Douglas and Eleanor's Children


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1) Debra Gail Larson:  
   living; DNA matchesphotos of Debranews article;
   married Daniel Shelling Branigan on 04 Nov 1979 Port Townsend, Jefferson, WA
         U.S. Navy;  
         son of William Aloysius Branigan (born 23 Mar 1916 Albany,  Albany, NY; 
         birth certificate; family photos
         died 30 Oct 1993 Arlington, VA; obituaries - one includes photo) and 
         Lois Madeline "Bonnie" Hallenbeck (born 10 Mar 1918  Albany, Albany, NY - birth certificate
         died 15 Sep 2002 Arlington, VA; obituary; William and Lois buried Columbia Gardens Cemetery, Arlington, VA;
         tombstone photo; daughter of Christopher Shelling Hallenbeck and Colombe O'Dile Maria Norman; 
         family photos; marriage certificate))
   wedding announcement for Debra and Daniel
       1) Nicholas Hallenbeck Branigan - living?;  birth announcement
                   graduation announcement
                   (not) married Abigail Lynn Segal Swann (living?);
                        1) Felix William Swann-Branigan - living?; married?; children?
       2) Daniel Belleman Branigan - living; birth announcement
                   graduation announcement - includes photo;   
                   married Shawna Nicole Sherrell on 11 Oct 2008 Pylesville, Harford, MD
                   wedding invitation
                        1) Madeleine Grace Branigan - living?; married?; children?
                        2) Jameson Daniel Branigan - living?; married?; children?
       3) Michael Shelling Branigan - living; married?; children?

2) Tamara Ruth Larson: 
   living; birth announcement; news article; graduation announcement; photos of Tamara; 
   news article regarding Tami
   married Floyd Lee Baumunk on 10 Jun 1978 Port Townsend, Jefferson, WA;
                  (living?); son of Roy Everett Baumunk (born 21 Mar 1923 Terrill, Emmet, IA; 
                  died 08 Nov 1992 Chimacum, Jefferson, WA; obituary
                  buried Greenwood Cemetery, Chimacum, Jefferson, WA; tombstone photo) and 
                  Arlene Clara Rose Wolff (born 01 Dec 1924 Gordonsville, Freeborn, MN; 
                  died 05 Aug 2003 Chimacum, Jefferson, WA; obituary - includes photo; daughter of 
                  Werner Fredrick Wolff and Reneta Virchow; tombstone photo));  
   wedding invitation for Tamara and Floyd; wedding announcement - includes photo
       1) Troy Stratton Baumunk - living?; graduation announcement (high school)
                graduation announcement (tech school)
                married?; children? 
       2) Jolene Gail Baumunk - living?; 
                graduation announcement (high school)
; graduation announcement (college)
                married?; children? 

3) Denise Helene Larson: 
   living; photos of Denise; news articles;
   married Timothy Charles Reandeau on 26 Apr 1980 Port Townsend, Jefferson, WA
                  (living?; news article)
   divorced 25 Apr 1991 Port Townsend, Jefferson, WA;
       1) Clarice Ann Reandeau - living?; graduation announcementmilitary graduate list;  
               U.S. Army - Afganistan;  
               (not) married Peter ____ (living?)
                   1) Collette Eleanor Reandeau - living?; married?; children?
               Clarice married (1) Kevin Michael Barnes on 15 Dec 2001 Port Townsend, Jefferson, WA (living?)
                   2) Aiden Cecil Barnes - living?
               Clarice married (2) Randall Dean Kitsmiller on 07 Aug 2008 Harrison, Boone, AR (living?)
       2) Brandon Charles Reandeau - living?; 
               (not) married Katie Russell (living?)
                   1) Ethan Charles Reandeau - living?

4) Douglas James Larson: 
   living; photo of Douglasnews articles30th Anniversary Commemorative Card
   married (1) Darlene June Allen on 19 Jul 1980 Forks, Clallam, WA (living?)
   marriage record for Douglas and Darlene;
   divorced 11 May 1984 Clallam Co, WA;
   no children:
   married (2) Carolyn K "Kerri" Lind on 12 May 1984 Clallam Co, WA (living?)
   divorced 18 Mar 1991 Clallam Co, WA;
        1) Douglas Logan Larson - living?; married?; children? 
        2) Brittany Judith Larson - living?;
                  (not) married Jose Lozano (living?);
                        1) Tila Brielle Larson - living?; married?; children?
   not married (3) Sally Jaime (living?);
        3) Garrid James Larson - living?; news articles;
                  (not) married Morgan Renee Gaydeski (living?)
                       1) Daelen Jaymes Larson - living?; married?; children?      


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5) Robin Michelle Such:
   living; photos of Robin; graduation announcement
   Robin married (1) Jason Reese Cox on 18 Aug 1990 Sequim, Clallam, WA (recorded in Jefferson Co, WA)      
                (living?; son of David Glenn Cox and Lois Allsup);  
   wedding announcement and invitation
   marriage certificate for Robin and Jason;
   divorced 21 Jul 2000 Clallam Co, WA;
       1) Lukas Glenn Cox - living?; birth announcement; news article regarding Lukas
                Lukas's graduation announcement
                married Amanda Rogers on 20 Jan 2015 Likely Clallam Co, WA ____ (living?);
                     1) Camden Roy Cox - living?; married?; children?
       2) Tristan Jason Cox - living?;
                married Shianna Dankert on 28 Jan 2017 Clallam Co, WA (living?); children?  
   Robin married (2) Jesse Charles Stern on 07 Jul 2001 Grays Harbor Co, WA (recorded in Kitsap Co, WA) (living?);
       3) Jesse Robert Stern - living?; married?; children?