Cemeteries: Oklahoma (Alfalfa County - Logan County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
If you want more information on any of the people listed below, 
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Alfalfa County, OK: Karoma Cemetery, Goltry (2)

Jesse Earl WAYMAN *
Mildred Mabel (Secord) WAYMAN *

Alfalfa County, OK: Cherokee Municipal Cemetery, Cherokee (2)

Arthur J DeARMOND *
Mary Catherine (Bullard) DeARMOND *

Alfalfa County, OK: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Carmen (2)

Clara L (Webster) WILSON *
Sarah C (Bowman) WEBSTER *

Beckham County, OK: Fairlawn Cemetery, Elk City (7)

Ernestine Helen (Currier) POTTER *
John Coville POTTER *
Frank Henry WHITNEY *
Guy Thomas WHITNEY *
Jewel Beatrice (Fitch) PATTERSON *

Suella "Sue" (Moore) WHITNEY *

Blaine County, OK: East Mt Pleasant Cemetery (1)

Leo Bennett MARTIN *

Blaine County, OK: Geary Cemetery, Geary (6)

Frances Ellen (Overstreet) Campbell, Andis, MEDLEY *
John ANDIS (unmarked)
Mabel Myrtle (Law) ANDIS *
Marlin Andis KNAPP (unmarked)
Mabel Marlys (Andis) KNAPP *
Perle Emmett Sr ANDIS *

Blaine County, OK: Homestead Cemetery, Homestead (6)

Charles Leroy WESTFAHL *
Francis Marion CARVER *

James Louis WESTFAHL 
Kate (___) CARVER *
Oneta Eloise (Westfahl) HAMMANS
Ruth Eloise (Shrout) WESTFAHL *

Blaine County, OK: Hydro Masonic Cemetery, Hydro (3)

Amy Golden (Leedy) AUXIER *
Samuel Morgan AUXIER  * 
Vernice Marie (Lake) LEEDY *

Blaine County, OK: IOOF Cemetery, Watonga (5)

David Edsel HALL *
Eldon Dwight MARTIN * 
Francis Marion CARVER *
Kate (____) CARVER *

Oneva Ruth (Andis) MARTIN *

Blaine County, OK: Roselawn Cemetery, Okeene (3)

Callie Lee (possibly Thurman) WESTFAHL * 
Lamar UBERT *
Louis Charles WESTFAHL

Bryan County, OK: Burney Cemetery (3)

Catherine "Kate" or "Katie" (Cook) ANDIS *
Donal Ray "Butch" CUMMINGS *
James Charley "Charlie" ANDIS *

Bryan County, OK: Gethsemane Cemetery, Caddo (5)

Betty Jo (Wessling) EDWARDS *
Jimmie Julia (Rister) EDWARDS *
Kimberly Danyel EDWARDS *
Krystal Lynnae EDWARDS *

Virgil Lee EDWARDS * 

Bryan County, OK: Highland Cemetery, Durant (46)

Alfred B GOSDIN * 
Alpha (Anders) ENOCHS
Anna (Belle) CUMMINGS
Annie May (Howard) ANDIS 
Benjamin Art "Ben" HOWARD * 
Beovia Jr "Happy" BULLARD *

Bessie Lera (Andis) CUMMINGS
Credie Ansil ROWLAND
Ella or Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Andis) ROWLAND *
Elsie (Carr) ROWLAND *

Etta Mae (Hodge) ANDERS * 
Gladys Louise (Conditt) ROBINSON *

Haskell F THOMPSON * 
Haskell Wennell HOOPER *

Homer Wells WILLIAMS * 
Joe Benton "Bent" ANDIS
June Pru (Andis) DEVEREAUX
Kayutah "Kay" (Andis) MILLER *
Larry Lee ROWLAND *
Leman MILLER *
Lula (Sawyer) HOUK *
Luther Lee "Scoot" CUMMINGS
Mary Frances "Fannie" (Gutry) GOSDIN *
Mary Kathryn "Cutie" (Andis) LOFTIS *
Mary Magdeline "Maggie" (Banner) HOWARD *
Mattie Bell (Parker) HOOPER * 
Minnie Lee (Houk) WILLIAMS * 
Mollie Ellen (Andis) GARNER *
Ollie Marion ROBINSON * 
Redell (Rowland) STEPHENSON *

