Winfred Glenn Shutters


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1) Winfred Glenn Shutters
         born 19 Oct 1895 Franklin, Johnson, IN; photos including Glenn; news article listing Winfred Glenn;
         died 26 Apr 1959 Franklin, Johnson, IN; obituary
         buried 2nd Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Needham Twp, Johnson, IN; tombstone photo
          U.S. Army Air Corps - WWII; WWI draft registration card


          Winfred married (1) Laura Viola Jones*
 (born Apr 1897 IN; photos including Laura;
                         died (___);   
                         daughter of John Lewis Jones (01 Jan 1845 KY-16 May 1928 Johnson Co, IN) 
                         and Sarah Elizabeth Lassiter (08 Apr 1858 Forsyth Co, NC-20 Apr 1922 Johnson Co, IN);
                         John and Sarah buried Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, Johnson, IN; tombstone photo
                         on 08 Jun 1922 Marion Co, IN, Laura married (2) Robert Roy Curry)
          likely divorced;  

                           * On 19 Apr 1913 in Johnson Co, IN Glenn Shutters applied for a marriage license to Laura Viola Jones (born 1897; daughter of John L Jones and Sarah Elizabeth Lassiter); both Glenn and Viola had consent from their parents, but the license is marked in large red print "not issued".  In the 1930 Federal census, Cecil is enumerated with Laura and her husband Roy Curry.  Cecil is listed as Roy's step-son. We believe Glenn and Laura either did marry, and were later divorced or were never married or married in a place other than where the license was issued.  

