Henry Arthur Shelley


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4) Henry Arthur Shelley: (listed as Arthur H C Shelley on two federal census records)
     born 09 Nov 1896 Washington Co, VA;
     died 26 Nov 1954 Bristol, VA;
     death certificate; cause of death: cancer of the liver;
     buried East Hill Cemetery, Bristol, VA; tombstone photo
     City Directory listings for Henrycensus records for Henryphoto including Henry
     WWI and WWII draft registration cards; Social Security record;

     Henry married (1) Lou Venie Moore on 18 Dec 1914 Sullivan Co, TN - by D A Barger;
                   (born 18 Aug 1896 Benhams, Washington, VA;
                   died 19 Mar 1915 Kinderhook Dist, Washington, VA;
                   death certificate; cause of death: consumption;  
                   buried Cedar Grove Cemetery, Washington Co, VA; tombstone photo);
     marriage records for Henry and Lou Venie
     Henry married (2) Mamie Lee Feathers c. 1919 
                   (born 22 Mar 1903 TN or Washington Co, VA;
                   death certificate; cause of death: carcinoma of the cervix;
                   died 27 Feb 1960 Bristol, VA; 
                   buried East Hill Cemetery, Bristol, VA; tombstone photo
                   photo including Mamie; City Directory listings for Mamie
                   daughter of James Columbus Feathers (30 Mar 1865 TN-22 Mar 1946 Piney Flats, Sullivan, TN; death record) and 
                   Eliza Katherine Weaver (07 Mar 1860 TN-10 May 1939 Bristol, VA; death certificate); 
                   James and Eliza buried East Hill Cemetery, Bristol, VA - tombstone photos)
         1) Junior James Shelley - born Apr 1921;
                  died Nov 1939; 
                  buried East Hill Cemetery, Bristol, VA; tombstone photo;
                  photo including Junior
                  married?; children?

         2) unknown female Shelley - born c. 1922; died c. 1922

         3) Ernest Lee "Buck" Shelley - born 08 Aug 1923 Washington Co, VA; birth record;
                  died 24 Apr 1995 Roanoke, VA; obituarydeath record;
                  buried East Hill Cemetery, Bristol, VA; tombstone photo
                  married Goldie Lee "Cracker Jack" Wyatt on 28 Dec 1940 Bristol, Sullivan, TN 
                              (born 25 Sep 1924 Sullivan Co, TN;
                              died 28 Feb 2012 Johnson City, Washington, TN; obituary;
                              buried Glenwood-Shelby Hills Cemetery, Bristol, Sullivan, TN; tombstone photo;  
                              daughter of Robert Lee Wyatt (1898 TN-1941 Bristol, VA; buried
                              Wyatt Cemetery, Sullivan Co, TN; tombstone photo
) and
                              Nellie Bertie Cox (14 Apr 1905 Sullivan Co, TN-12 Sep 1975 Bristol, VA; buried
                              Glenwood-Shelby Hills Cemetery, Bristol, Sullivan, TN; tombstone photo)
                              Goldie married (2) George W Bevins* on 18 Sep 1953 Tazewell Co, VA; marriage record);

                              * George Bevins is also found here, under (2) Bertie L Canter. His complete information is found there.