Roy F HOUK * 
Rubye Inez (___) THOMPSON * 
Sally Eppie (Rowland) WINKLEY * 
Samuel Brown ROWLAND * 
Theodore R "Teddie" ROWLAND *
Ticcoa Natoma (Andis) HOOPER * 
Wheeler Ray Sr MARKSBERRY *
William Earl WINKLEY *

William Franklin "Frank" HOUK *
William Henry ANDERS *
William Jack GARNER *

Willie Mariah (Andis) HOUK * 
Wyman Earl WINKLEY *

Bryan County, OK: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Caddo (2)

Ina Fay (Crockett) ROWLAND *
Louis E ROWLAND * 

Bryan County, OK: Rose Hill Cemetery, Calera (5)

Bobby Neal FERGUSON * 
Henrietta Beatrice (Harness/Jennings) ALLEN

Lawanda (Andis) Ferguson, HEIL * 
William Edward "Dub" ALLEN

Bryan County, OK: Rosewood Cemetery, Achille (4)

Nona Deoma (Howard) ANDERS
William Mason ANDERS * 

Caddo County, OK: Eakly Cemetery, Eakly (2)

Myrtle Lee (Wheeler) BISHOP *
William Frank Jr BISHOP * 

Caddo County, OK: Gracemont Cemetery, Gracemont (1)

Leonard M COX  *

Caddo County, OK: Hinton Cemetery, Hinton (4)

Bertha Mae (Johnston) ANDIS *
James Clinton ANDIS *
Lester James ANDIS *

Raymond NAIL *

Caddo County, OK: Sacred Heart Cemetery, Hinton (3)

Angela Lee RAMMING *
Richard Lee "Dick" RAMMING *
Richard Paul RAMMING *

Canadian County, OK: Calumet Cemetery, Calumet (2)

Maxine Alice (Hillburn) FUNCK *
Vernon Lee FUNCK * 

Canadian County, OK: Canadian Valley Cemetery, Calumet (3)

Auda Frank NAIL *
Margaret Roylan (Frederick) NAIL * (funeral home marker)
Oneida "Marie" (Nicholson) NAIL *

Canadian County, OK: El Reno Cemetery, El Reno (18)

Benjamin Franklin ANDERSON *
Charles Harold "Snow" NAIL * 
Clarence Eugene "Ted" DOKE * 
Clifford Brooks JACKSON *
Donald Leroy NINMAN *

Dorothy Beatrice (Jackson) DOKE *  

Hardie STORIE (unmarked in Potters section 1, block 12, grave 42)
Helen (___) JACKSON * 
John Lawrence BARRY *
Joyce Ann (Jackson) HOUSE *

Ladonia M "Donna" (Story) ANDERSON * 
Leonard T NINMAN *
Lucile Lillian (King) NAIL *
Mary Violet "Jackie" (Martell) BARRY *
Patsy Faye ATKINSON *
William Earnest ATKINSON *

William Perry MARTELL *

Carter County, OK: Graham Cemetery, Graham (1)


Choctaw County, OK: Restland Cemetery, Boswell (1)

Dan M HEIL * 

Cleveland County, OK: Lexington Cemetery, Lexington (1)

Ruth Lee (Giddens) JENNINGS  *

Cleveland County, OK: Lilac Hills Cemetery, Moore (6)

Cecil Clifford LOWDER *
Donald Lloyd THOMPSON * 
Joy Alice (Thompson) LOWDER *

Laura Mamie (Nail) THOMPSON * 
Leslie Loyd THOMPSON *
Nellie Faye (Rhodes) THOMPSON *

Cleveland County, OK: Maguire-Fairview Cemetery, Maguire (1)

Elizabeth Lea (Storie) YANDELL  

Cleveland County, OK: Norman IOOF Cemetery, Norman (1)

James Clinton "Jimmy" Sr ANDIS *
Lahoma Golden (Thompson) HILL

Cleveland County, OK: Resthaven Gardens Cemetery, Oklahoma City (1)

Aubrey Leon ROWLAND * 

Cleveland County, OK: Smith Cemetery, Moore (1)

Charles "Gene" ENGLEKING *

Cleveland County, OK: Sunset Memorial Cemetery (5)

