

Morgan County, IN: Centenary Cemetery, Mooresville (4)

Ida Eldora (Patterson) ELY *
John Franklin ELY *
Mary Novella (VanHoy) ELY * 
Ruben ELY *

Morgan County, IN: Mooresville Cemetery, Mooresville (20)

Bernard William AXER *
Brenda Kay CARTER *
Daniel CARTER *
Donald J DOWNING *
Edward GRESHAM (unmarked, but we have a photo of the site)

Elizabeth WAGGONER *
Francis Elizabeth (Park) GRESHAM *

Hannah Jane "Jennie" (Waggoner) SANDERS *
Helen Marguerite (Archer) ROSE *

Jasper Samuel SANDERS *
Leva Ethel (Cooper) CARTER *
Mazola Fae "Mae" (Carter) DOWNING *
Owen W "Jack" PRATER *
Pauline "Mattie" (Marlow) CARTER * 
Roy ROSE *

Stuart Michael JOHNSON *

Thelma Louise (Haynes) Carter, PRATER *
Walter S SANDERS *

Morgan County, IN: Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Hall (2)

Garriel Eugene WALLS *
Ivis Beatrice (Webster) WALLS *

Morgan County, IN: New South Park Cemetery, Martinsville (2)

James McDANIEL * 
Margaret May (Long) McDANIEL *

Morgan County, IN: White Lick Cemetery, Mooresville (9)

Beatrice Kay (Walls) WALLMAN *
Carl Robert EVERTON *
Eva Louise (Vickers) HOLT *  
Everett Breece GOODMAN
Geneva Mae (Carter) ROSE
Margaret Juanita (Hamilton) GOODMAN
Norman Jacob HOLT *
Richard Franklin "Dick" ROSE *
Timothy Dale WALLMAN *



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