Emily Andis Photos - continued


Emily Jane (Andis) Gilpin
with her grandchildren Russell, Patricia and Mary McClintick

unknown date

Lemanda Calvania (Wallace) Andis and her daughter, 
Emily Jane (Andis) Gilpin 

unknown date


Emily Jane (Andis) Gilpin
others are possibly Effie (on right), 
Herberta (on left) and Opal (baby)

c. 1913?

Emily Jane (Andis) Gilpin
with her daughter, Herberta

unknown date


Emily Jane (Andis) Kimble
with her husband,
Charles Warren Kimble

c. 1952

Emily Jane with her daughter, 
Herberta, and 
Ellen Irene Main

c. 1952


children of Emily Jane (Andis) Gilpin, Kimble

Herberta Larson, Chester Gilpin, Opal Shepard, Bertha Zirk, 
Effie Calkins, Edward Gilpin

photo taken on the day of Emily's funeral
May 1965

Emily Jane (Andis) Gilpin, Kimble 
and her first husband, Albert Robert Gilpin

Green Hills Memorial Cemetery
Burlington, Skagit, Washington

photo taken by Debra (Larson) Branigan






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