Cemeteries: Indiana (Vigo County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
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 Indiana   (Vigo County)


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Vigo County, IN: Bethesda Cemetery, West Terre Haute (3)

Richard A "Dick" PEMBERTON *
Russell William ROTH *
Sallie J (Pitts) PEMBERTON *

Vigo County, IN: Brown Cemetery, Blackhawk (4)

Charles Clayton LUTES * 
Christina R (Tryon) PAYNE (possibly buried here)
Cora A (Payne) LUTES *  
Willis Pierson PAYNE *

Vigo County, IN: Burnett Cemetery (3)

Charles Homer TIPTON
Estella E "Stella" (Beasley) TIPTON * 
Homer TIPTON *

Vigo County, IN: Calvary Cemetery, Terre Haute (4)

Anna Catherine MEEHAN *
Anna (McKinney) MEEHAN * 
Myra MEEHAN (unmarked)
Thomas MEEHAN *

Vigo County, IN: Fletcher Cemetery, Terre Haute (2)

Nettie Florence (Hargis) WILLIAMS *
William Thomas WILLIAMS * 

Vigo County, IN: Grandview Cemetery, Terre Haute (18)

Alma Nadine (Plummer) COX *
Alva SMITH * 
Bert Bellmore BEDFORD * 
Carl Oscar ELMBLADE *
Elzina/Alzina May (___) NAIL
Flossie (Nail) Scott, GRIGSBY *
Jessie Marie (Wright) ANDIS * 
John Arthur NAIL *
John Lee MASTERS *
Katherine Joann (Bedford) PATTERSON *
Lester Rovine COX *
Norman Lee ANDIS *
Sarabah Anna (___) SHELBURNE (unmarked, but we have a photo of the site)

Sarah Ellen (Beasley) BEDFORD *
Vera I (Walls) Plummer, SMITH *
Wanda Irene (Plummer) ELMBLADE *

Vigo County, IN: Highland Lawn Cemetery, Terre Haute (83)

Agnes Anne (Johnson) BUCHHOLZ *
Alfred James CONNETT (unmarked)
Algie Phoebe (Shields) BEASLEY (unmarked)
Anna A (Lindsay) SOULES *
Audra Susan (Lutes) FAULDS *
Barbara J (Brown) JAKOWCZYK *
Benjamin Earl LUTES * 
Bobby Joe FARNER *
Catherine Nettie (Lucas) NAIL *
Cecil Herbert LUTES *  
Charles A SOULES * 
Charles Franklin BEASLEY
Charles Otto NEUKOM

Christopher C NAIL
Clara Laurette (Griffy) WELDELE *  
Clarence Robert HAYES
David Eugene EATON *
David Melvin Jr NAIL *
Dean Allen HAYES *
Delores Marie (Potts) BEASLEY (unmarked, but we have photo of site)
Edward S LUCAS *

Effie (Taylor) SIMS *
Emma Louise (Young) McCLOUD *
Ethel (Smith) JOHNSON *
Eugene Avery FARR * 
Frank Esau BEASLEY (unmarked)

Frank W FARR *
George M PLUMMER * 
Helen Gilbert (Blake) ROSS *
Iona Mae (Weldele) BROWN * 
Ivan Edgar HART (unmarked)

Jack Edward Jr NAIL *
James Gilbert BEASLEY
James Lewis LAWSON *
James Russell DENSMORE *

James Voris NEESE *
Jesse Clayton HARRIS
John Albert LITZ *

John Alfred ANDERSON * 
John Clifford ROSS *
John William BROWN * 
Joseph Blake ROSS *
Joseph Franklin BEASLEY *
Julia Alma (Litz) PEGG (unmarked, but we have photo of site)

Kelsey Ann LUTES *
Lanis Earl "Dee" GEARLDS * 
Lester McCLOUD *
Letha (Harris) SIMS *
Lucy Katherine (Jones) SCOTT *
Martin Charles JOHN
Maud M (Sharp) LUCAS *
Maude Mae (Meeks) LITZ *

