Quakenbush - Quisenberry


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Last name First name Birth year Death year
Quakenbush Clayton Glenn * 1892 1947
Quakenbush Dale Clayton * 1930 1980
Quakenbush Doris living? living?
Quakenbush Joth unknown unknown
Qualkenbush Loran G living? living?
Qualls James c. 1795 1861
Qualls Mary Catherine "Mollie" * 1862 1938
Qualls Novenia unknown unknown
Qualls William J * c. 1839 1864
Quan Ziu Kun unknown unknown
Queary Alexander * c. 1832 1894
Queary Ida Belle * 1873 1956
Queen Brian Melvin * living? living?
Queen Bruce Fielding * living? living?
Queen Courtney Elizabeth living? living?
Queen Christopher Dyer * living? living?
Queen Elva Elizabeth * 1884 1952
Queen Heather Leigh * living? living?
Queen James Boyd * 1923 2014
Queen James Boyd Jr * 1946 1946
Queen James C * c. 1860 unknown
Queen James M c. 1820 unknown
Queen James Robert * living? living?
Queen Justin Davis living? living?
Queen Melvin Jacob * 1887 1936
Queener Henry Batson 1880 1945
Queener John F 1910 1962
Quick Dora unknown unknown
Quill Leonard John * 1925 1998
Quill Thomas Edwin * 1898 1970
Quillen Kevin Jerome living? living?
Quillen Richard Don Jr living? living?
Quillen Shana M living? living?
Quillen Susan c. 1866 unknown
Quillen unknown living? living?
Quillen unknown living? living?
Quilliam William unknown unknown
Quilliam William Joseph unknown unknown
Quinlan Carol Sue * living? living?
Quinlen Rachel unknown unknown
Quinley Helen M * 1915 1948
Quinn Angelo Sylvester * 1893 1979
Quinn Anthony C * 1867 1893
Quinn Charles Edward living? living?
Quinn Charles Millard living? living?
Quinn Charlotte Ann * living? living?
Quinn Donna Marlene * living? living?
Quinn Garnett Roland * 1920 1974
Quinn Gerald Duane * living? living?
Quinn Haley Jordan living? living?
Quinn Jason Kyle * living? living?
Quinn Jefferson Hunter living? living?
Quinn Jefferson Ray * living? living?
Quinn Jeffery Michael living? living?
Quinn Jennifer Gay * living? living?
Quinn Sarah Lerie living? living?
Quinn Virgil Harrison * 1889 1985
Quinn Walter M * 1891 1953
Quinn William 1844 unknown
Quinn Wanda Jadean * living? living?
Quisenberry unknown living? living?