Mildred and Gerald's Children


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1) Robert Lee Honsinger:
   born 21 Mar 1926; photo including Robert;
died 14 Jul 1932 Detroit, Wayne Co, MI;
   death certificate; cause of death: streptococus meningitis, tontilitis; 
   buried Grand Lawn Cemetery, Detroit, Wayne, MI; tombstone photo;  
   census records for Robert

2) Barbara A Honsinger:
   photo including Barbara; census records for Barbara 
   Barbara married (1) Joseph Mario "Joe" Pirronello
               (born 15 Aug 1915 MI;
               died 15 Dec 1986 possibly Wayne Co, MI; obituary
               son of Mario Pirronello and Grace
____ );
   Barbara married (2) Harold Arthur Kaschefsky on 02 Oct 1948 Detroit, Wayne, MI (living?) 
   marriage record for Barbara and Harold
   divorced 07 Jun 1949 Wayne Co, MI; divorce record;
   Barbara married (3) Lynn Fay Hannert on 28 Sep 1951 Detroit, Wayne, MI
 (born 19 Mar 1927 Highland Park, Wayne, MI;
                  died 08 Dec 2011
; obituary - includes photo;
                  son of Neil Clouse and Ruth Leons____; );  
   marriage record for Barbara and Lynn;

       1) Debra Hannert - living?; married Douglas C Harbison (living?) 
                 divorced 08 Jan 1988 Hopkins Co, KY; divorce record;
                     1) Melissa Ann Harbison - living?; married?; children?  
       2) David E Hannert - living?; married?; children?   

3) Kathryn J Honsinger:
   born 06 Jul 1933; photo including Kathryncensus records for Kathryn;  
   died 31 Jan 2011 possibly Birmingham, Oakland, MI; obituary - includes photo;
   married John Nelson Ostrander
               (born 03 Sep 1928;
               died 29 Sep 1997 Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI
               buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit, Wayne, MI;
               Social Security record;    
 unknown branch;
               son of John N Ostrander and Viola M Potter )
       1) Cindy Ostrander - living?; married Bruce Light (living?); children?      
       2) John III Ostrander - living?; married Michele ____ (living?); children?
       3) Kristen Ostrander - living?; married Paul Held (living?); children?