Edward Fletcher Keller


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3) Edward Fletcher Keller:
                    born 09 Feb 1882 Orange City, Sioux, IA; 
                    died 31 Dec 1967 Multnomah Co, OR; obituary;
                    buried Crescent Grove Cemetery, Tigard, Washington, OR; tombstone photo;
                    WWII draft registration card; signature:


                     married Sarah Leota "Sadie" Weatherly on 07 Jun 1906 Stevens Co, MN 
                                  (born 02 Feb 1889 Marshall Co, IA;
                                  died 28 Mar 1949 Beaverton, Washington, OR; obituary;
                                  death certificate; cause of death: myocardial failure, coronary arteriosclerosis;  
                                  buried Crescent Grove Cemetery, Tigard, Washington, OR; tombstone photo;
                                  daughter of George Washington Weatherly (24 Sep 1854 Marshall Co, IA-
                                  25 May 1938 Todd Co, MN)
and Hulda Blair
(02 Jul 1857 IA-13 Sep 1903 possibly MN));
                         1) Everell George Keller*
                                 born 12 Nov 1907 Brainerd, Crow Wing, MN;
                                 died 19 Oct 1990 Grey Eagle, Todd, MN; obituary
                                 death certificate; cause of death: COPD; 
                                 buried Moses Dane Cemetery, Burtrum, Todd, MN; tombstone photo
                                 married Myrtle Iva Shutter* on 18 Jun 1938 Ferndale, Oakland, MI 
                                          (born 23 May 1915 Todd Co, MN;
                                          died 17 Jun 2000 Shelburne Co, MN;
                                          death certificate; cause of death: endometrial cancer; 
                                          buried Moses Dane Cemetery, Burtrum, Todd, MN; tombstone photo;   
                                          daughter of Theodore Iven Shutter found here and Florence E Nichols found here);

                             * note: Myrtle and Everell are also found here.