Mayme F (Webster) HERMAN *
Michael Allen FARNER *
Minnie Myrtle (Metcalf) NICHOLS

Mollie Amelia (Widmer) FARR * 
Myriel Audery (Freeman) HAYES
Nancy Jean (Dixon) BEASLEY (unmarked)

Orian Bud PHILLIPS *
Pansy Omega (Soules) PERSINGER
Paul Earl Sr BEASLEY *

Paul Edward HERMAN *
Paul Robert HAYES
Pheriba Elizabeth (Andis) WALLS
Phillip Henry WELDELE *

Raleigh Arnold SCOTT *
Ray SIMS * 
Richard Blake ROSS *
Rosemary (Beasley) CORNS (unmarked)

Rosemary Bernice (Sims) ANDERSON * 
Ruby (Kinley) LASURE (unmarked)

Sandra Kay (Neukom) LUTES *
Shirley Gwen (Hazen) EATON

Susan Elizabeth "Susie" (Beasley) Dorsey, ADKINS * 
Tammy Lynn FARNER
Thelma (Beasley) JOHN
Toecat Carlos FARNER *
unnamed infant male PLUMMER (twin son of George M Plummer and Vera Inez (Walls) Plummer)
unnamed infant male PLUMMER (twin son of George M Plummer and Vera Inez (Walls) Plummer) - likely buried here
Virginia Elizabeth (Scott) ROSS *
William Henry ADKINS * 
Wilson Burton LUTES (section 20, lot 866; unmarked as of 2017)

Vigo County, IN: Hull Cemetery, Prairietown (4)

Charles E EATON *
Edna M (Higginbotham) EATON * 
Hezza Francis YORK *

Thelma Ida (Bogard) NAIL (unmarked)  

Vigo County, IN: Kennedy Cemetery, Sandcut (1)

Sherman Leroy CLARK * 

Vigo County, IN: Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Terre Haute (23)

Ada Josephine (Harris) Pipher, FAIDLEY *
Beatrice Lee (McKinney) HARRIS *
Cecil Edgar LUTES *
Clayton Wiley LUTES *
George Frederick SANKEY * 
George R ROGERS *

Goldie Irene (___) SANKEY *
Hazel T (Hornbeck) LUTES

Homer PIPHER *
James Spencer Jr ROGERS *
James Spencer Sr ROGERS * 
Jettie M (Woodruff) ROGERS *

John Harold LUTES *
Julius Theodore SANKEY * 
Lena Belle (Connett) LUTES *
Malinda Jane (Avery) LUTES * 
Margaret J (Phares) HAYWORTH
Mary Catherine (Andis) Lutes, CLARK 
Norma Jean (Andis) ROGERS * 
Sharon Fay (Cutsinger) KING *
Victor Stanley SANKEY *
William Henry LUTES *

Vigo County, IN: New Harmony Cemetery, Prairie Creek (4)

Geneva Elva (Henry) EASTON *
Jesse Franklin HAYHURST * 
Jesse Wilkerson EASTON *
Miley E "Arkie" ADKINS *

Vigo County, IN: Oak Hill Cemetery, Terre Haute (3)

Cinderella (Rector) NEESE *
John M NEESE *
Sebert Lee JACKSON *

Vigo County, IN: Roselawn Memorial Park, Terre Haute (88)

Alexander Stanley KONAZESKI *
Alfred James "Bus" CONNETT
Arthur Clayton CONNETT *
Barbara Jean (Taylor) ANDIS 
Carolyn Ann (Phillips) SWITZER *

David Henry NAIL *
Dorothy Dale (Williams) CONNETT *
Earl E EATON *
Edith May (Bilyou) LEWIS *

Edna Mae (Jones) CONNETT *
Effie V (Hayworth) LUTES * 
Ellen Mae (Payne) ANDIS *
Elmer Joseph LEWIS *
Elvida Ioca (Fields) HUNTLEY *

