Cemeteries: Iowa


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
If you want more information on any of the people listed below, 
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Adams County, IA: Prairie Rose Cemetery, Corning (2)

Barbara Kathryn (Cummins) PERRY
Donald Earl PERRY  

Black Hawk County, IA: Westview Cemetery, LaPorte City (4)

Edna J (Allsup) MONTEITH *
Eva Edna (Steffens) MONTEITH *

Ray Burdean MONTEITH *

Cherokee County, IA: Oak Hill Cemetery, Cherokee (4)

Emil Alfred LORENZEN *
Jeanne Ruth (Grigg) LORENZEN * 
John Richard GRIGG *
Mary Isabella (Alseph) GRIGG *

Crawford County, IA: Vail Cemetery, Vail (2)

Grace Adora (Gould) BROCKELSBY *
William Henry BROCKELSBY *

Clayton County, IA: Elkader Cemetery, Elkader (1)
(a.k.a. East Side Cemetery) 

Herman Hiram SINGER *

Davis County, IA: West Grove Cemetery, West Grove (2)

Jeremiah BINFORD * 
Mary (Potter) BINFORD (possibly buried here)

Des Moines County, IA: Burlington Memorial Cemetery, Burlington (2)

Anna W (Broeker) BRENNEKE *
Herman August BRENNEKE *

Des Moines County, IA: Gallagher-Zion Cemetery (1)


Des Moines County, IA: Shinar Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery, Pleasant Grove (4)

Elizabeth A (Cossel) LINDER *
Finnetta "Nettie" (Gannaway) ZION *
Jacob C ZION *
James LINDER *

Dubuque County, IA: Linwood Cemetery, Dubuque (1)

George Edwin ANDIS *

Jasper County, IA: Monroe Silent City Cemetery, Fairview (16)

Arie KOOL *
Daniel KOOL *
Doris E (Buckley) KOOL * 
Emily J (Woody) GIFFORD *

Goldie Mae (Fleenor) BUCKLEY *
Howard Everett HAGAN *

Ivan James BUCKLEY *
James Slater BUCKLEY *
Jerry Dale HAGAN
Martha Ann (McConeghey) BUCKLEY *
Miriam Marie (Buckley) PIEPER *

Robert C FLEENOR *
Paulina B (Gifford) FLEENOR *
Robert S BUCKLEY *
Theodora C (Dieleman) KOOL *
unknown female BUCKLEY (infant daughter of Ivan James Buckley and Goldie M (Fleenor) Buckley) *

Jasper County, IA: Newton Memorial Park, Newton (2)

Catherine (___) LORENZEN *
Frederick J LORENZEN * 

Jasper County, IA: Rorabaugh Cemetery, Colfax (1)


Jefferson County, IA: Gantz/Laughlin Cemetery, Packwood (1)

Michael COSSEL (unmarked as of 2022)

Keokuk County, IA: Keota Cemetery, Keokuk (2)

Clara M (Funston) FLEENOR *

Lee County, IA:  Oakland Cemetery, Keokuk (1)

Edna Mae (Does) VanSITTERT *

Linn County, IA:  Cedar Memorial Park, Cedar Rapids (2)

Vincent Henry STULKEN *
Wilma May (Waggoner) STULKEN *

Linn County, IA:  Linwood Cemetery, Cedar Rapids (2)

Charles Lewis WAGGONER *
Zola May (Bowman) WAGGONER *

Louisa County, IA:  Lettsville Cemetery, Letts (2)

Christianna (Janeysor) VINCENT *
William K VINCENT * 

Lyon County, IA:  Hillside Cemetery, Doon (2)

Betty Jean (Wendorf) QUINN *
Vernon Delphin QUINN *  

Lyon County, IA:  Riverview Cemetery, Rock Rapids (22)

Albert Franklin PETERSON *
Alfred Holliday INGLETT *
Alma Alvira (Brown) BOOMGARDEN *
Almira Tabitha (Fishel) INGLETT *
Bernice (Brown) PETERSON *
Edna I (Haack) BROWN *
Edwin Coleman/Colman PICKARD * 
Effie (____) BOEVE *
Gertie (Boeve) BROWN * 
George Joran SHENEBERGER *
John BOEVE * 

