Photos- Rock Family


the Rock family:
back (standing): Mettie (Rock) Harley (far left, barely visible)
Bertie (Lytz) Harley, William A Rock (small boy), Marvin G Rock
front: Minnie Rock, Samuel John Rock - holding Bessie Garland Rock, 
Nannie Bell (Lytz) Rock - holding Charmie Rock, Blenda Rock


Stewart barn

People found on this site are highlighted in red:

back: Bertie (Lytz) Harley, Sallie Hutton, Mettie (Rock) Harley, Nora Hutton,
Ethel McCroskey, Aunt Jennie & Dell Rock, Walter Rock, Ann (Worley) Rock, 
Claude Rock, Lizz Canter, Joe Canter, Samuel John Rock, Bram Fleenor

middle: Sam McCroskey, Bessie Garland Rock
Nannie Bell (Lytz) Rock - holding Charmie Rock
Mag Rock (McCroskey) Owens - holding Luther Owens,
Marg (Crow) Stewart, Rachel (Crow) Rock, Maggie Stewart
Jane Stewart - holding Maude Stewart, 
Frances Rock - holding Laura Bell Rock, Lou (Rock) Lytz - holding Clarence Lytz
Bettie (Rock) Fleenor - holding Umphrey Fleenor

front: Tommy Stewart, Jehue Stewart, Press Stewart, Minnie Rock,
W. A. Rock, Hester Stewart, Blenda Rock, Myrtle Rock
Marvin G. Rock, Kelley Rock, Stella Rock, Lillie McCroskey
Lee Lytz, Sudie Fleenor, Ernest Rock, Sam McCroskey


Rock's store at Craig's Mill on Smith Creek, Washington County, Virginia
(standing on the far left of the left side doorway is Bessie Rock)

Note: The building on the right is the grist mill, with unknown person loading ground feed (speculatively Samuel John Rock).  The area between the two buildings was used to keep chickens, etc., which were taken in for trade until taken to market in such places as Bristol, Virginia.

This store was located between what is now a dwelling next to Crabtree Cemetery, and Smith Creek.  At the time, the road went between the dwelling and the store, but was later moved.  The store was there in the 1960s but was later torn down.  This is where Coy John White met and courted Bessie Rock, who later became his wife.


back:  Lucille (Rock) Patrick, Dennis Rock, Charmie (Rock) White, 
Bessie Garland (Rock) White, Minnie (Rock) Fleenor, 
Blenda (Rock) Fleenor, William A Rock

front: S J Rock, Nannie Bell (Lytz) Rock, Marvin G Rock, MD

11 Oct 1953
 Bristol, VA

thanks to Donald Fred White for this photo

Rock, White and Fleenor families:

back:  George F Patrick, James Newton White, Charnie A (Rock) White, 
Charles Preston Fleenor, Minnie (Rock) Fleenor, Claude G Fleenor, 
Blenda Rock Fleenor, William Auther Rock

middle: Lucille Vesta (Rock) Patrick, Bessie Garland (Rock) White, 
Samuel John Rock, Nannie (Lytz) Rock, Dr Marvin Rock, Clara Rock, Dennis Rock

front: Mary Francis White, Nancy Rock, Ruth (Dunlap) Rock (wife of Dennis Rock)

11 Oct 1953
 Bristol, VA

thanks to Donald Fred White for this photo

Nannie Bell (Lytz) Rock and Samuel John Rock

11 Oct 1953
 Bristol, VA

thanks to Donald Fred White for this photo