Starlin Ermal Bowman


U.S. Army Air Force 
(08 Aug 1942-
16 Feb 1946)

                           parents:  William Howard Bowman and Margaret Sims


Birth:  07 Oct 1897  Daviess Co, IN
Death:  24 Oct 1983  Marion, Grant, IN
Burial:  Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, Daviess, IN

Marriage #1

Mary Edith Jeffers

15 Sep 1930  Terre Haute, Vigo, IN


Ned Alan Bowman 06 Apr 1932
Hal Bowman living?

children of Starlin Ermal Bowman and Mary Edith (Jeffers) Bowman


1900 Federal census Bogard Twp, Daviess, IN - age 2 (view census information)
1910 Federal census Bogard Twp, Daviess, IN - 26 Apr 1910 - age 12 (view census information)
1930 Federal census Lyons, Greene, IN - age 32 (boarder) (view census information)
"Billy Bowman Bugle" Issues 1-2, printed by Ned Alan Bowman 1986
"History of Monroe County, Indiana" Biography of Starlin Ermal and Mary (Jeffers) Bowman
Daviess County Courthouse, Washington, IN Marriage records (personally viewed and copied or transcribed)
Monroe County Library, Bloomington, IN Obituaries
Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, Daviess, IN Viewed and photographed tombstones
Find a Grave volunteer Susan Tombstone and cemetery photos - Dog Island Cemetery, Greene Co, IN
Family records Records and photos belonging to Hal Bowman
Family research Research belonging to Valerie Boman and Debra Branigan

Miscellaneous Information

1) Wife of  Starlin Ermal Bowman: Mary Edith Jeffers - born 02 Aug 1908 Greene Co, IN; photos including Mary; died 18 May 2008 Cary, Wake, NC; buried Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, Daviess, IN - see tombstone photo below; death record; obituary; eulogy from Mary's memorial service; daughter of Samuel Dock Jeffers (born 08 Oct 1881 Greene Co, IN-04 Jun 1969 Greene Co, IN) and Maggie Dalphia McKee (born 10 Oct 1882 Greene Co, IN-24 Jun 1972 Greene Co, IN; Samuel and Maggie married 07 Dec 1901 Greene Co, IN; Samuel and Maggie buried Dog Island Cemetery, Greene Co, IN - tombstone photo).

2) Starlin's WWI draft registration card.

3) Starlin traveled to Alaska in 1923.  We have copies of letters, documents and photos from this wonderful journey.  

4) Starlin and Mary's biography.

5) Starlin's military service information (per his son, Hal): He served in both wars. When a freshman at Purdue in 1918 he enlisted as a Private in an army unit that was formed from students in October and then was released in November after the armistice, before completing training. He volunteered in the summer of 1942 (at age 44) and was given a commission and rank of Captain after completing photo intelligence training. He served as a Major in the Central Pacific as CO of the 7th AF Bomber Group Photo Intelligence Unit and was released on Okinawa after the war. He return home in October 1945. He was awarded the Bronze Star. His unit, among other things, did the photo intelligence for the invasions of Tarawa, Saipan, Iwo Jima and Okinawa and the before and after work on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

6) Sims family group photos including Starlin.

7) Starlin's obituary, death records, and death certificate; cause of death: bronchopneumonia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Photos and/or signatures

thanks to Hal Bowman for all personal photos


Starlin Ermal Bowman

c. 1900


Per Hal Bowman:

Starlin's mother loved his curls.  To no avail, the older brothers and sisters tried to get their mother to cut his hair.  One day Ira, who was 16 years older than Starlin, went to Odon to catch a train.  Little Starlin rode a horse to town with Ira, and after Ira was on the train, Starlin was to ride the horse home.  Ira took Starlin to the barber shop, had his curls sheared, then sent him home on the horse.  Ira caught the train to Terre Haute. 

Starlin and his sister, Allegra

c. 1905
Trinity Springs, Indiana


Bowman siblings
back: Allegra, Starlin, Victor and Nora
front: Alpha, Ira, Sidney

unknown date

Bowman brothers
back: Starlin Ermal, Victor Virgil
front: Ira Edgar, Sidney Lester, Alpha Odus

c. 1916-1920


Bowman brothers
Ira, Starlin, Sidney, Victor and Alpha

unknown date


Starlin Ermal Bowman
Perdue University graduation



Bowman siblings
Victor, Allegra, Starlin, Nora and Sidney

unknown date

Starlin Ermal Bowman and his wife Mary Edith (Jeffers) Bowman

Walnut Hill Cemetery
Odon, Daviess, Indiana

photos taken by Valerie Boman