Edgar and Ruby Andis's Children


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1) George Henry "G H" Andis:
   born 21 Mar 1934 Washington Co, VA;
   died 10 Mar 2018 Bristol, Sullivan, TN; obituary - includes photo;
   buried Forest Hills Memory Gardens, Abingdon, Washington, VA;
   photo including George
married Glenda Mae Cox on 17 Aug 1957 Buncombe Co, NC
              (born 10 Aug 1929 Washington Co, VA; birth record;
              died 22 Oct 2016; obituary;
              buried Forest Hills Memory Gardens, Abingdon, Washington, VA;
              daughter of Thurman Cox and Pearl Tillson)
   marriage record for George and Glenda;
       1) Gary Allen Andis - living?; 
              Gary married (1) Ann Meredith Engels on 28 Jul 1979 Matoaca, Chesterfield, VA 
                         daughter of William Jacob Engels and Charlotte Ann Meredith)
              marriage record for Gary and Ann;
              divorced 22 Sep 1988 Bristol, VA;
              no children;
              Gary married (2) Dianne Rene DeRose on 29 Sep 1988 Washoe Co, NV 
                         (living?; daughter of Ace DeRose and Virginia Carolyn Carswell)
              marriage record for Gary and Dianne;
                    1) George Anthony "Tony" Andis - living?; married?; children? 
                    2) Mark Allen Andis - living?; married?; children?    
       2) Amy Rochelle Andis - living?; 
              married Kevin Ray Castle on 19 Apr 1997 Bristol, VA (living?)
              marriage record for Amy and Kevin
              divorced 04 Nov 2004 Washington Co, VA; divorce record;  
                    1) Kadin Storm Castle - living?; married Amber ____ on 10 Sep 2016 (living?)
                                  1) Damien Castle - living?; married?; children?

2) Joseph Dennis "Joe" Andis:
   married Nana Bee Gobble on 12 Oct 1963 Abingdon, Washington, VA
                 daughter of Beecher Russell Gobble (01 Sep 1912 Washington Co, VA-
                 04 Jun 2009 Abingdon, Washington, VA; obituary; buried
                 Forest Hills Memory Gardens, Abingdon, Washington, VA) and
                 Ardelia Wise
(07 Jan 1917-18 December 2011 Abingdon, Washington, VA; obituary);
                 Beecher and Ardelia buried Forest Hills Memory Gardens, Abingdon, Washington, VA
   marriage record for Joseph and Nana;
       1) Chadwick Joseph "Chad" Andis -  living?; 
                married Myra Dawn Rasnick on 15 May 1991 Washington Co, VA
                          (living?; daughter of Dickie Lee Rasnick and Norma Jean Counts)
                marriage record for Chadwick and Myra;
                     1) Andrew Joseph "Andy" Andis - living?; married?; children? 
                     2) Jacob Aaron Andis - living?; married?; children?   
       2) Elizabeth Ann "Beth" Andis - living?; 
                married Kenneth Edgar Fairbanks on 29 Nov 1991 Washington Co, VA (living?)
                marriage record for Elizabeth and Kenneth
                     1) Spencer Marvin Fairbanks - living?; married?; children? 
                     2) Jonathan "JonTyler" Fairbanks - living?; married?; children?    
       3) Bradford Dennis "Brad" Andis - living?; 
                Bradford married (1) Melanie Dawn Thompson on 07 Jan 1994 Washington Co, VA  
                          (living?; daughter of Eddie Blane Thompson and Mary Lester);
                marriage record for Bradford and Melanie;
                divorced; no children
                Bradford married (2) Crystal Renee Smith on 13 Mar 1999 Washington Co, VA (living?)
                marriage record for Bradford and Crystal
                     1) Emilee Opal Andis - living?; married?; children? 

3) Edgar Eugene "Gene" Andis: 
   married Wilma Faye Bott on 19 Oct 1962 Greendale, Washington, VA
                  (born 30 May 1944 Washington Co, VA;
                  died 16 Dec 2013 Abingdon, Washington, VA; obituary;
                  buried Forest Hills Memory Gardens, Abingdon, Washington, VA; 
                  daughter of Floyd Edward "Ed" Bott (15 Jun 1882 VA-25 Aug 1972 Abingdon, Washington, VA; death certificate;
                  buried Forest Hills Memory Gardens, Abingdon, Washington, VA) and
                  Louella Dolly Nash (10 Jun 1910 Abingdon, Washington, VA-10 Mar 1994 Washington Co, VA);
                  Wilma married (2) Donis Ray Cook on 24 Dec 1993 Washington Co, VA; marriage record)
   marriage record for Edgar and Wilma;
       1) Terry Mark Andis - born 25 Sep 1963; died 06 Mar 1968;
                 buried Forest Hills Memory Gardens, Abingdon, Washington, VA; tombstone photo;
       2) Randall Blake Andis - living?; 
                 married Kimberly Dawn Nunley on 12 May 1990 Washington Co, VA  
                              (living?; daughter of William Shona Nunley and Josie Minnie Tweed)
                 marriage record for Randall and Kimberly;
                      1) Dylan Andis - living?; married?; children?  
                      2) Kori Grace Andis - living?; married?; children?     
       3) John Wade Andis - living?; married?; children?  