Emory Gail Sr ANDIS *
Euline "Mickey" (Carter) FENTER
Helen Mary (Shillington) ANDIS
Helen Susan (Phillips) HILL (unmarked as of 2021)
William Henry HILL *

Comanche County, OK: Fort Sill National Cemetery, Elgin (1)

James Marion CARTER  *

Comanche County, OK: Highland Cemetery, Lawton (5)

Gladys Lucile (Andis) ALLISON *
Laura Lee (Roseberry-Andis) DAVIS
Robert James ALLISON *
Sarah Ann (Norton) SHIPMAN *
William Westbrook SHIPMAN *

Comanche County, OK: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Lawton (4)

Burl W BISHOP  *
Earline (Leedy) BISHOP *
Howard C TIMKEN *
Howard Walter TIMKEN *

Craig County, OK: Fairview Cemetery, Vinita (9)

Chauncey D SCOTT *
Churchill H HUDSON *
Evelyn M (Hudson) REED *
Gladys M (Scott) HUDSON *
Joseph Price SCOTT *
Lena C (Marsh) SCOTT *
Maggie (Lampton) HUDSON *
Noble B REED *
Steven H HUDSON *

Creek County, OK: Brooks Cemetery, Silver City (2)

Srilday Evelynjane (Nail) HENDRIX *
Thomas HENDRIX *

Custer County, OK: Butler Cemetery, Butler (4)

Eli Thomas "Tom" NAIL *
John Franklin WALKER *
Minnie Lee (Logan) WALKER *

Vera Lucretia (Dawson) NAIL  *

Custer County, OK: Greenwood Cemetery, Weatherford (10)

Burel AVANTS *
Eulalie Ann "Lee Ann" (Reid) NAIL *
George Heath REID * 
Hazel Pauline (Wyatt) Avants, LEEDY *
John Madison WHITWORTH *
Katherine "Katie" (Koop) WHITWORTH
Lowell Thomas "Spike" NAIL *
Marion Earl LEEDY
Sophia Omelia (Whitworth) LEEDY * 

Vivian Evis (Brothers) REID *

Custer County, OK: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Lawton (2)

Earline (Leedy) BISHOP

Garfield County, OK: Calvary Cemetery, Enid (5)

Augusta Matilda "Gussie" (Smith) CANNADY
George Dewey CANNADY *
Pearl Eva CANNADY *
Virginia Bell (Bonnell) CANNADY *
William Matthew CANNADY *

Garfield County, OK: Covington Cemetery, Covington (21)

Betty June KEGIN *
Clara Agnes (Herrian) KEGIN *
Elizabeth Nancy (Cook) BROWN *
Emmit Franklin WILDER *
Everett Arthur HERRIAN *
Francis L "Curly" KEGIN *
Harvey P "Harry" KEGIN *
Jacob BROWN *
Jennie A "Jane" (Kegin) WILDER *
Lois Jean KEGIN *
Martha Mae (Kegin) REDWINE *

Martha Matilda (Brown) KEGIN *  
Oscar KEGIN *
Pansy Charlotta (Coen) KEGIN *
Robert Allen "Bob" (Rev) KEGIN *  
Robert Allen "Bobby" KEGIN *
Ronald Lee KEGIN *
Rosa Grace (Black) HERRIAN *
Sarah Blanche (Gibson) KEGIN *
Teddy Wayne KEGIN *

Garfield County, OK: Enid Cemetery, Enid (2)

Francis L (Schovanec) KOTLAN *
Frank KOTLAN *

Garfield County, OK: Memorial Park Cemetery, Enid (16)

Diana Lee (Doyle) ASHFORD *
Diane Ranee (Fluman) GREINERT *
Elizabeth K "Lib" (Kegin) COEN *  
Everett Oscar DIVELEY *
Freda Arlene (Coen) RIGGINS *
Herma (Smith) COEN *
Jesse Dale COEN * 
Jesse David COEN *

Marvin Gale COEN * 
Marshall H MANESS *
Matilda Jane (Coen) COLLINS *

Mildred Midoline (Williams) DIVELEY *
Ronald Brent GREINERT *
Thomas W BEST *
Virginia Rose "Jennie" (Coen) BEST *
Wanda Mae (Coen) DUNN *

Garfield County, OK: Waukomis Cemetery, Waukomis (6)

