Victor and Ruth's Children


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Please note:

  At this time we do not intend to extend the lineage of this family. 
Because there are links to people on our website from parts of this line, we feel it is important
 to present this family in this simple form.  The biggest reason this line is addressed is becasue
we are still attempting to find the parents of William H Bowman,
and we believe he is somehow connected to Pleasant Bowman. 
Often, connections can be found through research outside the specific family line.

1) Eldon Beryl Vickers:* 
   married Jacqueline Joann Girdley (living?); on 11 Nov 1943 Shelby Co, KY; 
   photos of Eldon and Jacqueline;
   U.S. Army - WWII; 

   * note: Eldon and Jacqueline's information is repeated here

       1) James Michael Vickers - born 14 Aug 1944 Washington, Daviess, IN; 
                died 14 Aug 1944 Washington, Daviess, IN;
                buried Goodwill Cemetery, Loogootee, Martin, IN; tombstone photo
       2) Alice Lynne Vickers - living?; 
                married Lindsey Ray Hahn (living?) on 25 Nov 1964; 
                     1) Carole Lynn - living?; married Frank Thomas Krol (living?); 
                                  1) Kaitlyn Louise - living?; married?; children? 
                                  2) Alyssa Lynne - living?; married?; children?  
                     2) Kenneth Ray - living?; married?; children?   
       3) Sandra Joann Vickers - born 29 Dec 1947 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; 
                died 19 Sep 1993 Indianapolis, Marion, IN;
                buried Holy Cross and St Joseph Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, IN; tombstone photo;
                married Michael Joseph Hruban on 19 Mar 1983 on 19 Mar 1983 Indianapolis, Marion, IN (living?)
       4) Cheryl Diane Vickers - living?; 
                 married (1) Stephen Arthur Hockman (living?) on 
                     19 Oct 1968 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; 
                     1) Jessica Lynn (Lopez) (living?); married?; children? 
                 married (2) Ronald Oscar Lopez (living?) on 
                     19 Feb 1973 Tucson, Pima, AZ;
                     2) Robert Alan - living?; 
                              married Amy Lynn Cook (living?); 
                                  1) Tabitha Irene - living?; married?; children? 
                                  2) Patrick Oscar - living?; married?; children?  
       5) Darrell Lee Vickers - living?; 
                married Valerie Lynn Stahl (living?) on 01 Jul 1973 Tucson, Pima, AZ; 
                     1) Holly Elizabeth Vickers - living?; married?; children? 
                     2) Scott Michael Vickers - living?; married?; children?  
                     3) Katherine Lee Vickers - living?; married?; children?
                     4) Benjamin Douglas Vickers - living?; married?; children?  
       6) Connie Ruth Vickers - living?; 
                 married (1) Michael Paul Daniels (living?) on 13 Feb Tucson, Pima, AZ; 
                     1) Charlotte Joann - living?; married Roger Jones (living?); 
                                    1) Miranda Ruth - living?; married?; children? 
                                    2) Brandon Lee - living?; married?; children?   
                 married (2) Larry Dale Wilson (living?) on 17 Dec 1978 Tucson, Pima, AZ; 
                     2) Michael Leon - living?; married?; children?  
                     3) Michelle Ann - living?; married?; 
                                    1) Kevin Michael Reich - living?; married?; children? 
       7) Karen Elaine Vickers - living?; 
                married James Talbert Pillow (living?) on 28 Jul 1979 Tucson, Pima, AZ; 
                     1) Amanda Elaine Pillow - living?; married?; children? 
                     2) Rebecca Mary Pillow - living?; married?; children?  
                     3) Olivia Ann Pillow - living?; married?; children?

 2) Eva Louise Vickers: 
   born 18 May 1928 Burns City, Martin, IN; photos including Louise;
   died 15 Oct 1992 Mooresville, Morgan, IN; obituary;
   buried White Lick Cemetery, Mooresville, Morgan, IN; tombstone photo
   married Norman Jacob Holt (born 30 Jan 1924 Martin Co, IN; 
             died 30 Jun 1982 Mooresville, Morgan, IN; 
             buried White Lick Cemetery, Mooresville, Morgan, IN; tombstone photo
             son of Calvin Holt and Hattie Kline) on 18 Sep 1946 Elnora, Daviess, IN;
         1) Carolyn Louise - living?; 
                  married Jerry L McCory (living?; son of Clifford McCory 
                       and Frances Patterson) on 12 May 1973 Hamilton Co, IN; 
                       1) Melissa Lee - living?; married?; children?  
         2) Kathryn Sue - living?; married Philip Redman (living?); 
                       1) Ross Michael - living?; married?; children? 
                       2) Adam Patrick - living?; married?; children?  
         3) Teresa Ann - living?; 
                   married (1) ____ Spaulding (living?);
                       1) Herman Wayne Spaulding - living?; married?; children? 
                       2) Benjamin Adam Spaulding - living?; married?; children? 
                       3) Marcus Spaulding - living?; married?; children? 
                    married (2) Edward Lay (living?); children?
         4) Timothy Joel - living?; married ____ (living?); 
                       1) Matthew - living?; married?; children? 
                       2) Saint - living?; married?; children?  
                       3) Judson - living?; married?; children?
                       4) Jacob - living?; married?; children?     
         5) Jennifer Jayne - living?; 
                  married Randy Buis (living?); 
                       1) Nathaniel Ray - living?; married?; children? 
         6) Daniel Lee - living?; 
                  married ____ (living?); 
                       1) Aimee - living?; married?; children? 
                       2) Dustin - living?; married?; children?  
         7) Christopher Scott - living?; married Cynthia Ainscough (living?); 
         8) Norman A - born (___); died before Oct 1992; married?; children? 
         9) Matthew Dean - living?; 
                  married Lisa Merritt (living?); 
                       1) Emily - living?; married?; children? 

3) Verna Jean Vickers:
living?; photos including Jean;
   married Robert Dean Stuckey (living?; son of Sherman Stuckey 
       and Mary Holt) on 18 Mar 1950 Martin Co, IN; 
       1) Robert Michael - living?; 
               married Linda Jo Buckels (living?; daughter of
                    Joseph Buckels and Nancy Decker) on 
                    19 May 1973 Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN; 
                    1) Michael Alan - living?; married?; children? 
                    2) Kevin Patrick - living?; married?; children?   
       2) David Alan - living?; 
               married Sandra Lea Duffy (living?) on 
                    22 Apr 1979 Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN; 
                    1) Samuel David - living?; married?; children? 
                    2) Dean Alan - living?; married?; children?   

4) Donald Victor Vickers:
living?; photos including Donald;
   married Mary Evelyn Sims (living?) in 1954; 
        1) Patricia Ann - living?; married?; children? 
        2) Peggy Sue - living?; married?; children?  
        3) Donald Edwin - living?; married?; children?
        4) Mary Jane - living?; married?; children?