Cemeteries: Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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Pennsylvania    South Carolina    South Dakota


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Beaver County, PA: Oak Grove Cemetery, Industry (2)

Grace L (Abner) HINEMAN * 

Bucks County, PA: Quakertown Cemetery, Quakertown (2)

Clarissa L (Farrell) SHUTTERS *
Elmer Lester "Pete" SHUTTERS *

Montgomery County, PA: George Washington Memorial Cemetery, Plymouth Meeting (1)

Rudolph Donnell STROUP  

Montgomery County, PA: unknown cemetery, Conshohocken (1)

Valentine Marie (Shirsh) STROUP  

Northumberland County, PA: St Pauls Reformed Church Cemetery, Gowen (2)

Susan Emma (Walburn) GILLICHBAUER  

Susquehanna County, PA: Union Hill Cemetery, Gibson (2)

Eliza (Belcher) WASHBURN * 

York County, PA: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Hanover (1)

Benjamin Franklin Jr GALLAGHER *


South Carolina

Dorchester County, SC: Summerville Cemetery, Summerville (5)

Claude Chenoweth "Buddy" STIMSON *
Evelyne (Erwin) GOSHORN *
Jayme Lynn STIMSON *
Norma Lucille (Goshorn) STIMSON *
William Doran GOSHORN *

Dorchester County, SC: Summerville Cemetery and Mausoleum, Summerville (1)

Arthur Blain DARTING * 

Greenville County, SC: Graceland West Cemetery, Greenville (1)

Charley Elbert HEAD *

Oconee County, SC: Oconee Memorial Park, West Union (1)

Timothy Mark DRENTH * 

Piedmont County, SC: Greenville Memorial Gardens, Piedmont (2)

Chiyoko (Kobayashi) SELFRIDGE *
Merrill Collins SELFRIDGE *

Richland County, SC: Greenlawn Memorial Park, Columbia (2)

Edward Bernard Jr WILKINS *
Eleanor Louise (Hyder) WILKINS *

Spartanburg County, SC: Landrum Cemetery, Spartanburg (5)

Lela (Boone) THORNE *
Lesley Maud (Greaves) OAKES (likely here)
Mervin E Jr OAKES * 
Nancy Ruth (Oakes) AMES *
Thomas Franklin THORNE *


South Dakota

Beadle County, SD: Riverside Cemetery, Huron (2)

Ida S (___) NOETHE *

Brookings County, SD: Greenwood Cemetery, Brookings (4)

Donald Wayne HARVEY *

Donna Jean (Pickard) HARVEY * 
Dorothy Ruth (Pickard) CHRISTIE *

Brown County, SD: Riverside Cemetery, Aberdeen (14)

Edna Dean (Hettick) KEGLEY (unmarked but we have a photo of her gravesite)
Emma (Jerke) HETTICK (unmarked)
Elizabeth Catherine "Lizzie Kate" (Kegley) Brown, LOFTESNESS *
Nels Andrew LOFTESNESS *
Susan "Susie" (Oster) KEGLEY *    
Rose Marie KEGLEY
(infant daughter of William Robert Kegley and Susan (Oster) Kegley)
unknown KEGLEY
(infant daughter of William Robert Kegley and Susan (Oster) Kegley) 
unknown KEGLEY
(infant daughter of William Robert Kegley and Susan (Oster) Kegley) 
unknown KEGLEY
(infant daughter of William Robert Kegley and Susan (Oster) Kegley) 
unknown KEGLEY
(infant daughter of William Robert Kegley and Susan (Oster) Kegley)
unknown male KEGLEY
(infant sonr of William Robert Kegley and Susan (Oster) Kegley) 
unknown male KEGLEY (infant son of William Robert Kegley and Susan (Oster) Kegley) 

William "Bill" or "Willie" HETTICK

William Robert Jr KEGLEY (unmarked but we have a photo of his gravesite)

Brown County, SD: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Aberdeen (2)

Cecil Otis MONROE *
Grave Laverne (Sherwood) MONROE  *

Gregory County, SD: Rosebud Cemetery, Bonesteel (4)

George William DAVIS (infant son of Harley C Davis and Rosanna (LaFave) Davis) (unmarked)
Harley Clinton DAVIS (infant son of Harley C Davis and Rosanna (LaFave) Davis) (unmarked)
Lavina Mae DAVIS (infant daughter of Harley C Davis and Rosanna (LaFave) Davis) (unmarked)
Rosanna (LaFave) DAVIS (unmarked)

Gregory County, SD: St Mary's Cemetery, Bonesteel (2)

Armine (Langdeau) TURGEON * 
Benjamin TURGEON *

Haakon County, SD: Masonic Cemetery, Philip (2)