Lorin Hayes BROWN *
Maybelle Ann (Inglett) BROWN *
Margaret (Anthony) PICKARD * 
Mary (___) BAYSINGER *

Melvin Hayes BROWN * 
Minnie May or Mabel (Brown) SHENEBERGER *

Ralph E BROWN *
Rebecca (Jordan) SHENEBERGER *

Mahaska County, IA:  Forest Cemetery, Oskaloosa (2)

Frank Whittier ELSE *
Laura Grace (Goltry) FERRIS * 
Mary Elizabeth (Himes) ELSE *

Marshall County, IA:  Bangor Friends Cemetery, Bangor (2)

Martha Carrie (Adams) STANFIELD *

Mills County, IA:  Glenwood Cemetery, Glenwood (2)

Edward William THOMAS *
Twyla Fern (Thompson) THOMAS * 

Montgomery County, IA:  Villisca Cemetery, Villisca (2)

Allen Edgar BARLOW *
Jean Francis (Kegin) BARLOW *

Muscatine County, IA:  Oakdale Cemetery, Wilton (4)

Lillian (Belk) DARTING * 
Olga Freda (Schwin) DARTING *

Robert Lee WAGGONER  
William DARTING *

O'Brien County, IA: East Lawn Cemetery, Sheldon (2)

Anna M (Sprague) DOCKENDORF *

O'Brien County, IA: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Primghar (2)

Frances Wilhelmina (Lorenzen) MANLEY *
Thomas T MANLEY * 

Page County, IA: Rose Hill Cemetery, Shenandoah (4)

Carrie Ella (Oviatt) HOWARD *
Henry Woodford HOWARD *
Phyllis Marie (Bowman) HORST * 
Vera Marie (Howard) BOWMAN *

Palo Alto County, IA: Emmetsburg Cemetery, Palo Alto (2)

Edwin Sylvester QUINN *
Lois Marie (Halter) QUINN * 

Polk County, IA: Glendale Cemetery, Des Moines (2)

Charles Ellis FLEENOR *
Dorothy A (Else) FLEENOR *

Poweshiek County, IA: Jackson Township Cemetery, (2)
(a.k.a. Montezuma Cemetery)

Mary E (Bryon) FLEENOR *

Sac County, IA: Odebolt Cemetery, Odebolt (2)

Alta (German) CARLSON *
Victor Pete CARLSON * 

Sac County, IA: Schaller Cemetery, Schaller (3)

Opal May (Knapp) WOODARD *
William Edward WOODARD *

Sioux County, IA: Hope Cemetery, Hull (8)

Frank Adelbert MILLER *
Jacob David SHUTTERS *
Lucinda (Buskirk) HARRINGTON *
Maude Frances (Shutters) MILLER *
Maxwell Sprague DOCKENDORF *
Opal Mae (Miller) DOCKENDORF *

Phoebe (Gibson) SHUTTERS *
unknown male SHUTTERS (child of Samuel & Martha J (Davis) Shutters) *

Sioux County, IA: St Joseph Cemetery, Hull (5)

Agatha Avis (Miller) QUINN *
Angelo Sylvester QUINN *

Anna C (McCabe) QUINN *
Anthony C QUINN * 
James Leo CURTIS *

Story County, IA: Ontario Cemetery, Story (2)

Catherine Arminta (Hall) WARD *
David WARD *

Tama County, IA: Lincoln Township Cemetery, Dinsdale (2)

Jessie Alberta (Brockway) KULP *
Orlando Beardsley KULP * 

Wayne County, IA: Corydon Cemetery, Corydon (2)

Edgar Robert MONTEITH *
Evah May (Dyer) MONTEITH * 

Wayne County, IA: New York Cemetery, Millerton (2)

Emma Pearl (Chapman) DYER *
Ira Newton DYER * 

Wayne County, IA: Southlawn Cemetery, Seymour (2)

Hallie Brewer MONTEITH *
Margaret Iona (Andis) MONTEITH *

Woodbury County, IA: Oak Hill Cemetery, Anthon (1)

Eldon Henry "Hank" PUTZIER *
Elvin John Julius PUTZIER *
Lelia Maymie (Rohwedder) PUTZIER *

Worth County, IA: Sunset Rest Cemetery, Northwood (1)

William Woodrow HUDSON *