Cemeteries: Oregon


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
If you want more information on any of the people listed below, 
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Baker County, OR: Pine Haven Cemetery, Halfway (2)

George W FLEENOR *
Jennie Miller (Laird) FLEENOR *

Clackamas County, OR: Chimes Memorial Gardens, Happy Valley (2)

Athel Forest ORMAN *
Gwendolyn Jeanette (Minor) ORMAN *

Clackamas County, OR: Cliffside Cemetery, Sandy (2)

Dora E (Teneyck) LENZIE *
Leo George LENZIE *

Clackamas County, OR: Damascus Pioneer Cemetery, Damascus (4)

Ethel Matilda (Bowerman) KELLER *
Justin How BOWERMAN *
Myrtle Mae (___) BOWERMAN *
Russell Gerold KELLER *

Clackamas County, OR: Mountain View Cemetery, Oregon City (2)

Ella Lena (Sanford) BENTZ *
Lyle Ray Sr BENTZ *

Clackamas County, OR: Zion Memorial Park, Canby (2)

Glendora Martha (Ireland) KELLER *
Harry Robert KELLER *

Deschutes County, OR: Pilot Butte Cemetery, Bend (4)

Carl White ANDIS *
Horace L "Buck" ANDIS *
Leonard Lee ANDIS *
Mildred C (Conner) ANDIS *

Douglas County, OR: Myrtle Creek IOOF Cemetery, Myrtle Creek (4)

Amos SMITH * 
Iva Mae (Boulware) JINKINS *
James Willie JINKINS *
Odie B (Waters) SMITH (unmarked)

Douglas County, OR: Roseburg Memorial Gardens, Roseburg (4)

Francis Lester HUGGINS *
Harold Jul PATTERSON *
Margaret Lenola "Pat" (Whitney) PATTERSON *
Maxine Louella (Baker) THOMPSON *

Hood River County, OR: Parkdale Cemetery, Parkdale (1)

Franklin A DRAPER *

Jackson County, OR: Eagle Point Veteran's Cemetery, Eagle Point (3 )

Gene Howard ENDEMAN *
Muriel Jeanette (Weston) ENDEMAN *
Retta Faye (Leedy) PHARISS *

Jackson County, OR: Hillcrest Memorial Park, Medford (2)

John Andrew LEEDY *
Mabel Lavera (Whitworth) LEEDY *

Josephine County, OR: Hawthorne Memorial Gardens, Grants Pass (2)

Arline Ellen (___) FERRIS *
Walter David Jr FERRIS * 

Josephine County, OR: Hillcrest Memorial Park, Grants Pass (1)

Gerald Ray WESTON * 

Klamath County, OR: Old Tulelake Cemetery (5)
(a.k.a. Old Merrill Town Cemetery)

Daisy Catherine (Gobble) FLEENOR *
Fannie E (___) ADAMS *
J Frank Sr ADAMS *
Robert Steele Jr ADAMS *
Robert Steele Sr ADAMS *

Lane County, OR: Lane Memorial Gardens, Eugene (3)

Mable Beatrice (Longhurst) DEVEREAUX *
Robert Orin BOWMAN *

Rosen Frank DEVEREAUX *

Lane County, OR: Rest Haven Memorial Park, Eugene (1)

Odie Jean (Smith) STEPHENS *

Lane County, OR: Rest Lawn Memorial Park, Junction City (3)

Alice Mae (Larsen) BOWMAN *
Loren Douglas BOWMAN *

Samuel Wilford BOWMAN * 

Lane County, OR: Sunset Hills Memorial Park, Eugene (1)

Ollie Russell WILLIAMS * 

Lincoln County, OR: Bateman's Clelan Abbey Mausoleum, Newport (1)

Jason Edward Sr RAMBERG * 

Lincoln County, OR: Eureka Cemetery and Mausoleum, Newport (5)

Fern Ramberg GILBERT *
Frank Donald GILBERT *
Fred Wilkinson GILBERT *
Letha May (Holt) JACOBSON * 
Thelma May (Gilbert) WILLIAMS *

Linn County, OR: Twin Oaks Memorial Gardens, Albany (1)

Churchill Abraham "Jake" JACOBSON * 

Marion County, OR: Belcrest Memorial Park, Salem (6)

Clarence F IRELAND *
Dorothy (Day) MEEK *
Martha B (Randall) IRELAND *
Maxwell A MEEK *
Mildred A (McNeilley) BRIGHT *
Russell D BRIGHT *

Multnomah County, OR: Columbian Cemetery, Portland (1)

Arline B FISCUS *

Multnomah County, OR: Lincoln Memorial Park, Portland (12)
(a.k.a. Mount Scott Park Cemetery)