                                      1) Marilyn Iva Keller (twin) - living?; 
                                              married Bill Clarkson (living?); children?
                                      2) Marian Ila Keller (twin) - living?; 
                                              married John L Seelhammer on 25 Jul 1964 Todd Co, MN (living?)
                                                  1) Curtis Lee Seelhammer - living?; married?; children?  
                                      3) Robert Earl Sr Keller - living?; married?;
                                                  1) Robert Jr Keller - living?; married?; children?  
                                                  2) Douglas Keller - living?; married?; children?    
                                                  3) Kristen Keller - living?; married?; children?       
                                                  4) Kara Keller - livin
g?; married?; children?                                               
                        2) Russell G (possibly Gerold) (Rev) Keller - born 20 Apr 1909 Morrison Co, MN;
                                 died 16 Mar 1982 Oregon City, Clackamas, OR; obituary;
                                 buried Damascus Pioneer Cemetery, Damascus, Clackamas, OR; tombstone photo;
                                 married Ethel Matilda Bowerman in 1939 OR; 
                                             (born 01 Jul 1914 Damascus, Clackamas, OR;
                                             died 01 Sep 1995 Oregon City, Clackamas, OR; obituary
                                             buried Damascus Pioneer Cemetery, Damascus, Clackamas, OR; tombstone photo;
                                             daughter of Justin How Bowerman (1882-11 Nov 1970 Multnomah Co, OR) and 
                                             Myrtle Mae ____ (1889-27 Mar 1972 Multnomah Co, OR); Justin and Myrtle buried 
                                             Damascus Pioneer Cemetery, Damascus, Clackamas, OR; tombstone photos)
                                 City Directory listings for Russell and Ethel;
                                 no children mentioned in either obituary
                         3) Leroy E Keller - born 21 Sep 1910 Randall, Morrison, MN; 
                                 died 22 Aug 1938 Maynard, Chippewa, MN;
                                 death certificate; cause of death: injuries related to an automobile accident;
                                 buried Moses Dane Cemetery, Burtrum, Todd, MN; tombstone photo - includes photo;
                                 never married; no children
                         4) Leota Fern Keller - born 08 Jun 1912 Burtrum, Todd, MN; 
                                 died 26 Jan 1991 Bend, Deschutes, OR; obituary
                                 buried Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah, OR; tombstone photo
                                 Leota married (1) Dr Kendall Dimond Compton
                                           (born 10 Jan 1914 Burtrum, Todd, MN;
                                           died 22 Jun 1960 Portland, Multnomah, OR; obituary
                                           death certificate: cause of death: myocardial infarction, accute coronary occlusion;
                                           buried Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah, OR; tombstone photo
                                            U.S. Army - WWII;
                                           son of Jasper Johnson Compton (21 Nov 1861 VA-27 Dec 1945 OH) 
                                           and Abbie Loantha Dimond (26 Nov 1874 MN-11 Mar 1915 MN; Abbie buried 
                                           Moses Dane Cemetery, Burtrum, Todd, MN - tombstone photo));    
                                     1) Elizabeth Jane "Betty" Compton - living?; 
                                               Elizabeth married (1) David Victor Voigt on 31 Aug 1963
(living?; son of Frank D Voigt);
                                               marriage announcement for Betty and Frank
                                               Elizabeth married (2) ____ Harrington (living?); children?
                                     2) Lauretta Compton - living?; 
                                               Lauretta married (1) Ralph Nordstrom c. Dec 1965
                                                               (living?; son  of Clarence Nordstrom);
                                               wedding announcement for Lauretta and Ralph;
                                               Lauretta married (2) ____ Buchanan (living?);
                                 Leota married (2) ____ Oliver (living?); children?
                         5) Harold Theron Keller - born 25 May 1917 Todd Co, MN;
                                 died 03 Oct 1989 Idaho Falls, Bonneville, ID - no obituary found in any area newspapers;
                                 news articles regarding Harold's death;
                                 cause of death: result of injuries received after being struck by a truck;
                                 Harold married (1) Alice D Horne on 24 May 1940 Vancouver, Clark, WA
                                          (born 03 Jul 1915 Aneta, Nelson, ND;
                                          died 27 May 2011 possibly Holly, ID; obituary - includes photo;
                                          daughter of Peter Horne and Sophie ____;
                                          Alice married (2) Archie B Young in Jun 1979
                                 marriage certificate for Harold and Alice;
                                 divorced Mar 1974;
                                      1) Janice E Keller - living?; married Terry Crown (living?); children?
                                      2) H Theron Keller - living?; married Donna ____ (living?); children?
                                      3) Ardis Alice Keller - born 12 Jan 1947; 
                                               died 08 Nov 2003 Hermiston, Umatilla, OR; death notice;
                                               married Daryl Lee Stewart
                                                        (born 11 Oct 1948 Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA; 
                                                        died 02 Jul 1999 Hermiston, Umatilla, OR; cremated; obituary)
                                                         U.S. Army - Vietnam; 
                                                        son of Bearl Stewart and Leona Stran
                                                    1) Lori M Stewart - living?; married ____ Corliss (living?); children?
                                                    2) Tina M Stewart - living?; married ____ Ballard (living?); children?
                                      4) Donald E Keller
                                               born 01 May 1949 Woodburn, Marion, OR; photo of Donald
                                               died 07 Oct 2005 Portland, Multnomah, OR; obituary
                                               buried Evergreen Memorial Park, McMinnville, Yamhill, OR; tombstone photo;
                                               married Libby Moench in 1972 Nampa, Canyon, ID (living?)
                                                    1) Tim Keller - living?; married?; children?
                                                    2) Sarah Keller - living?; married?; children?
                                      5) Cheryl Keller - living?; married Mark Kaiser (living?); children? 
                                      6) Doris Keller - living?; 
                                               married Tom Moore (born (___); died by May 2011); children? 
                                 Harold married (2) unknown on 25 Oct 1986 (living?);
                                 Harold married (3) unknown (living?);
                         6) Lloyd Keller - born 1919 SD; died by 1982; married?; children?
                         7) Howard Earl Keller - born 13 Aug 1922 Presho, Lyman, SD; 
                                 died 20 Aug 1996 Bruce Twp, Todd, MN; death certificateobituary
                                 cause of death: carcinomatosis, carcinoma of Sigmoid colon with   
                                 hepapic mets, Parkinson's Disease;
                                 buried Moses Dane Cemetery, Burtrum, Todd, MN; tombstone photo;
                                  U.S. Army - WWII;  
                                 married Helen Bernice Johnson on 26 Jun 1946 Burtrum, Todd, MN (living?);  
                                      1) Marlyce Jeane Keller - living?; 
                                              Marlyce married (1) Dale Thomas Sharp on 13 Sep 1969 Todd Co, MN (living?)
                                              divorced 07 Nov 1979 Anoka Co, MN;  
                                                  1) Rochelle Ann Sharp - living?; never married; no children
                                              Marlyce married (2) Charles M Johnson on 28 May 1994 Ramsey Co, MN (living?)
                                              no children
                         8) Harry Robert Keller* - born 04 Apr 1924 Presho, Lyman, SD; 
                                  died 25 Jun 2008 possibly Molalla, Clackamas, OR; obituary
                                  married Glendora Martha Ireland  

                              * Harry Robert Keller and Glendora M Ireland are also found here under (1) Clarence F Ireland. 
                                Their complete information can be found there.

                         9) Edith Keller - born 1928 SD; died by 1982;
                                   married ____ Sanchez (living?);