James W Kaylor


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8) James William Kaylor: 
   born 19 Oct 1856 Benhams, Washington, VA; news items referencing James;
   died 13 Sep 1930 Sullivan Co., TN; 
   death certificate; cause of death: apoplexy;
   buried unknown cemetery, Benhams, Washington, VA;       
   James married (1) Martha Elizabeth Harlow in Apr 1882 Washington Co, VA - by Joseph Leonard
                (born 1858 Washington Co, VA; 
                died (___);
                daughter of Thomas B Harlow (c. 1805 TN-after 1880) and
                Margaret Spurgeon (1827 to 1840 VA-after 1880); Thomas and Margaret  married
                30 Jan 1853 Washington Co, VA - by Joseph Barker;
                Thomas and Margaret buried Fleenor Cemetery #8, Washington Co, VA - tombstone photo
        1) Rudolph Bartol "Rant" Kaylor -
                 born 30 Jan 1881 Bristol, VA; photos including Rant;
                 died 18 Feb 1965 Hartford, Hartford, CT; death record
                 buried St. Joseph's Cemetery, Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA; photo of burial site;
                  U.S. Army; WWI and WWII draft registration cards; service records;
                 census records; Social Security record;


                  married Armina "Mina" Bullett on 25 May 1909 New Castle, Rockingham, New Hampshire
                          (born Feb 1880 North Pownal, Bennington, VT; photo including Armina;
                          died by Feb 1965;
daughter of John Bullett (born Mar 1858 NY) and Mathilda Donneville (born Nov 1858 Canada);
                          Armina married (1) Homer Getty (28 Feb 1879 Adams, Berkshire, MA-Apr 1963 Wyoming Co, NY) and
                          had son John Homer Getty (02 or 03 Aug 1900 Adams, Berkshire, MA-10 Sep 1939)
                 marriage record for Rant and Armina;
                     1) Jenne Armine Mary Kaylor - born 06 July 1911 Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA;
                                  died 16 Aug 1911 Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA; 
                                  death certificate; cause of death: marasmus, ilio-colitis;
                                  buried St. Joseph's Cemetery, Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA - unmarked
                     2) Violet H Kaylor - born c. 1912 possibly Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA; died (___); married?; children?    
   James married (2) Rebecca Kendrick on 12 Sep 1886 Washington Co, VA - by J Leonard
                (born Sep 1864 Mendota, Washington, VA; news items referencing Rebecca
                died 1900-1910 Washington Co, VA;
                daughter of Emmett Bradley Kendrick (13 Apr 1843 Kinderhook, Washington, VA-
                20 Jun 1920 Mendota,Washington, VA; Civil War; service record
) and
                Annie Purkey/Perkie (11 Mar or Apr 1833 VA-28 June 1916 Washington Co, VA); Emmett and Annie married 1861);  
       2) Sophia M Kaylor - born Dec 1886; died (___); married?; children?

        3) Clinton Gibson Kaylor - born 28 Dec 1888 Mendota, Washington, VA; 
               died 04 Aug 1946 Coeburn, Wise, VA; 
               death certificate; cause of death: Pulmonary Embolism;
               buried Gum Hill Cemetery, Washington Co, VA; tombstone photo;
               WWI and WWII draft registration cardsnews article regarding Clinton;
               Clinton married (1) Goldia Marie Leonard c. 1914
                           (born c. 1897 VA; died (___));
                    1) Bessie Mae Kaylor - born c. 1915 VA; died (___);
                                 Bessie married (1) ____ (born (___); died (___));
                                 Bessie married (2) Walter V Gibson on 10 May 1943 Wise Co, VA
                                             (born (___); died (___));
                                 marriage record for Bessie and Walter
                    2) Bonnie B Kaylor - born 29 Oct 1916 Inman, Wise, VA;
                                 died 12 Dec 1916 Inman, Wise, VA;
                                 death certificate; cause of death: unknown ("don't know; died suddenly"); 
                                 buried Gum Hill Cemetery, Wallace, Washington, VA
                    3) Homer J Kaylor - born 12 Feb 1918 Wise Co, VA;
                                 died 03 Mar 1918 Richmond Dist, Wise, VA;
                                 death certificate; cause of death: bronchopneumonia;
                                 buried Gum Hill Cemetery, Wallace, Washington, VA
                    4) John Boyd "Johnnie" Kaylor - born 20 Mar 1919 Inman, Wise, VA; 
                                 died 08 Mar 1996 Sacramento Co, CA;
                                 buried Sunset Lawn Chapel of the Chimes Memorial Park, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA; tombstone photo;
                                  U.S. Army Air Corps - WWII;
                                 married Eva Fay Ramey
                                        (born 26 Feb 1935 Wise Co, VA;
                                        died 27 Jun 2010 CA;
                                        buried Sunset Lawn Chapel of the Chimes Memorial Park, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA; tombstone photo);
                                      1) J Kaylor  DNA match - living?; married?; children? 
                    5) Sissie Louise Lee Kaylor - born 26 Sep 1921 Osaka, Wise, VA; birth record;  
                                 died 28 Oct 1998 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH; death records;
                                 Social Security record;  
                                 married Robert Lee Whited on 07 Apr 1943 Wise Co, VA
                                           (born 11 Apr 1921 Tazewell Co, VA; 
                                           died 19 Dec 2009;
                                           buried Eastview Cemetery, Centerburg, Knox, OH;
                                            U.S. Army - WWII);
                                 marriage record for Sissie and Robert;
                                 divorced Aug 1970 Santa Clara Co, CA; divorce record;  
                                 married?; children?    
                    6) James D Kaylor - born c. 1923 Wise Co, VA; died (___); married?; children?
                    7) J C Kaylor - born c. 1926 Wise Co, VA; died (___); married?; children?
                    8) Bertia "Bertie" Marie Kaylor - born 10 Dec 1927 Wise Co, VA;
                              died 20 Apr 1994 Raysal, McDowell, WV; Social Security record;
                              married Curtis Everett Dingus on 17 Apr 1948 Wise Co, VA
                                          (born 28 Oct 1926 TN; died 1994);
                              marriage record for Bertie and Curtis