Clarence Edward HERRIN * 
Edward Jesse HERRIN *
Elvirda Mahala (Fields) HERRIN *

Florence Elizabeth (Brown) HERRIN * 

Joseph Mack AVERY * 
Susan Ann (Sears) AVERY * 

Garvin County, OK: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Pauls Valley (1)

Bobbie June (Ledford) YARBROUGH *

Grady County, OK: Hazel Dell Cemetery, Minco (5)

Anna V (Reid) DOKE * 
Henry J MARTY *

John Boyle DOKE * 
Oliver H MARTY *
Verona (___) MARTY *

Grant County, OK: Lamont Cemetery, Lamont (2)

Eliza Jane (Andis) FICKLE *
Izaac Jr FICKLE * 

Haskell County, OK: Mountain Home Cemetery, Whitefield (1)

Donald Gene MAJORS  *

Haskell County, OK: Stigler Cemetery, Stigler (7)

Alice Mae (Brown) Bowers, FIELDS *
Burgess Purl BROWN *
Gertrude May (Allen) BROWN * 
Herbert Lloyd BROWN * 
Pauline Gladys (Eddy) BROWN *
Purley Andrew BROWN * 

Robert Junior "Bob" HOUSE *

Kay County, OK: Blackwell Cemetery, Blackwell (1)

Arnold J EKLUND  *

Kay County, OK: Grandview Cemetery, Kaw City (5)

Arthur BOWHAY * 
Cloise Jefferson JOHNSTON *

Emma Rosetta "Rosa" (Brown) BOWHAY  *
Euna (Snider) OWENS *

Frances M (Owens) JOHNSTON *
Travis E OWENS *

Kay County, OK: Longwood Cemetery, Ponca City (1)

Velva Charlene (Johnston) SEBRANT *

Kay County, OK: Odd Fellows Cemetery, Ponca City (5)

Aaron Foster GALLAGHER *
Cecil Windell HOLMES *
Sharon Gaye (Johnston) HELEMS *

Virginia (Beck) Durant, BOWMAN * 

Kay County, OK: Ponca Tribal Cemetery, Ponca City (4)

Arneva Eloise (Williams) BOWHAY *
George Arthur BOWHAY * 
Michael Allen "Chico" GALLAGHER *

Parrish WILLIAMS *

Kay County, OK: Resthaven Memorial Park, Ponca City (14)

Arthur Lee JOHNSTON *
Awilda Cecil (Bowhay) JOHNSTON *
Billy Glenn JOHNSTON *
Bondford Cecil HOLMES *
Charles Edward JOHNSTON *

Charles Jefferson JOHNSTON *
Elsie (Johnston) HOLMES *
Glenn Thomas JOHNSTON *

Leta Maxine (Beaver) BOWHAY *
Margaret Ruby (Littau) JOHNSTON *
Vaunetta (___) JOHNSTON (possibly here)
Velva Colleen (Nix) JOHNSTON *
Wendell Eugene BOWHAY *

Kingfisher County, OK: Cashion Cemetery, Cashion (10)

Anna E (___) SANDEFUR *
Bessie (Hardlisky or Heardliska) BROWN *
Daniel Henderson BROWN * 
Daniel Leroy BOWHAY *
Edith Grace (Sandefur) BOWHAY *  
George Bertrem SANDEFUR *
Lola E (Nulick) MANESS *
Maude Elizabeth (Bowhay) NULICK *
Nina Marie (Dixon) KROBER *
Reinhold Clarence KROBER *

Kingfisher County, OK: Kingfisher Cemetery, Kingfisher (1)

Wilbur Norman LEEDY *

Kingfisher County, OK: Sheridan Cemetery (1)


Lincoln County, OK: Gable Cemetery, Prague (2)

James McCONNEL *
Lilly Ann (Willis) McCONNEL *

Lincoln County, OK: Lutheran Cemetery (2)

Christian Herman KOSTED *
Josephine Johanna (Rubin) KOSTED * 

Lincoln County, OK: Prague Cemetery, Prague (2)

Eunice Evelyn (Newton) MARTIN *
 Hugo Franklin MARTIN * 

Logan County, OK: Roselawn Cemetery, Mulhall (3)

Clarence Elvin HERRIN *
Temperance Jane "Tempa" (Harper) WILLIAMS *



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