Cemeteries: North Dakota, Ohio


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
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 North Dakota   Ohio


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North Dakota

Benson County, ND: Leeds Lutheran Cemetery, Leeds (5)

Brada Mae (Sargent) SCOTT *
Ernest Calvin Sr SCOTT *
Lloyd Emerson SCOTT *
Paul J SCOTT *
Virgil Russell SCOTT *

Cass County, ND: Buffalo Cemetery (2)

Eva (Jones) YANISH *
Michael "Mike" YANISH *

Cass County, ND: St Leos Cemetery (1)

Donald Leroy PUVOGEL * 

Dockey County, ND: Ellendale City Cemetery, Ellendale (1)

Sherwood E MONROE *

Hettinger County, ND: Sunny Slope Cemetery, Mott (2)

John Taylor WALLACE *
Mattie Elizabeth (Upton) WALLACE * 

McHenry County, ND: Granville Cemetery, Granville (2)

Clarence Leroy ROLLMAN *
Lucy J (____) ROLLMAN * 

Morton County, ND: North Dakota Veterans Cemetery, Mandan (2)

Richard Allen HAUGSDAL *
Robert Dale HAUGSDAL * 

Williams County, ND: Grenora Cemetery, Grenora (6)

August Frank JOHNSON *
Belle Lilly (Horn) JOHNSON *
Doris Delaine (Shellum) HAUGSDAL *
Helma Sophia (Johnson) SHELLUM *
Louis Oscar HAUGSDAL *
Oscar Alvin SHELLUM *

Williams County, ND: Painted Woods Cemetery (2)

Cora Ethel (Rhodes) BOWMAN * 
Emma Lula (Allison) RHODES *

Williams County, ND: Riverview Cemetery, Williston (5)

Donald Glenn BOWMAN *
Herman Lee McKENZIE *
Patricia Betty Jane (Moran) McKENZIE

Sanford L McKENZIE * 
Mary I (Bowman) McKENZIE * 

Williams County, ND: unknown cemetery, Williston (1)

William Edward BOWMAN



Allen County, OH: Reformed Mennonite Cemetery, Bluffton (1)

Willis BASINGER  *

Belmont County, OH: Greenwood Cemetery, Bellaire (1)

Charles Clarence ROSS

Butler County, OH: Grace Baptist Church Memorial Gardens, Middletown (1)

Virginia "Jenny" (James) NEFF *

Butler County, OH: Hickory Flat Cemetery, Overpeck (2)

Ethel Mae (Worley) SCYPHERS *

Butler County, OH: St Stephen's Cemetery, Hamilton (4)

Marcella (Radowitz) ROTH *
Minnie (Usalis) RADOWITZ *
Violet Pauline (Willcoxon) O'HARA * 

Clark County, OH: Ferncliff Cemetery, Springfield (1)

Henry Hisley LYON * 

Cuyahoga County, OH: Evergreen Cemetery, Westlake (1)

Hughbert James DUNN *

Cuyahoga County, OH: Mentor Municipal Cemetery, Mentor (2)

Lila Dolores (Rich) JAYNE *
Theodore R JAYNE * 

Cuyahoga County, OH: Riverside Cemetery, Cleveland (2)

Cheryl Ann (Dunn) KNIGHT  
        Hughbert John DUNN         

Erie County, OH: Castalia Cemetery, Castalia (3)

Cecil Burton PARKER *
Hattie Mae (Cassidy) PARKER * 
Valarie L (Parker) MARKLEY *

Franklin County, OH: Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus (2)

Herbert LeRoy FLEMING *
Nellie (Bringle or Pringle) FLEMING *

Franklin County, OH: Union Cemetery, Columbus (8)

Jacob NUGENT *
Kostandina (___) STEFANOVICH *

Leona F (Mink) NUGENT *
Marie Osia (Mink) ANDERSON * 
Robert Emerson FLEMING *
Wanetah Joan (Axer) FLEMING *
William Arthur ANDERSON *

Greene County, OH: Valley View Memorial Gardens, Xenia (1)

Earnest Lee "Peanut" ELY *

Hamilton County, OH: Arlington Memorial Gardens, Mt Healthy (1)

Arvel Lee RIDENER *

Hamilton County, OH: Maple Grove Cemetery, Cleves (2)

James NUGENT *
Luella (Wright) NUGENT *

Hamilton County, OH: Oak Hill Cemetery, Glendale (1)

Elton Rudolph COLLINS *

Hamilton County, OH: Rest Haven Memorial Park, Evendale (2)

Charles L RUSSELL *
Mae Catherine (Radford) RUSSELL *

Hamilton County, OH: Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati (2)

Pamela Darlene (Dexter) CHAMBERLIN *

Hancock County, OH: Bechtel Cemetery, Van Buren (2)

Jeffery K KINSER *
Lynn Eric KINSER *

Hancock County, OH: Knollcrest Cemetery, Arcadia (3)

Dorothy (Paterson) HOLLINGSWORTH *
Gary Russell KINSER *

Hancock County, OH: Maple Grove Cemetery, Findlay (3)

