William Bowman Medical Affidavits


Physician's Affidavits 

Why do they exist, and what information do they contain?

After Pleasant H Bowman was killed in the Civil War, his mother, Julia Ann (Andis) Bowman (wife of William H Bowman), attempted to acquire pension money.  Within that pension file are affidavits from doctors that treated William H during his medical struggles. 

All of the information regarding these affidavits was copied from Julia Ann Bowman's pension records that are in the National Archives in Washington D.C.  Copies of each of the original documents are shown first, and, because many words are difficult to read, full transcriptions follow.  For purposes of authenticity, I have transcribed all documents exactly as they are written - with all punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure the way they appear in the original text.

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Physician's Affidavit

Person giving the affidavit (affiant)

1 Dr William P Hobbs, M.D. of Raglesville, Daviess, Indiana
2 Dr Allen K Lane, M.D. of Odon, Daviess, Indiana
3 Barton Sears of Elnora, Daviess, Indiana
4 William J Thomas of Keck's Church, Martin, Indiana