Cemeteries: Virginia (Washington County part 4)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
If you want more information on any of the people listed below, 
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Washington County, VA: Green Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Abingdon (3)

Aubrey BROWN *
Mavis F (Gumm) BROWN * 
Winifred Hendricks (Talbert) STICKLEY

Washington County, VA: Greendale Chapel Cemetery, Abingdon (1)
same location as Garrett Cemetery, Abingdon, Washington Co, VA

William "Bill" GREER *

Washington County, VA: Greenfield Baptist Church Cemetery, Abingdon (3)

Mary V (Patrick) BREWER
Robert Berry PATRICK
Sallie Jane (Widner) PATRICK

Washington County, VA: Greenfield Cemetery (1)

Phoebe A (Sullins) Spriggs, RYAN  

Washington County, VA: Gum Hill Cemetery (4)

Nancy Kay "Bessie"(Sorah) BREWER * 
Clinton Gibson KAYLOR *
Jessie C SORAH * 
Martha M (___) SORAH * 

Washington County, VA: Hampton Cemetery, Mendota (1)

Nelson White RACHEL

Washington County, VA: Heavenly Rest Cemetery (5)

Annie Lee (Bowers) NASH
Geraldine (Nash) CHILDRESS
Rebecca A (Canter) NASH
William Isaac NASH

Washington County, VA: Hendricks Cemetery (1)

Wanda Faye (Stroup) Martin, LITTON *

Washington County, VA: Holston Valley Church Cemetery (1)

Freelove (Robinson) OFFIELD (originally at Holston Valley Church Cemetery, Sullivan CO, TN)

Washington County, VA: Ingle Cemetery (3) 
(Valerie and Debra transcribed this entire cemetery.  
It can be found at

Clyde BREWER *
Walker BREWER *
Willis INGLE *

Washington County, VA: James and Nancy Cemetery (2)

James ANDIS * 
Nancy (Fleenor) ANDIS * 

Washington County, VA: Kelly's Chapel Cemetery (2)

Elizabeth M (Kelly) CROW
William R CROW  

Washington County, VA: Ketron Family Cemetery (2)

Arthur Garfield DISHMAN
Delliah F (Ketron) DISHMAN  

Washington County, VA: Knollkreg Memorial Cemetery, Abingdon (37)

Allen Graham ANDERSON
Amanda (Dowell) GARRETT *
Clarence Davis OWENS * 
Dacy Catherine (____) KISER *

Della M (White) GUMM *
Edward Luther GARRETT *
Ella (Snyder) FLANNAGAN * 
Emily Myrtle (Blevins) ANDERSON
Ernest S "Skeeter" YEATTS

George Washington GARRETT *
Goldia "Goldie" (Fraley) GARRETT * 
Hiram Clay KISER *
Horace Howard DIXON

Hulen Hopkins SCOTT * 
Jackie Lee SCOTT *
Joseph Abb "Jake" BRANSON *
Linda Faye SCOTT * 
Lucille (Cunningham) McCROSKEY
Margaret Irene (Ball) YEATTS
Mamie L (Pendergrass) GARRETT *  
Mary Linda (Ward) MUSICK
Mary Rita "Rittie" (Cunningham) Ward, MILLER
Oscar Claude MILLER
Paul Sanford PHELPS
Pearl (Hutton) PHELPS *
Peggy Ann (Scott) HELTON *  
Phyllis (Ward) NUNLEY
Ralph M WARD 
Robert Lee YEATTS
Ruby A (Hutton) YEATTS
Sarah Elizabeth  (Flannagan) OWENS *
Scott Wilmer GARRETT 
Sylvia M (Robinson) ADDINGTON *
William A "Red" FLANNAGAN *
William Claybourn "Clabe" GUMM *
Willie Clyde (Garrett) SCOTT *
William Gordon CUNNINGHAM

Washington County, VA: Leonard Cemetery, Lime Hill (2)

Joanna "Sug" (Leonard) VANHOOK
Joseph Sproles KAYLOR  

Washington County, VA: Linder Cemetery (4)
(Valerie and Debra transcribed this entire cemetery.  
It can be found at

Isabella "Ibby" (Fleenor) LINDER *
Jerial D LINDER *
Nancy F (Crabtree) OWENS *
Thomas G OWENS *

Washington County, VA: Litton Cemetery (1)

Thomas Wayne LITTON

Washington County, VA: Luther Chapel Cemetery, Damascus (2) 

Andrew McCANN
Sarah Margaret (____) McCANN

Washington County, VA: Malone Cemetery, Wallace (3) 

Caroline "Calla" (___) VANHOOK *
Frank Edward VANHOOK *

Washington County, VA: Maple Grove Cemetery (4)

Harvey Patton BEVINS
Isabelle E "Belle" (___) DOWELL *

Joseph C DOWELL *

Washington County, VA: Mary's Chapel Cemetery (2) 

Mary Ann (Fleenor) SPAHR *
George W SPAHR *

Washington County, VA: Mendota Cemetery, Mendota (10)

Calvin S MABE (no marker found in 2010)
Frank M BARKER *
Hendricks Karl BARKER *
Mamie E (Cunningham) BARKER * 
Mamie Lee (Worley) FLEENOR *
Mary Eva (Meade) COWAN *
Mary E H "Mollie" (Hendricks) BARKER *
Mildred K BARKER *

Washington County, VA: Mountain View Baptist Church Cemetery (1)

Melissa Dawn GARRETT  

Washington County, VA: Mountain View United Methodist Church Cemetery, Green Spring (3)

James E STROUP *
Lula Virginia (Fern) STROUP * 
Marshall Thomas STROUP *

Washington County, VA: Nunley Cemetery (2)

Della (Kestner) NUNLEY  
Joseph W "Joe" NUNLEY

Washington County, VA: Ogle Cemetery (3) 

Martha J "Mattie" (Ingle) OGLE *
Millard Anthony OGLE *
Franklin Monroe OGLE * 



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