Semira Shutters


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7) Semira Shutters:
   born 1825 IN; 
   died 29 Nov 1864 Jackson Co, IN; death notice
   cause of death: puerperal peritonitis; 
   married Alexander Gross* on 22 Sep 1842 Jackson Co, IN - by Stephan Drury, JP;  
                  (born 21 Nov 1814 Washington Co, VA; 
                  died 28 Jul 1892; 
                  buried Glasson Cemetery, Jackson Co, IN; tombstone photo; 
                  son of Daniel Gross and Sarah ____ (c. 1780 VA - after 1860))
                  on 11 Jul 1868 Alexander married (2) Mary A Gletch - marriage certificate)
   marriage certificate for Semira and Alexanderoriginal marriage affidavit

            Note: We have various documents regarding land transactions by Matthias Andis (Semira Shutters's grandfather) and his heirs. They include purchase, sale and distribution of land in Washington Co, VA. These are very important documents to our research, as they conclusively tie Matthias, his children, and his grandchildren together.

            * Alexander is the brother of Mary Ann Gross, found here under William Francis Shutters.

       1) Sarah Jane Gross - see separate personal page 

        2) William Gross - born 1849 IN;
                died by 1924; 
                married Ruth McDonald on 04 Jan 1871 Jackson Co, IN 
                              (born c. 1852 IN; died (___);  
                              unable to determine Ruth's parents);
                marriage record for William and Ruth;  

                    1) John Gross - born c. 1875 IN; died (___); married?; children? 

        3) Daniel Gross- born c. 1850 IN; died by 1860

        4) Oliver Grose - see separate personal page

        5) Isaac Franklin Gross - born Sep 1854 Jackson Co, IN;
                died 1924; 
                Isaac married (1) Susanna ____ on 04 Sep 1880 Norton Co, KS  
                         (born (___); died (___);  
                         unable to determine Susanna's surname);
                Isaac married (2) Rebecca Catherine "Katie" Brown on 09 Nov 1890 Neosho Falls, Woodson, KS
                         (born Aug 1874 IN; died after 1910;  
                         unable to determine Rebecca's parents);
                no children

        6) John Gross - see separate personal page