                   divorced 17 Jul 1948 Bristol, VA; divorce record;
                      1) Marie Ann Shelley - living?; 
                               Marie married (1) David Bruce Carls (living?)
                                   1) Deborah Marie Carls - living?; married?; children?     
                               Marie married (2) George Erwin "Bob" Blevins (living?)
                                   2) Robert Keith Blevins - living?; married?; children?  
                      2) Clifford Eugene Shelley - born 24 May 1943 Bristol, VA;
                               died 11 Jan 2015 Salem, VA; obituary;
                                U.S. Navy;
                               Clifford married (1) Judith Ann Markwalter on 02 Feb 1963 Bristol, VA
                                       (living?; daughter of Frank Joseph Markwalter (07 Feb 1921 Bristol. Sullivan, TN-23 Aug 2008 TN;
                                       obituary - includes photo) and Ruby Lee Persons (12 Apr 1921 MI-23 Sep 1992 Bristol, VA))
                               divorced 28 Mar 1991 Roanoke, VA; divorce record
                                   1) Thomas Lee Shelley - living?; 
                                               married Karen Louise Moinette on 29 Mar 1991 Duval Co, FL (living?);
                                               marriage record for Thomas and Karen;
                                   2) Jonathan Joseph Shelley - living?; 
                                               Jonathan married (1) Judith A ____ (living?); children?    
                                               Jonathan married (2) Brandi ____ (living?); children? 
                               Clifford married (2) Virginia Ann Hickman c. 1991-1992 (living?)
                               divorced 09 Jul 1993 Roanoke, VA; divorce record
                               Clifford married (3) Janet Kay Bussa on 31 Jul 1995 Salem, VA
                                        (living?; daughter of Roscoe Carl Bussa (19 Apr 1912-15 Feb 1976 Portsmouth, Scioto, OH) and
                                        Mary Ruth Price (29 Jun 1914-04 Dec 1995 Portsmouth, Scioto, OH);
                                        Janet also married ____ Fugitt);
                               marriage record for Clifford and Janet;
                      3) Ernest Lee Jr Shelley - born 14 Jul 1945 Bristol, VA; 
                               died 04 Mar 2013 Roanoke, VA; obituary - includes photo;
                               buried Christ Church Columbarium, Roanoke, VA; 
                               Ernest married (1) Dayna Leigh Noell on 07 Dec 1968 Roanoke, VA (living?)
                               divorced 10 Jul 1985 Roanoke, VA; divorce record;
                                   1) Eric Lee Shelley - living?; married?; children?  
                                   2) Rebecca Ann Shelley - living?; 
                                              married Craig Andrew Ricketts (living?)
                                              marriage record for Rebecca and Craig;
                                                   1) Olivia Ricketts - living?; married?; children? 
                                                   2) Andrew Ernest Ricketts - living?; married?; children? 
                               Ernest married (2) Kathryn Armstrong "Kay" Johnson on 14 Feb 2009 Roanoke, VA (living?)
                               marriage record for Ernest and Kathryn;
                      4) Beverly Gayle Shelley - born 31 Dec 1948 Bristol, VA; birth record;
                               died 18 Jun 2018 Kingsport, Sullivan, TN; obituaries;
                               buried Glenwood-Shelby Hills Cemetery, Bristol, Sullivan, TN;
                               married Daniel Greer (born (___); died by 2018);
                      5) Patricia Louise Shelley - living?; married Henry Cox (living?)
                                   1) Stephanie Cox - living?; married?; children?   
                                   2) Shelley Cox - living?; married?; children?   
                                   3) William Cox - living?; married?; children?

         4) Ernest Ramsey Shelley - born 13 Jan 1935 Bristol, VA; birth record;
                  died 26 Mar 2006 Portsmouth, VA; obituarydeath record;
                  buried Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, Chesapeake, VA; tombstone photo;
                   U.S. Marine Corps - Korea;  
                  married Hilda Grace Barrow on 21 Sep 1956 Norfolk, VA
                              daughter of Semmie Earl Barrow (03 Mar 1915 Craven Co, NC-21 Jun 1977 East Stroudsburg, Monroe, PA) and
                              Thelma Virginia Roberson)
                  marriage record for Ernest and Hilda;
                  divorced 20 Nov 1986 Portsmouth, VA; divorce certificate
                       1) Curtis Dean Shelley - born 26 May 1957 Norfolk, VA; 
                                 died 24 Nov 2006 Williamsburg, VA; death noticedeath record;
                                 married Cheryl Anne Smith on 01 Oct 1977 Portsmouth, VA (living?)
                                 marriage record for Curtis and Cheryl;
                                 divorced 17 May 1983 Portsmouth, VA; divorce record
                                     1) Gregory Dean Shelley - living?; 
                                             married Melissa Ann Davis on 01 Jun 2002 Suffolk, VA (living?)
                                             marriage record for Gregory and Melissa;
                                                1) Tiffany Shelley - living?; married?; children?   
                                                2) Christina Ann Shelley - living?; married?; children?    
                       2) Marshall Renee Shelley - living?; 
                                 married Danny Lee Keller (living?)
                                 divorced 25 Jun 1998 Virginia Beach, VA; divorce record;
                                     1) Rebecca Ann Keller - living?; married?; children?   
                                     2) Shelena Renee Keller - living?; married?; children?   
                                     3) Daniel K Keller - living?; married?; children?  
                       3) Janice Inez Shelley - living?;  
                                 Janice married (1) James Franklin Shannon on 22 May 1978 Portsmouth, VA (living?)
                                 marriage record for Janice and James;
                                     1) James Franklin Shannon - living?; married?; children?   
                                     2) Clayton Dean Shannon - living?; married?; children?   
                                     3) Brian Patrick Shannon - living?; married?; children?  
                                 Janice married (2) Phillip Torrez (living?); children? 
                       4) Ravonda Lee Shelley - living?; 
                                 married Everett Wayne Smith on 08 Feb 1980 Portsmouth, VA (living?)
                                 marriage record for Ravonda and Everett;
                                     1) Elizabeth Anthenia Smith - living?; married?; children? 
                       5) Daniel Keith Shelley - born 13 Dec 1965 Portsmouth, VA; 
                                 died 13 Dec 1965 Portsmouth, VA 
                       6) Elizabeth Ann "Libby" Shelley - living?; married?; children?