Christian Church - Burns City


Christian Church, Burns City - 1934

Christian Church, Burns City - 2005

The Burns City Christian Church

The Burns City Christian Church is among the oldest and formerly one of the most progressive in Indiana. It was established in 1845 when Christian and Catherine Keck deeded half an acre of land to Pleasant Bowman, John Williams, and Henry Holt, the first duly elected trustees. A log building was constructed in 1846 and stood in front of and near the present Christian Church. The seats were slabs of native timber and the heat was provided by a large fireplace. It was not only used by the Christian denomination but also offered to other congregations.

The log church was replaced by the present frame structure in 1866. The building was remodeled after being partially demolished by a terrific windstorm in 1937. A new foundation of concrete blocks was built by the fall of that year. The church is still situated upon this foundation of stone pillars high above the ground. The congregation was active for many years, but since the government bought the lands in the vicinity for the Naval Ammunition Depot many of the members have moved and the membership is too small to support a balanced religious program.

The article above was taken from The History of Martin County, Indiana, page # 214, written by Harry Q. Holt, published in 1953.