Cemeteries: Washington (Mason County - Yakima County


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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Washington (Mason County - Yakima County)  


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Mason County, WA: Shelton Memorial Park, Shelton (3)

Henry Frederick BOYSEN *

Ruth E (Weirauch) Boysen, WERMER *

Okanogan County, WA: Oroville Riverview Cemetery, Oroville (1)

Leroy HART * 

Pacific County, WA: Lone Fir Cemetery, Long Beach (2)

Albert Henry DICKEY *
Velma Jean (Hobbs) DICKEY *

Pend Oreille County, WA: Newport Cemetery, Newport (6)

Edward James GILPIN *
Eric Burton TROMBLEY *
Gladys Marguerite (Lane) Carter, GILPIN *
Jeanne Claire (Gilpin) TROMBLEY *
Richard Milan "Corky" TROMBLEY *
Richard Neal TROMBLEY *

Pierce County, WA: Mountain View Memorial Park, Lakewood (4)

Frances Merle (Andis) JOSEPH *
James Franklin CAMPBELL *
James M JOSEPH *
Lee Roy ROLLMAN * 

Pierce County, WA: Oakwood Hill Cemetery, Tacoma (2)

Merle Irene (Larson) MAIN *
Robert Ross MAIN * 

Pierce County, WA: Tacoma Cemetery, Tacoma (7)

Amelia Anna (Thoroughgood) WEST * (unmarked, but we have a photo of the burial site)
Clinton Trevor ELKINS
Edward J WEST * (unmarked, but we have a photo of the burial site)
Estella (Vandiver) ELKINS
Raleigh Carroll Sr ELKINS *
Clark Allen FARTHING

Thelma L (Phillips) ELKINS *

Pierce County, WA: Washington Soldiers Home Cemetery, Orting (1)

Chester Robert GILPIN *

Pierce County, WA: Woodbine Cemetery, Puyallup (7)

Alta Bell (Jackson) HILL * 
Charles Ernest HILL *

Ernest Clyde JONES *
Esther Grey (Allie) JONES * 
Gladys Joanna (Nelson) JACKSON * 
Opal (Walters) JACKSON *
Willis Clyde JACKSON (no marker found in 2014)

Skagit County, WA: Clear Lake Cemetery, Clear Lake (2)

Arthur W GADBOIS *
Gean Alberta (Zimmerman) GADBOIS *

Skagit County, WA: Edison-Bow Cemetery, Bow (2)

Anna May (Smith) Andis, WEAR * 
William Luther WEAR *

Skagit County, WA: Green Hills Memorial Cemetery, Burlington (19)

Albert Robert GILPIN *
Alexander "Alec" ANDIS (no marker) 
Elise Christine (Nielsen) LARSON * 
Emily Jane (Andis) Gilpin, KIMBLE * 
Helen (Boulianne) FORTIN
Henry Edwin PROCTOR *

James Walter ANDIS *
James William ANDIS (no marker) 
Jens Peder "Peter" LARSON  
Jensine Caroline "Sina" (Axelsdatter) NIELSEN * 
John Martin "Jack" ANDIS *
Lemanda Calvania (Wallace) ANDIS *
Lester Carroll DYER *
Margaret Bessie (Andis) BINFORD *
Mary Jane or Jean (Bonnell) Isaacs, Proctor, ANDIS *

Mary Susan "Molly" (Andis) DYER *
Opal Lucinda (Gilpin) SHEPARD 
Thomas FORTIN *

Skagit County, WA: Hawthorne Memorial Park, Mt Vernon (6)

Effie Laurena (Gilpin) CALKINS *
Ellen May "Peggy" (Washburn) FITZPATRICK *
Joseph Napoleon Sarto "Nap" FORTIN (unmarked) 
Louis Carlton LeFORGE *
Marintha Jane (Washburn) PEABODY
Roderick Richard CALKINS *

Skagit County, WA: Mt Vernon Cemetery, Mt Vernon (15)

Arthur Llewellyn CALKINS *
Charles Henry KIMBLE *
Charles Thomas ANDIS (not listed in cemetery records)

Charles Warren KIMBLE (unmarked) 
Clara (Ford) KIMBLE *
Fritz "Fred" Adolph HUELSDONK (unmarked, but interred next to Ray Washburn)  
Grace Kenneth (Couture) CALKINS *
Marintha Cornelia (Post) WASHBURN *
Rosetta Almira (Paul) SINGER *
Sarah Ellen (Carson) Gilpin, WALKER *
William Curtis SINGER *
William High SINGER *

Skagit County, WA: Union Cemetery, Sedro-Woolley (5)

Charles Riley LEWIS *
Ellen Asinith (Riley) LEWIS *
George Mitchell RIVORD *
Joseph RIVORD *
Lillian Frances (Davis) RIVORD *

Skagit County, WA: unknown cemetery, Burlington (1)

Lucile ANDIS

Snohomish County, WA: Floral Hills Cemetery, Lynnwood (2)

Joseph Samuel RULE
Standley Thatcher SCHOLES *

Snohomish County, WA: Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) Cemetery, Monroe (1)
(a.k.a. Monroe Memorial Park)

Charles Adelbert CURTISS * 

Spokane County, WA: Chelan Fraternal Cemetery, Chelan (1)

Lester Leroy DALHOFF *

Spokane County, WA: Greenwood Memorial Terrace, Spokane (1)

Joseph Max SHEPHERD * 

Spokane County, WA: Pines Cemetery, Spokane (2)

Harley C DAVIS * 
Randall Lee DAVIS * 

Spokane County, WA: Riverside Memorial Park, Spokane (4)

Edna L (Little) PUGH *
Emory Orville ANDERSON * 
John L PUGH *
Sarah Ida (Cannady) ANDERSON *

Spokane County, WA: Spangle Cemetery, Spokane (2)

Cora Luella (Keeton) DICKEY
Lewis A DICKEY  

Walla Walla County, WA: Mountain View Cemetery, Walla Walla (1)

Benjamin Everett McBAIN * 

Wahkiakum County, WA: Greenwood Cemetery, Cathlamet (1)

Arthur Nurbert MULTHAUPT * 

Whatcom County, WA: Bayview Cemetery, Bellingham (2)

Charles Edward ANDIS (unmarked)
James P ADAMS (unmarked)

Yakima County, WA: Tahoma Cemetery, Yakima (5)

Carl H HOLT *
Gloria Jane Marie (Barton) HOLT *
Ida Rebekah (Carver) GIBERSON *
James Coleman GIBERSON *
Oscar Cane BIRCHER *



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