                   Note: There is a Roy J Kaylor (born 12 Sep 1930; died 06 Nov 1930; buried Gum Hill Cemetery, Wallace, VA) whom
                          we believe may be a son of Clinton and Golda.  At this time, we have no documentation to support this speculation.  

                     9) Dallie Kaylor - born c. 1932 Wise Co, VA; died (___); married?; children?
                  10) Mildred Lucille Kaylor - born 17 Feb 1935 Olinger, Lee, VA; birth record;
                              died 23 Oct 2001 Fort Thomas, Campbell, KY; obituary
                              buried Saint Stephen Cemetery, Fort Thomas, Campbell, KY; 
                              Mildred married (1) James Edward Garrison on 23 May 1953 Wise Co, VA 
                                           (born 08 Apr 1929 Inman, Wise, VA;
                                           died 31 Jul 1956 Catawba, Roanoke, VA;
                                           death certificate; cause of death: pulmonary TBC;
                                           buried Glencoe Cemetery, Big Stone Gap, Wise, VA;
                                           cause of death: pulmonary tuberculosis);
                              marriage record for Mildred and James;
                                  1) James Garrison - living?; married?; children?
                              Mildred married (2) ____ Terry (living?);
                              Mildred married (3) William F Kappes
                                      (born 26 May 1926 Kenton Co, KY; birth record;
                                      died 20 May 2015 Fort Thomas, Campbell, KY; obituary;
                                      buried Saint Stephen Cemetery, Fort Thomas, Campbell, KY);
                                  2) William Jr Kappes - living?; married Debbie ____ (living?); children?
                                  3) Susan Kappes - living?; married?; children?
               Clinton married (2) Marie ____ (born c. 1902 VA; died (___));

        4) Coy Bradley Kaylor - see separate personal page

        5) Barnie Houston Kaylor - born 25 Jul 1893 Mendota, Washington, VA; 
               died (___) - (last found in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD in 1920);
                U.S. Army; WWI draft registration card;
               married?; children?

        6) Oryl N Kaylor - born Dec 1899 Washington Co, VA; 
                possibly died by 1910 (not in 1910 census)

       7) unnamed female Kaylor - born 1900-1910; died 1900-1910;
             cause of death: stillborn

    James married (3) Hattie W Jackson on 05 Oct 1909 Washington Co, VA
             (born 19 Oct 1869 VA; 
             died 19 Jul 1939 Bluff City, Sullivan, TN; obituary
             death certificate; cause of death: angina pectoris;
             buried Fleenor Baptist Memorial Cemetery, Washington Co, VA; tombstone photo
             married (1) to John N Worley* (12 Dec 1869-15 Nov 1897; buried
             Fleenor Baptist Memorial Cemetery, Washington Co, VA - tombstone photo)
             daughter of William Jackson (born c. 1844 VA) and
             Margaret C Perrigan (born c. 1849 VA) William and Margaret married 1865));
    marriage record for James and Hattie;

         * John Worley is a brother of Robert Worley, found here under (2) King Worley.
           * John Worley is the father of Gracie Ellen Worley, found here under (1) William James "Willie" Kaylor.