John T Shutters


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3) John T Shutters: 
born 05 Jun 1843 Scott Co, IN; John Shutters biography;
   died 26 Nov 1915 Whiteland, Johnson, IN; obituary;
   cause of death: pneumonia;      
   buried Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, Johnson, IN; tombstone photo
   historical references to Shutters family; maps showing John's land ownership;
   John is mentioned in pension papers filed by Marshall Shutters;


    Civil War (Union); enrollment documentCivil War notes mentioning John;  
   news article related to John's military service
   married Matilda Adeline Whitaker on 21 Dec 1871 Johnson Co, IN
              (born 06 Nov 1852 Pleasant, Johnson, IN; 
              died 07 Nov 1924 Johnson Co, IN; obituary; cause of death: influenza, pneumonia;
              buried Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, Johnson, IN; tombstone photo
              maps showing Matilda's land ownershipreceipt from Matilda's father's estate

              daughter of M Ballard Whitaker (c. 11 Sep 1811 KY-04 Apr 1866 IN) and 
              Sarah Crim (c. 21 Nov 1816 KY-21 Mar 1872 IN)
              M Ballard and Sarah buried Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, Johnson, IN; tombstone photos);
   marriage index; marriage license for John and Matilda;

Note regarding John and Matilda's children: There are some inconsistencies regarding the number of children in this family.  Through numerous records, Marlie and Elmetta can be tracked. Twin children are listed in birth records (a male and a female) on 20 Mar 1889. One was Elmetta (female) and the male was not named (possibly stillborn?).  In 1900 at the age of 47 Matilda stated she had given birth to 3 children, 2 of whom survived at the time.  Again in 1910 at the age of 57, she states the same. Our listing of the 4th child (Mary Eva) is because Elmetta's obituary states her sister Mary Eva preceded her in death.

         1) Marlie Denvie Shutters - see separate personal page

         2) Elmetta Mae "Metta" Shutters (twin) - born 20 Mar 1889 Whiteland, Johnson, IN; 
                  died 22 Sep 1971 Franklin, Johnson, IN; obituary
                  buried Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, Johnson, IN; tombstone photo;
                  married Leonard Burt Merideth on 10 Aug 1905 Johnson Co, IN
                            (born 1880 or 1884 Hart Co, KY; 
                            died 26 Jun 1953 Whiteland, Johnson, IN; obituary;
                            buried Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, Johnson, IN; tombstone photo;
                            WWII draft registration card


                             son of Abraham Merideth (10 Sep 1836 KY-05 Nov 1892 Hart Co, KY; Civil War) and 
                            Minisa Jane Crouch (04 Feb 1846 KY-07 Oct 1898 Hart Co, KY); 
                            Abraham and Mary buried Old Cub Run Cemetery, Winesap, Hart, KY - tombstone photos)
                  marriage certificate for Elmetta and Leonard
                      1) Mary Eva Merideth - born 05 Dec 1905 Whiteland, Johnson, IN;
                               died 05 Apr 1906 Whiteland, Johnson, IN;
                               buried Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, Johnson, IN; tombstone photo
                      2) Dorene E Merideth - born 12 May 1907 Whiteland, Johnson, IN; 
                               died 02 Aug 1998 Franklin, Johnson, IN; obituary - includes photofuneral card;  
                               buried Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, Johnson, IN; tombstone photo;
                               married Harvey B Smith (marriage application is dated 07 Feb 1928 Johnson Co, IN)
                                        (born 13 Mar 1901 Munfordville, Hart, KY; 
                                        died 08 Mar 1969 Johnson Co, IN; obituary
                                        buried Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, Johnson, IN; tombstone photo;
                                        son of Samuel Smith (born Jul 1875 KY) and Juletta Clemmins (born Jun 1878 KY)); 
                                    1) Leonard Eugene "Gene" Smith - living? 
                                             married Betty Ann Legan on 08 Apr 1949 Johnson Co, IN
                                                       (living?; daughter of Clancy G Legan and Dora Littleton)
                                    2) Billie Joan Smith - born 07 Sep 1929 Whiteland, Johnson, IN; 
                                             died 14 Dec 1996 Franklin, Johnson, IN; obituary
                                             buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Franklin, Johnson, IN; tombstone photo;
                                             married Oren Nelson Mitchell on 17 Apr 1948 Johnson Co, IN
                                                       (living?; son of Frank J Mitchell and Estella E White)
                                                 1) Gloria Mitchell - living?; married ____ Pitler (living?); children?  
                                                 2) Beverly Mitchell - living?; married ____ Oliver (living?); children? 
                                                 3) Laura Jean Mitchell - living?; married ____ Crocker (living?); children?  
                                                 4) Daniel Joseph Mitchell - living?; married?; children?
                                    3) Darlene Smith - living? 
                                             married William Zartman on 14 Oct 1955 Johnson Co, IN
                                                       (living?; son of Walter Zartman and Eudora Stephens)
                                    4) Donald H Smith - living? married?; children?
                      2) Mildred Marie Merideth - born 11 Oct 1910 Whiteland, Johnson, IN;
                               died 06 May 1985 possibly Greenwood, Johnson, IN
                               married Oscar Miller on 29 Oct 1932 Franklin, Johnson, IN  
                                         (living?; son of Elvin Miller and Lina Mead)
                      3) Dorothy Mae Merideth - born 11 Apr 1913 Whiteland, Johnson, IN;
                               died 12 Aug 1990 possibly Punta Gorda, Charlotte, F
                               married Kenneth McClain (living?);
                                    1) Patricia McClain - living?; married?; children?
                      5) Herman W Merideth - born 19 Aug 1919 Whiteland, Johnson, IN;
                               died 02 Apr 2010 Franklin, Johnson, IN;
                               married Ida Mae Pitcher (born 19 May 1928; died Jul 1995);
                                    1) Rhonda D Merideth - living?; married John Hill (living?);
                                                  1) John T Jr Hill - living?; married?; children?
                                    2) Tony R Merideth - living?; married?; children? 
        3) unknown male Shutters (twin) - born 20 Mar 1889 Whiteland, Johnson, IN; 
                  died (___); married?; children?

         4) Mary Eva Shutters - born (___); died by Sep 1971; married?; children?