William Henderson Harris


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1) William Henderson Harris:
born 10 Dec 1918 Daviess Co, IN; photo including William;
   died 15 May 1990 Washington, Daviess, IN; obituaries;
   cause of death: metastatic carcinoma of lung;
   buried Sugarland Memory Garden, near Washington, Daviess Co, IN; tombstone photo
   U.S. Navy - WWII; signature:


   William married (1) Martha Maxine Faith on 20 Jan 1940 Daviess Co, IN 
born 27 Aug 1922 Champaign Co, IL; 
        died 25 Jun 1996 Lawrence, Marion, IN; obituary
        buried Gosport Cemetery, Gosport, Owen, IN; tombstone photo
        daughter of Harvey R Faith (07 Feb 1895 Daviess Co, IN-07 Jan 1979) and Mary Blanche Smiley (05 Apr 1900 IN-03 Mar 1937);
        Harvey and Mary buried Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, Daviess, IN; tombstone photo
Harvey and Mary married 04 Apr 1918;
        Martha marrried (2) Charles W Sink; 


    marriage application for William and Martha;
        1) Robert Lee Sr Harris - living?; 
                U.S. Navy;
                married Shirley Mae Schexnider on 17 Apr 1959 Orange, Orange, TX 
                     1) Robert Lee Jr Harris - living?; 
                               married Melissa Dawn Sheller on 02 Mar 1997 Orange, Orange, TX 
                                       (living?); children? 
                     2) Reba Gale Harris - living?; 
                               Reba married (1) Mike Clark (living?); divorced; 
                                    1) Chastity Lynn Clark - living?; married?; children?
                                    2) Misty Mae Clark - living?; married?; children?
                                    3) Tiffany Michael Clark - living?; married?; children? 
                               Reba married (2) George Shannon (living?); children?
                     3) Curtis Ray Harris - living?; 
                               married Jessica Jetton (living?)
                                    1) Kenneth Lee Oggy Harris - living?; married?; children?
                                    2) Haley Morgan Harris - living?; married?; children?
                     4) Christopher Dean Harris - living?; 
                               married Jennifer Cochran (living?); divorced; 
                                    1) Kaleb Ryan Harris - living?; married?; children?
                     5) Russel Wayne Harris - living?; married?; children?
                     6) Randall Lesley Harris - living?; 
                               married Christy Ann Johnson (living?)
                                    1) Christian Randall Harris - living?; married?; children?
                                    2) Christopher Robert Harris - living?; married?; children?
                     7) Martha Marie Harris - living?; 
                               married Patrick William Milligan on 17 Apr 1996 Orange, Orange, TX 
                                        (living?); children?
                     8) Lisa Michelle Harris - living?; 
                               married Patrick Clark (living?); children?
        2) James Calvin Harris - born 07 May 1942 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; 
                died 06 Jan 2009 Paragon, Morgan, IN; obituaries
                buried Gosport Cemetery, Gosport, Owen, IN; tombstone photo
                James married (1) Kaye Elaine Scalf on 21 Nov 1962 Indianapolis, Marion, IN 
                          (born 21 Dec 1946 Odon, Daviess, IN;
                          died 17 Feb 1988 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; obituary
                          cause of death: metastatic melanoma;
                          buried Sutherland Park Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, IN; tombstone photo
                          daughter of Carl Scalf and Mary Gretchen Goddard)
                     1) James Scott Harris - living?
                               married Rhonda Lynn Spears on 15 May 1998 Indianapolis, Marion, IN (living?);
                                     1) Dylan Michael Harris - living?; married?; children?
                                     2) Jami Kaye Harris - living?; married?; children?
                     2) Elaina Kaye Harris - born 1964 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; 
                               died c. 01 Oct 1965 Indianapolis, Marion, IN;
                               buried Sutherland Park Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, IN; tombstone photo;
                     3) Debra Ann Harris - born 13 Jan 1966 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; 
                               died 01 Feb 2007 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; obituaries
                               cause of death: related to complications from heart surgery;
                               buried Gosport Cemetery, Gosport, Owen, IN; tombstone photo
                                     1) Timothy Lee Harris - living?; 
                                              (not) married Desiree Ford (living?)
                                                   1) Gavin Louis Harris - living?; married?; children?
                                              married Danielle Nicole Everling in 2009 (living?)
