Matthias Military information


Muster Rolls and Other Records of Service of Maryland Troops 
in the American Revolution

72 Records of Maryland Troops in the Continental Service

present officers of any company, with a considerable number of their
company, offer to go shall be able to fill up the number by enrollment
of others, such company may march under such officers."


Vallentine Creager, Capt. George Need, (Neet), 2nd Lieut.
Phillip Smith, Jr., 1st Lieut. John Parkinson, (Pirkinson), Ensign

Serjeants. - Corporals.
Solomon Bentley, 1 Josiah Hedges, 3 John Brattle, 1 Charles Menix, 3
Aquilla Carmack, 2 Christian Cumber, 4 Solomon Rowlins, 2 John Link, 4
Joseph Allsop, Drummer Peter Trux, (Trucks), Fifer

Thomas Edison John Ciferd Thomas Nailor, (Nalor)
Christian Smith James Cammell, (Campbell) George David
George Dotts Henry Decamp Henry Reich
Jacob Bostion James Buckhannon, Patrick Dayley
Matthias Andess (Buchanan) James Branwood
John Springer Peter Heveron Thomas Cook
Oliver Linsey Jacob Rignall, (Rignell) Philip Greenwood
Ludwick Moser, (Mouser) Edward Hossilton Robert Sellers, (Sellors)
James Silver John Smith John White
Michael Fox Laurence Stull David Barringer
George Burrawl, (Burrol) Samuel Hulse Patrick Rowin
Jacob Barrick, (Barrack) William Weier George Serjeant
Jonothan Beard James Smith Peter Dick
Christopher Cooper Joseph Smith Cornelius Downey
Patrick Daugherty, Thomas Parkinson, William From
(Daugerty) (Pirkinson) George Younger
Jacob Holtzman Henry Fogle Lodwick Woller, (Wooler)
Peter Lickliter Henry Fox Daniel Moore
John Mortt Frederick Hardman Evan Morris
William Slick John Waggoner William Preston
Thomas Tumbleson, Adam Waggoner Robert Parson
(Tombleson) Adam Simmon, (Simon) John Langley
Adam Russ George McDonald Daniel Bryan
Jacob Weyant, (Wicant) Henry Clice, (Clise) Jacob Ringer

We, the Subscribers, Delegates in Convention for Frederick
County, do hereby certify that
Valentine Cregar was appointed Captain.
Philip Smith, 1st Lieut.
George Need, 2nd
John Pirkinson, Ensign, of the
Company of Militia directed to be raised in Frederick County