George and Mable's Children


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Please note: Other than listing the children of George Canady and Mabel Chesnut (plus their basic information), 
I am not actively pursuing lineage of their descendants at this time. If a descendant steps forward 
with data, documentation and photos, I will gladly add it, but I am not currently researching this line.
This basic data was added becasue of the connection of George's father (James Harrison Cannady) to Amanda Melvina Bowman (my primary line of research).

1) Georgia Maxine Canady:
   born 15 Jan 1920; 
   died 13 Jan 1979;
   married Donald Watcon on 04 Oct 1941 Muncie, Delaware, IN; (living?) 

2) Betty Pauline Canady:
   born 13 Sep 1921 IN;
   died 25 Jan 1952;
   married Charles Embree on 14 Apr 1942 Muncie, Delaware, IN; (living?) 

3) Marjorie Joan Canady:
   married Clarence Marker on 28 Nov 1943 Selma, Delaware, IN; (living?) 

4) Frank David Canady:
   married Mary Habeggar on 04 Aug 1951 Vernal, Uintah, UT; (living?) 

5) Howard R Canady:
   living?; married?; children?

6) Judy Canady:
   living?; married?; children?