                                                   2) Hunter James Harris - living?; 
                                                           married?; children?
                               Debra married (1) Lonnie Lee Scruggs (living?)
                               Debra married (2) Dwayne Allen Harbeson (living?)
                                     2) Dwayne Allen James Harbeson - living?; 
                                               married?; children?
                               Debra married (3) John Ray Sample on 13 May 1965 Martinsville, Morgan, IN 
                                          (living?); children? 
                     4) Angela Kay Harris - living?; married?;
                                     1) Amy Nicole Harris - living?;
                                                        1) Shanna Kay Smith - living?; married?; children?
                                                        2) Weston Russell Harris - living?; married?; children?
                                                        3)  Chaslynn Thereise Harris - living?; married?; children?
                                                 Amy married (1) Cameron Chandler in 2008 (living?);
                                                 divorced 2009;
                                                 Amy married (2) Ronald Lee Danforth II in Feb 2012 (living?);
                James married (2) Goldie Estell Cook on 24 May 1998 Paragon, Morgan, IN (living?);
        3) Patricia Ann Harris - living?; 
                Patricia married (1) Danny Clark Inman on 14 Sep 1979 Noblesville, Hamilton, IN (living?);
                     1) Elizabeth Renea Inman - living?; 
                               married Shawn Christopher Simmons on 06 Mar 1999 Noblesville, Hamilton, IN (living?);
                                    1) Hannah Renea Simmons - living?; married?; children?
                                    2) Lydia Chrystine Simmons - living?; married?; children?
                                    3) Joel Christopher Simmons - living?; married?; children? 
                     2) Daniel Charles Inman - living?; married?; children?
                Patricia married (2) Van P Marsh (living?); divorced; 
                     3) LaDonna Kaye - living?; 
                               LaDonna married (1) Scott Bratton (living?);
                                    1) Jessica Bratton - living?; married?; children? 
                               LaDonna married (2) Carl Coleman (living?); children
        4) Ronald D Harris - living?; 
                married Becky Marie Hancock on 13 Nov 1965 Indianapolis, Marion, IN (living?);
                      1) Melissa Ann Harris - living?; 
                               married Rick Joseph Carter on 20 Apr 1991 Indianapolis, Marion, IN (living?);
                                    1) Karl Joseph Carter - living?; married?; children?
                                    2) Briana Jane Carter - living?; married?; children?
                                    3) Redgley Carter - living?; married?; children?
                      2) Ronald Charles Harris - living?; married?; children? 
    William married (2) Bertha Jean Dunn on 23 Feb 1990 Daviess Co, IN
               (born 20 May 1927 Pike Co, IN; 
               died 04 Feb 2009 Washington, Daviess, IN; obituary
               buried Sugarland Memory Garden, Washington, Daviess Co, IN; tombstone photo
               daughter of Frank Andrew Dunn and Ada Armeta Dixon);
    marriage records for William and Bertha
        5) Debra Lynn Harris -  living?; never married; no children
        6) Rebecca Ann Harris - born 12 Feb 1962 Washington, Daviess, IN;
                died 08 Jan 2011 Washington, Daviess, IN; obituary;
                buried Sugarland Memory Garden, Washington, Daviess Co, IN - unmarked in 2013;
                Rebecca married (1) Donald Lee Eller (born 09 Jul 1957 Monroe Co, IN 
                          died 06 Aug 2007 Washington, Daviess, IN; obituary
                          buried Sugarland Memory Garden, Washington, Daviess Co, IN; grave marker
                          U.S. Army; son of Donald Cleo Eller and Wilma Milligan)
                      1) Pike Bo Duke Eller - living?; 
                               married Autumn Brandy Jean Hatton (living?)
                                     1) Alexus Jean Kendall Lynn Eller - living?; married?; children? 
                Rebecca married (2) Rick Whitehead (living?)
                      2) Jerrett Daniel Whitehead - living?; 
                               married Nicolle Walls (living?)
                                     1) Kendyll Lynn Whitehead - living?; married?; children?
                      3) Emmalee Henderson Whitehead - living?; married?; children? 
        7) Armetia Sue Harris - living?; 
                Armetia married (1) Steve Eller (living?)
                      1) Ashley Brooke Armetia Eller - living?; married?; children? 
                Armetia married (2) Daniel Ray Russell (living?);
                      2) Britney Renee Russell - living?; 
                               married Bryan Robert Folsom Sr (living?)
                                     1) Bryan Robert Daniel Folsom - living?; married?; children?
                      3) Shaina Danielle Georgette Russell - living?; married?; children?