Blanche Mary (Keller) KEISTER (unmarked, but we have photo of location)
Clara M (Yanish) KELLER * 
Clayton Glenn QUAKENBUSH *
Edith Mae KELLER *
Herbert Morgan BOYLEN * 
Hobart McKinley FISCUS
Leander Clarence "Lee" KELLER * 
Mable Dusilla (Shafer) BOYLEN *
Neva C (____) Bresee, FISCUS * 
Oliver Wendall LASATER
William Henry KEISTER (unmarked, but we have photo of the area)
Velma Lucille (Bunton) LASATER *

Multnomah County, OR: Rose City Cemetery, Portland (7)

Bertha (McNeilley) CARNINE *
Frederick Eugene McCOY *
 James Arthur KELLER *
Mac Neil CARNINE *
Raymond Elvin CARNINE
Selma E (Johnson) KELLER *

Multnomah County, OR: Skyline Memorial Gardens, Portland (8)

Edward A ENZ *
Frank John FREEMAN *
Helen Gladys (Howard) HANSON *
Maurice Henry HANSON * 
Mildred Mae (Enz) Hanson, FREEMAN *

Nelson McDANIELS *
Reathia J (Goodhard) McDANIELS * 
Rintha (___) ENZ *

Multnomah County, OR: Sunset Hills Memorial Park, Portland (1)

Sylvan Julian Jr HOBBS *

Multnomah County, OR: Willamette National Cemetery, Portland (18)

Dale Clayton QUAKENBUSH *
Earl Corydon PERSON *
Ernest Roy CAMPBELL *

Floyd Everell Sr KELLER *
Gerald Lee KELLER * 
Jean L (Lenzie) KELLER *
John Wilbur BREMER *
Kendall Dimond (Dr) COMPTON * 
Leota Fern (Keller) Compton, OLIVER * 
Nadine Lois (Fiscus) MOORE *
Robert Bartley MOORE *
Roger Allen BREMER * 
Roland R CARNINE *
Roy Neuton PHILLIPS *
Ruth E (___) PHILLIPS *
Ruth Jeannette (Pitchford) KELLER * 
Stewart Sidney HANSON *
Sylvia Maranda Belle (Shutter) BOYLEN *

Polk County, OR: Restlawn Memory Gardens, West Salem (1)


Umatilla County, OR: Echo Memorial Cemetery, Echo (5)

Dorothy J (___) FLANAGAN *
Goldie Ele (Shutter) PEDRO *
James John PEDRO * 
John Reuben FLANAGAN *

John Vey PEDRO *

Umatilla County, OR: Hermiston Cemetery, Hermiston (2)

Emma Beulah (Shutter) SIMONS *
Curtis O SIMONS *

Umatilla County, OR: Olney Cemetery, Pendleton (3)

Bertha Olive (Stubbs) SHUTTER (assumed to be here - unmarked, but we have a photo of a memorial plaque)
Charles Leslie SHUTTER (unmarked, but we have a photo of a memorial plaque)
Jesse J HOLT (unmarked, but we have a photo of a memorial plaque)

Wallowa County, OR: Enterprise Cemetery, Enterprise (4)

Claude Burdette FLEENOR *
Clyde Burdette FLEENOR *
Gladys Jeanette (Vigne) FLEENOR *

Louella Mae (Foster) FLEENOR * 

Wasco County, OR: Antelope Cemetery, Antelope (1)

Hiram W ROARK (likely buried here) 

Wasco County, OR: Odd Fellows Cemetery, The Dalles (5)

Harriett Eugenia (Miller) LANE (unmarked as of 2022)
Hazel M (Spencer) ELLIS *
Louis Lincoln LANE (unmarked as of 2022)
Ralph Bowman ELLIS *
Rex Bowman ELLIS *

Washington County, OR: Crescent Grove Cemetery, Tigard (2)

Edward Fletcher KELLER *
Sarah Leota "Sadie" (Weatherly) KELLER *

Washington County, OR: Forest View Cemetery, Forest Grove (2)

Flora A (Stevens) BUNTON *
John Patrick BUNTON (unmarked - next to wife Flora)

Yamhill County, OR: Evergreen Memorial Park, McMinnville (1)

Donald E KELLER *

Yamhill County, OR: Friends Cemetery, Newberg (1)

Nellie Marie (Neal) GOLDEN *
Orville W GOLDEN *

Yamhill County, OR: Yamhill Carlton Pioneer Cemetery, Yamhill (3)

Barbara Jeanette (Franklin) ERSKINE *
Cecil Sledge (Rev) FRANKLIN *
Geneva Frances (Nail) FRANKLIN



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