                 1) Cecil Wendell Shutters - born 18 Oct 1915 Johnson Co, IN; photos including Cecil;
                             died 25 Jul 1984 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; obituary;
                             buried St Mary's Cemetery, Greensburg, Decatur, IN; tombstone photo
                             Cecil is mentioned in his step-mother's estate papers
                             married Florence Lucille "Lucy" Whalen on 21 Jun 1938 
                                      (born 30 Dec 1918 Mooresville, Morgan, IN; photos including Lucille;
                                      died 11 May 1991 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; obituary
                                      buried St Mary's Cemetery, Greensburg, Decatur, IN; tombstone photo
                                      daughter of Richard R Whalen (born c. 1893 IN) and Florence L Slick (born c. 1898 IN; photos of Florence))
                             news articles listing Cecil and familydirectory listing for Cecil;
                                          1) Richard Glenn "Dick" Shutters - born 12 Feb, 1939 Beech Grove, Marion, IN; birth certificate;
died 05 Sep 2016 likely FL; obituary; cremated;
                                                       U.S. Army; photos including Dickcensus records;  
                                                       married Ruth D Westerberg on 14 May 1960 Marion Co, IN (living?);
                                                       marriage record for Richard and Ruth;
                                                            1) Richard "Rick" Shutters - living?; 
                                                                     married Karla ____ (living?)
                                                                         1) Kourtney Shutters - living?; married?; children? 
                                                                         2) Karrie Shutters - living?; married?; children? 
                                                                         3) Kelsey Shutters - living?; married?; children? 
                                                                         4) Kraig Shutters - living?; married?; children?
                                                            2) Peter G Shutters - living?; 
                                                                     married Carol Mann (living?)
                                                                         1) Wesley Shutters - living?; married?; children? 
                                                                         2) Seth Shutters - living?; married?; children? 
                                                            3) Kimberly Ann Shutters - born 21 Aug 1961; 
                                                                     died 2004 probably FL; 
                                                                     buried Highland Memorial Park, Ocala, Marion, FL; tombstone photo;
                                                                     married Timothy Michael "Tim" Feehley 
                                                                                 (born 11 Feb 1956 El Paso Co, TX; 
                                                                                 died 08 Jun 1998 El Paso Co, TX; obituary;
                                                                                 buried Evergreen East Cemetery, El Paso, El Paso, TX; tombstone photo;
                                                                                 son of Michael Frederick Feehley and Anne Mary Guttenberger)
                                                                     divorced 30 Nov 1990 El Paso Co, TX;  
                                                                         1) Justin M Feehley - living?; married?; children? 
                                                                         2) Kyle Richard Feehley - living?; married?;  children? 
                                                                         3) Autumn Dawn Feehley - living?; married?; 
                                                                                     1) Alexia ____ - living?; married?; children?  
                                                            4) Patrick K Shutters -  living?; 
                                                                     married Gina ____ (living?)
                                                                         1) Kendall Shutters - living?; married Dillon Johnson (living?)
                                                                                        1) Ellen Johnson - living?; married?;  children? 
                                                                         2) Katy Shutters - living?; married?; children? 
                                                                         3) Molly Shutters - living?; married?; children?   
                                              2) Linda Shutters - living?; photos including Linda;
                                                       Linda married (1) Dan Wonn (living?)
                                                            1) Andy Wonn - living?; married Becky ____ (living?)
                                                                         1) Aubrey Wonn - living?; married?; children? 
                                                                         2) Blake Wonn - living?; married?; children?  
                                                            2) Jennifer Jill Wonn
                                                                   born 12 Dec 1961 Shelbyville, Shelby, IN; 
                                                                   died 14 Jul 2007 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; obituary
                                                                   cremated - ashes scattered; 
                                                                   married Gene Loomis 18 Apr 1987 Marion Co, IN (living?)
                                                                   no children  
                                                       Linda married (2) Roger Williams (born (___); died 2004)
                                              3) Michael Robert "Mike" Shutters - born 06 Dec 1942 Beech Grove, Marion, IN;
                                                       died 30 Sep 201
6; obituary - includes photo;  
                                                       U.S. Air Force; photos including MikeHigh School yearbook entry;  
                                                       Michael married (1) unknown (living?)
                                                       divorced by Feb 1970;
                                                       Michael married (2) Judith Ann Ross on 06 Feb 1970 Marion Co, IN (living?)
                                                       marriage record for Michael and Judith;
                                                            1) Michael V Shutters - living?; 
                                                                   married Julie ____  (living?)
                                                                       1) Alec Shutters -  living?; married?; children?    
                                                                       2) Madison Shutters -  living?; married?; children? 
                                                                       3) Alexandra Shutters -  living?; married?; children?
                                                            2) Kimberly Shutters -  living?; married?; 
                                                                       1) Andrew Glickstein -  living?; married?; children? 
                                                       divorced 19 Apr 1984 Duval Co, FL; divorce record;
                                                       Mike married (3) Mary Reiner c. 1985 (living?)
                                                            3) Gregory Shutters -  living?; married?; children? 
                                                            4) Brian Shutters -  living?; married?; children?                                                        
                                              4) Thomas William "Tom" Shutters
                                                       born 19 Feb 1945 Greensburg, Decatur, IN; photos including Tom
                                                       died 09 Jun 2007 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; cremated; 
                                                       obituary - includes photo; cause of death: stroke; 
                                                       married Barbara Jean Hess (living?)
                                                       divorced 17 Nov 1993; 
                                                            1) Amy Christine Shutters - living?; 
                                                                    married Chuck Allen Beasley (living?)
                                                                        1) Haylee Rose Beasley - living?; married?; children?  
                                                                        2) Jeremy Beasley - living?; married?; children?  
                                                                        3) Savannah Whitney Beasley
                                                                                 born 07 Sep 2001; died 13 Sep 2001; obituary;
                                                                                 buried Hamilton Memorial Park, Noblesville, Hamilton, IN; tombstone photo 
                                                                        4) Tanner Jordan Beasley - living?; married?; children?  
                                                            2) Timothy Lee Shutters - living?; 
                                                                    married Ann Condre (living?)
                                                                        1) Claire Shutters - living?; married?; children?  
                                                                        2) Sarah Shutters - living?; married?; children?  
                                              5) Patrick Alan Shutters - born 03 Dec 1946 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; 
                                                        photos including Patrick
                                                        died 15 Mar 1968 near Saigon, Vietnam;
                                                        news article/obituarycasualty list and Vietnam Memorial photo;
                                                        buried St Mary's Cemetery, Greensburg, Decatur, IN; tombstone photo
                                                        U.S. Army - Vietnam;
                                                        married Rebecca ____ (living?; married (2) Dan Barker)
                                                            1) Michael P "Mickey" Shutters - living?; 
                                                                         1) Daniel Scott Preuss (mother is Susan Preuss) - 
living?; married?; children?  
                                                                    Michael married Laurie Hobbs (living?)
                                                                         2) Ellis Shutters - living?; married?; children? 
                                              6) Phillip Shutters - living?; photo including Phil
                                                      married Janet ____ (living?); children? 
                                              7) Terry Shutters - living?; photo including Terry
                                                      Terry married (1) Pam ____ (living?)
                                                           1) Tammy Shutters - living?; 
                                                                   married Mark Alofs (living?)
                                                                       1) Reese Alofs - living?; married?; children? 
                                                                       2) Lexi Alofs - living?; married?; children?     
                                                      Terry married (2) Harriet ____ (living?);  children? 
                                              8) Annette Shutters - living?; photo including Annette
                                                       married Dennis Sweat (living?); children?
                                              9) Jerry Shutters - living?; photo including Jerry;  
                                                      married Barbara ____ (living?)
                                                           1) Matthew Shutters - living?; married?; children?  
                                                           2) Mitchell Shutters - living?; married?; children? 
                                            10) Kevin Shutters - living?; photo including Kevin
                                                      married Deborah Dahl (living?)
                                                           1) Cecilia Shutters - living?; married?; children?  
                                                           2) Kate Shutters - living?; married?; children? 

          Winfred married (2) Christena Jane Wild on 23 Sep 1922 Martinsville, Morgan, IN  
                                         (born 26 Jul 1897 Johnson Co, IN; photos including Christena
                                         died 16 Jun 1973 Franklin, Johnson, IN; obituary
                                         buried 2nd Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Needham Twp, Johnson, IN; tombstone photo;
                                         historical references to Wild familyestate papers;
                                         daughter of George W Wild (18 Apr 1859 IN-30 Jul 1942 Johnson Co, IN) and 
                                         Adda Etta Logan (10 Aug 1874 IN-03 May 1948 Johnson Co, IN); George and Adda buried
                                         2nd Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Needham Twp, Johnson, IN
- tombstone photo

                                         Christena married (1) to William F Henry in 1915 )
                                City Directory listings for Glenn and Christena;
                2) Frances L Shutters - born 12 Dec 1923 IN; photos including Frances;
                           died 10 Jul 2001 possibly Huntsville, Madison, AL - no obituary found in Madison Co, AL;  
                           Frances is mentioned in her mother's estate papers
                           married Robert Eugene Shank on 24 Aug 1947 
                                            (living?; photo including Robert; son of John A Shank)
                           news article regarding a bridal tea for Frances
                                1) Bobby Shank - living?; photo including Bobby; married?; children?
                                2) Cindy Shank - living?; photo including Cindy; married?; children?
                                3) Billy Shank - living?; photo including Billy; married?; c