Estella "Stella" (Jones) MORIN * 
Eva P (McAllister) RAUCH *

Everett NAIL *
Florence Mae (Connett) STEWART * 
Frank Eugene Jr MORIN *
Frank M ORMAN *
Frank MORIN *
Geraldine (Bennett) Connett, PALMER * 
Harris E "Harry" DUNN *
Harry Hubert CONNETT *

Harry McAllister RAUCH *
Helen Lucille (Connett) BROWN * 
Hertha (Sipes) SHELBURNE *
Idonia V (Connett) Phillips, PLUNKETT *
Idonia (Lutes) CONNETT
Jack Leroy CONNETT * 
James Edward GODDEN *

James Ralph SHELBURNE * 
Janice Lucille (Eaton) UTTERBACK *
Jerry Ray TENNIS *
John A RAUCH *
 John Allen MERRITT *  
John Monroe VOLL * 
Joseph C CUMMINS *
Katherine Tina (Klein) TENNIS *
Laury Ann (Stewart) LESLIE *

Lawrence August BUCHHOLZ *
Lawrence Calvin BUCHHOLZ *
Lawrence Claudis ANDIS *
Leoma C (Morris) NAIL *
Leonard Everett UTTERBACK *

Lewis Leibert BROWN * 
Lillian Veleta (Hickman) BREZER
Lola Mae NAIL *
Loretta M (Beausoleil), NAIL *
Lottie Alice (Connett) RAUCH *
Louisa Ellen (Lutes) BUCHHOLZ *
Lucille Marie (Lewis) CONNETT *
Mabel Estelle (Pound) UTTERBACK*

Mabel L (Connett) EATON *
Margaret Charlene (Rauch) JARVIS *
Mary Bell (Lutes) DUNN
Mary D (Jeffers) MAYNARD *
Mary Elizabeth (Nail) Cummins, GODDEN *
Mary Jane "Jerry" (Songer) RILEY *
Masel Lavone (Rauch) DENSMORE *

Mildred Nadine (Walls) TROTZKE *
Myla Elaine (Connett) PORTER *
Norma Lee (Connett) Wells, KONAZESKI *
Norman A "Sket" Jr DENSMORE *
Norman Alton Sr DENSMORE *
Norman Henry JARVIS *
Ola (Hudson) ORMAN
Patricia S (Phillips) HAYES *


Robert Eugene "Pete" FREEMAN * 
Robert Glenn ANDIS *
Robert Lee CONNETT *

Robert Randal LUTES *
Ross Edward JOSEPH *

Roy Eugene "Tiny" ALLEN *
Saradah Elizabeth "Liz" (Shelburne) VOLL

Sarah Beatrice "Bea" (Maynard) LUTES *
Tennis Bowers CONNETT *
Teresa Renee HALL *

Thomas Wilson FAULDS
 Velma Sue (Allen) Dayhuff, FREEMAN *
Verlin Homer ALLEN *
Wallace Carter PLUNKETT *

Wanda Rose (Whitt) McCLOUD * 
William Edgar CONNETT *
Winifred "Peggy" (Johns) CONNETT *
Zenith Victoria (Carnahan) ANDIS *

Vigo County, IN: St Joseph's Cemetery, Terre Haute (1)

Thomas William LUTES  

Vigo County, IN: Westlawn Cemetery, Prairie Creek (2)

Louis Dayton LeFORGE *
Willmina (Meeker) LeFORGE * 

Vigo County, IN: Woodlawn Cemetery, Terre Haute (17)

Barbara Jean WHITT
Betty Jean (Nail) DUNCAN
Billy Edward ADKINS (unmarked)
Billy Ray PRICE *
Charles Thomas BEASLEY
Florence Hazel (Brown) REAGIN *
John Ferrel REAGIN

Marcus BEASLEY (unmarked) 
Martha Josephine (Morris) PRICE *
Mary Frances BEASLEY
Mary (Hutchins) GARMON
Max Ferrel REAGIN *
Mildred Louise (Bedford) ROSA *
Orville William PRICE *
unnamed male BEASLEY (son of Joseph Franklin Beasley and Julia Alma (Litz) Beasley)
Verlin Eugene CORNS




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