Gottfried GRIESEL *
Maria (Eckhardt) GRIESEL *

Hughes County, SD: Medicine Hill Cemetery, Harrold (2)

Robert Wayne JACOBS * 

Hughes County, SD: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Blunt (1)

Ivan Jay HILLMER * 

Hughes County, SD: Riverside Cemetery, Pierre (9)

Bernhardt BOYSEN *
Charles JACOBS *
Clara E (Cunningham) DUNCAN *

Edith Viola (Hilts) JACOBS *
Franklin Sanford "Jake" JACOBS *
Mary (Nielsen) BOYSEN *

Sanford Thomas JACOBS *
Wellington G DUNCAN *

Wilma Theodosia (Weirauch) JACOBS *

Lake County, SD: Graceland Cemetery, Madison (5)

Emma (Dworak) GEORGE *
Julius Rudolph GEORGE * 

Mable (Sheneberger) GEORGE *
Merle Eugene GEORGE * 

Lawrence County, SD: Rose Hill Cemetery, Spearfish (2)

Anna Cecelia (Fuchs) WIEZOREK *
Gustav WIEZOREK * 

Lincoln County, SD: Lennox Cemetery, Lennox (2)

Elizabeth Helene (Murphy) JACOBS *
James E JACOBS * 

Marshall County, SD: Britton Cemetery, Britton (1)

Ruby (Williams) HUFF *

Meade County, SD: Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis (4)

Alva William BOWMAN *
Frank Henry Jr GRAY *

Marjory Lou (Dockendorf) GRAY *

Minnehaha County, SD: Norway Lutheran Cemetery, Garretson (2)

Una "Unnie" (Henjem) LOFTESNESS *

Minnehaha County, SD: Woodlawn Cemetery, Sioux Falls (1)

Gladys L (Ecker) SNYDER *
Henry C SNYDER * 

Moody County, SD: Colman Cemetery, Colman (11)

Alice (Toates) LEE (individually unmarked, but we have a photo of main Lee marker)
Alma (Sorensen) STENBERG *
Bradley Scott LEE *
Cassie Alma (Lee) PICKARD *
Freeland W LEE * 
Leroy Ely PICKARD *
Lida Lucille (Pickard) LEE * 
Lila Loraine (Lee) JOHNSON *
Luther John LEE (individually unmarked, but we have a photo of main Lee marker)
Richard Eugene PICKARD *
Robert Eli LEE *

Moody County, SD: Mt Auburn Cemetery, Colman (13)

Bernice B (Vaughn) PICKARD *
Bessie Ruth PICKARD *

Edith Emma (Toates) PICKARD *
 John Joseph TOATES * 
John Steven TOATES *

Kate (Coley) TOATES *
Leroy Grant PICKARD *
Lida Viola (Brown) PICKARD * 
Marvin Brown PICKARD *
Melvin L PICKARD *
Stephen V PICKARD *
Vernon PICKARD *

William Josiah TOATES *

Moody County, SD: Saint Peter's Cemetery, Colman (2)

Rose (Welbig) HEMMER *
Thomas HEMMER * 

Moody County, SD: Union Cemetery, Flandreau (1)

Francis Joseph "Fritz" HEMMER * 

Spink County, SD: Mellette Cemetery, Mellette (2)

Henry Brady WAY *
Lulu Jane (Hollenbeck) WAY * 

Spink County, SD: Mt Hope Cemetery, Frankfort (11)

Celia (Williams) FERGUSON *
Clay Dickson WILLIAMS * 
Ephriam A WILLIAMS *

Harry Elmer FERGUSON * 
Leah Vivian (Way) WILLIAMS * 
Minnie (Hansen) WILLIAMS *

Nancy Jane (Blake) WILLIAMS *
Ora Elmer FERGUSON *
Sadie May (Weidner) FERGUSON * 
William BLAKE *

Stanley County, SD: Scotty Philip Memorial Cemetery, Ft Pierre (7)

Betty Jean (Jacobs) HAISCH *
Clarence Merrill WEIRAUCH * 
Doris (Duncan) WEIRAUCH *
Monty Ray HAISCH *
Patrick HAISCH *

Sarah Alice (Bowman) WEIRAUCH *
Stewart A "Steve" WEIRAUCH *

Todd County, SD: Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery, Mission (11)

Bernard HALLIGAN *
Dolor Jerome TURGEON * 
Donald L TURGEON *
Frances Armine (Turgeon) HALLIGAN
Francis TURGEON * 
Laura May (Turgeon) BEHRENDS *

Mercy Lena (Little Eagle) TURGEON *
Nettie M (Davis) TURGEON *
Ralph Russell Jr HANSEN *

Ray Clinton HALLIGAN *

Tripp County, SD: Winner Cemetery, Winner (1)

Veronica Regina (Clifford) TURGEON *



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