Jack Russell KINSER * 
Nancy L (Andis) Kinser, HOLLINGSWORTH *

Sheila A KINSER *

Knox County, OH: Brandon Cemetery, Brandon (4)

Clarence Arthur "Dick" DAWSON *
Fremont Junior DAWSON *  
Lewis Bruce DAWSON *
Ruth Altha (Brenneke) DAWSON *  

Lake County, OH: Mentor Municipal Cemetery, Mentor (3)

Lila Dolores (Rich) JAYNE *
Theodore Ralph JAYNE * 
Vivian V (Rich) REID *

Licking County, OH: Maple Grove Cemetery, Granville (3)

Barbara Lee (Stevens) DALY *
Irene Fern (Nugent) STEVENS *

Lorain County, OH: River Road Cemetery, LaGrange (6)
(a.k.a. Knowles Cemetery)

Beulah (Carter) STEWART (unmarked, but we have a photo of the area)
Buford R CARTER *
Helen Maria (Hoffman) CARTER *
John William STEWART * 
John William Jr STEWART *

Walter A STEWART (unmarked, but we have a photo of the area)

Lucas County, OH: St Ignatius Cemetery, Oregon (1)

Nancy J (Bartok) JESSEE *

Medina County, OH: Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery, Rittman (2)

Betty Jean (Lutes) MOHN *
Kenneth Donald MOHN *

Montgomery County, OH: Calvary Cemetery, Ketterling (1)

Kenneth M "Cartwheel" CARTER  *

Montgomery County, OH: Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery, Dayton (6)

Elizabeth Evelyn (Williams) JOHNSTON *
Ester Estella "Stella" (Isenbarger) SCOTT *

James Robert CARTER * 
Leslie Earl JOHNSTON *
Maude Willard (Hart) CARTER *
Moran M "Ran" CARTER
Rhoda Madge (Goodman) KEGLEY (unmarked, but we have a photo of the area) 

Montgomery County, OH: Dayton National Cemetery, Dayton (1)

Ella Mae (Carter) Ely, MUMY *

Montgomery County, OH: Forest Hills Memorial Gardens, Tipp City (4)

Frank C DEAN * 

Orie (Head) DEAN *

Montgomery County, OH: Valley View Memorial Garden, Dayton (2)

Donal Everett HARRIS *
Luetta R (Fickert) HARRIS *

Montgomery County, OH: Polk Grove Cemetery (2)

Cecil Dean HARRIS *
John Lawrence LAUER *

Preble County, OH: Mound Hill Union Cemetery, Eaton (2)

Edward Hale ROBERTS
Ruth C (Crumbaker) ROBERTS *

Putnam County, OH: Union Township Cemetery, Kalida (1)

Martha Jane (Amstutz) Basinger, BARNHART *

Richland County, OH: Greenlawn Cemetery, Plymouth (2)

Grace E (Cashman) ARTZ *
Warren ARTZ *

Richland County, OH: Mansfield Memorial Park, Mansfield (2)

Frances Ann "Francie" (Dawson) ARTZ *
Richard W ARTZ *

Ross County, OH: Greenlawn Cemetery, Chillicothe (1)

Ruth (Lewis) STREET *

Stark County, OH: Forest Hill Cemetery, Canton (1)

William H FLEENOR *

Stark County, OH: Sandy Valley Cemetery, Waynesburg (4)

Dennis H FLEENOR * 
James Garfield MOTTICE *
Lucy Ann (Snyder) MOTTICE *
Cuetta Mildred O (Mottice) FLEENOR *

Stark County, OH: Sunset Hills Memory Gardens, North Canton (1)

Margaret Marie (Mullins) HIBBITTS

Stark County, OH: West Lawn Cemetery, Canton (1)

Walter Francis ABBOTT  *

Summit County, OH: Hillside Memorial Park, Akron (6)

Jonathan D "John" GARRETT
Mary Margaret (Posey) GARRETT *

Nellie Mae (Williams) GARRETT *
Ornie G "Pop" GARRETT *
William Garland GARRETT

Summit County, OH: Stow Cemetery, Stow (3)

Beverly Ann (Sterrett) WAGGONER *
Billy Edwin WAGGONER *
Shari Lee WAGGONER *

Van Wert County, OH: Woodland Union Cemetery, Van Wert (2)

Dulcie May (Harden) WERMER *
Gustave WERMER

Warren County, OH: Miami Valley Memorial Gardens, Springboro (2)

James Frederick HOLMAN
Loretta (Laningham) HOLMAN *

Warren County, OH: Rose Hill Cemetery, Mason (1)

Benjamin Harrison II BENTLEY  *

Wayne County, OH: Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Doylestown (3)

Arnold Levi FIELDER *
David Arthur "Bud" FIELDER *
Ruth Jane (McCartney) FIELDER *

Wood County, OH: Lake Township Cemetery, Walbridge (9)

Carolyn E (Jessee) FRIESS
Habron W JESSEE *
Hubert F JESSEE *
Harry Frank GATTON *
Juanita (Jessee) BALLINGER (unmarked)
Kenneth Vernon JESSEE

Ollie Mae (McCroskey) JESSEE * 
Thomas Alan JESSEE *

Vernon L JESSEE *


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