Land Partition - William H Bowman


Family members named in this partition:

William M Bowman
Sherman Bowman
David L Bowman
Jacob Bowman
Mary C Bowman
May Bowman
Melvina Osborn

William's grandchildren 
(children of James Isaac Bowman 
and Elizabeth (Woodruff) Bowman)


Richard Webster
William Webster
Anjeline Webster

William's grandchildren 
(children of 
Elizabeth Nancy (Bowman) Webster 
and James Webster)

William Canady
Isaac Canady
Ida Canady
Mary E Canady

William's grandchildren 
(children of Amanda (Bowman) Canady 
and James Harrison Canady

Mary J Scott

William's daughter 
Mary Jane (Bowman) Scott


William Norman

William's grandson 
(child of Mary Jane 
(Bowman) Norman, Scott)

Sarah C Webster

William's daughter 
Sarah C (Bowman) 
Marshall, Webster

John R Bowman

William's son 
John R Bowman


Alice McClellan

William's granddaughter 
Alice E (Marshall) McClellan

Sarah E Webster

at this time
I believe they mean 
maybe Sarah C Webster, daughter.

William S Sipes

William's grandson 
(child of Hannah (Bowman) Sipes 
and Henry Sipes

Jacob W Bowman

William's son
Jacob Wilson Bowman

W H Bowman

William's son William Howard