4) Phyllis Marie Andis: 
   Phyllis married (1) William Pierce Hodges on 07 Sep 1963 Abingdon, Washington, VA
22 Feb 1941 Newport News, VA;
             died 31 May 2016 Newport News, VA;
             buried Peninsula Memorial Park, Newport News, VA; funeral home marker;
             photo of William;
             son of William Pierce Hodges Sr (27 May 1912 VA-01 Sep 1973 Newport News, VA ) and
             Marjorie Jennette Layne (27 Jun 1911 Buckingham Co, VA-30 Jun 2003 Newport News, VA);
             William and Marjorie buried Peninsula Memorial Park, Newport News, VA; tombstone photo)
   marriage record for Phyllis and William;
   divorced 05 Nov 1966 Montgomery Co, VA; divorce record;
   no children
   Phyllis married (2) William Buckner Haile Jr on 10 Jun 1967 
                (born 24 Nov 1939 Washington D.C.; 
                died 01 Nov 2008 near Port Republic, Calvert, MD; obituaries and remembrances - includes photo
                buried St Paul's Episcopal Church, Miller's Tavern, Essex, VA; tombstone photo;
                son of William Buckner Haile Sr (02
Oct 1905-16 May 1975 possibly Washington D.C.;
                U.S. Army - WWII)
and Margaret Monroe Saunders (14 Sep 1907 Champlain, Essex, VA- 
                08 Dec 2001 Tappahannock, Essex, VA; obituaries)William and Margaret buried 

                St Paul's Episcopal Church, Miller's Tavern, Essex, VA - tombstone photos)
   divorced Jul 1977 Santa Clara Co, CA; 
        1) Jessica Andis Haile - living?; married?; children? 
        2) Adam Andis Haile - living?; married Heather Settle (living?)
                      1) Josephine Viola Haile - living?; married?; children?  
        3) Rachel Andis Haile - living?; 
                 married Nicholas James Lloyd in St Joseph, Berrien, MI (living?)
   Phyllis married (3) Harry Porcher Baya on 23 Dec 2012 Washington Co, VA (living?)
   marriage record for Phyllis and Harry;  

5) Fred Allen Andis: 
   Fred married (1) Doris Jean Gill on 09 Sep 1964 Bristol, VA
                (living?; daughter of Edward L Gill* (30 Nov 1911 Craig's Mill, Washington, VA-04 Feb 1987 Bristol, VA) and 
                Winnie Katherine Bowman (21 Dec 1917 Washington Co, VA-10 Nov 1990 Sullivan Co, TN);
                Edward and Winnie buried Mountain View Cemetery, Bristol, VA; tombstone photo)

                  *Edward Gill's parents are Samuel Daniel Gill and Bertie F Cox, whose complete information
                                    can be found here under (4) Sadie Cecil Dixon.

    marriage record for Fred and Doris;
   divorced 09 Aug 1991 Washington Co, VA; divorce record;
       1) Michelle Renee Andis - living?; 
                 married Kresten Beaupre Hestahave on 28 Jun 2003 Washington Co, VA (living?);
                 marriage record for Michelle and Kresten;
                 divorced 28 Oct 2010;     
       2) Priscilla Marie Andis - living?; married Christopher Allen Riffey on 30 Oct 2010 Smyth County, VA (living?);
                 marriage record for Priscilla and Christopher;       
   Fred married (2) JoAnn Dempsey on 10 Feb 1995 
living?; daughter of Hal George Dempsey and Hallie Ethel Brown)
       3) Vikki Carol Neil (daughter of JoAnn) - living?;
                   married Andre McDowall on 10 Oct 2009;
                        1) Chase Vaughn Neil McDowall - living?; marrie
d?; children?

6) Nancy Jane Andis: 
   living?; married John Luther Aker on 16 Sep 1972 
                 (living?; son of Carl Atkins Aker (12 May 1912-03 Oct 1990) and 
                 Lula Mae Havens (29 Jan 1918-19 Apr 1988));  
       1) Jason Matthew Aker - living?; married?; children?

7) Bobby Wayne Andis: 
   living?; photos including Bobby
   married Karen Leigh Shipley on 16 Dec 1972
             (living?; photos including Karen;  
             daughter of Eugene Franklin Shipley (16 Feb 1916-12 Apr 1996 Sullivan Co, TN) and 
             Mildred Poor (15 Nov 1917-20 Dec 1990)Shipley family biography)
   engagement and wedding announcements;
       1) Ashley Kay Andis - living?;
                 married Christopher Brian Fields on 03 Aug 2001 Kingsport, Sullivan, TN (living?)
                     1) Timothy Wayne Fields - living?; married?; children? 

                     2) Jessica Dawn Fields (Christopher's daughter from a previous marriage) - living?; married?; children?

8) Lisa Dawn Andis: 
   Lisa married (1) William Thomas Garrett Jr on 14 Jun 1982 Washington Co, VA
               (living?; William previously married and divorced Oct 1980;
               son of William Thomas "Bill" Garrett Sr 
               (05 Jan 1936 Abingdon, Washington, VA-26 Mar 2001 Abingdon, Washington, VA; obituary
               U.S. Marine Corps - Korea) and Lura Ellen "Sis" Wilson (06 Dec 1934 Tazewell Co, VA-
               26 Apr 2010 Abingdon, Washington, VA; obituary);  
               William and Lura buried Forest Hills Memory Gardens, Abingdon, Washington, VA; tombstone photos);
   no children
   Lisa married (2) Leon Kemery Street Jr on 02 Dec 2004 Washington Co, VA 
               (living?; son of Leon Kemery Street and Willie Mae Denny)
   marriage record for Lisa and Leon;
   no children