We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful people 
that have so generously contributed to this website.
So many fellow researchers have stepped forward with family information, photos, 
and the necessary documents that help make this website interesting and informative.
Whether you have given us a few helpful dates, 
or provided us with innumerable family photos, we are grateful to you.

We have made so many great friends through the contacts listed below.
To this we say: "Thank you, and keep it coming!"

Valerie and Debra 


Andis research pioneers:

Cheska Wheatley:
    Cheska was incredibly giving and helpful to so many of us.  
She took many people under her wing and guided them through so many obstacles 
in Andis research.  With every new researcher that came along and asked the same questions, 
she answered as if it was the first time she'd been asked. 
More than one person can credit her with giving them the bug to dig deeper.  
We celebrate her spirit and generosity.  Wouldn't she love this?  

Norm Andis, Darien Andis, Richard Andis:
Their correspondences were so helpful in the early stages of researching Wilhelm and Matthias.

Lois (Andis) Bakewell:
Her published works assisted in the early stages of research with Wilhelm and Matthias.

Ned Bowman:
His "Billy Bowman Bugle" was a published newsletter that helped many of us take great strides in connecting Andis/Bowman families together.  He would be thrilled by this website.


Charlie Barnette - Washington County, VA cemetery photos, friendship and support

We know we have forgotten people, but rest assured that we appreciate everything you have done!

Bobbie Andis; Vicky Toborg:
     John A & Laura Belle (Ritchey) Andis line

Jack Andis; Lisa Hughes; Esther (Green) Zirk:
     James W and Lemanda Calvania (Wallace) Andis line

Nancy Jane (Andis) Aker:
     James and Nancy (Fleenor) Andis line

William Rexford Andis:
     Thomas C & Martha Emmaline (Packwood) Andis line; Thomas C & Rosa Belle (Phegley) Andis line

Karen Beidelman; Linda & Albert Canady; Ed Teague: 
James Harrison & Amanda Melvina (Bowman) Cannady line; James Harrison & Amanda (Gee) Cannady line

Dennis Boring; Judy & Gordon Fife; Gail Prewitt; William L Fielder:
     James Isaac & Clara Alice (Andis) Cannady line

Allen Bowman:
     Martin & Gennette (Girdley) Bowman line

Hal Bowman:
     William Howard & Margaret (Sims) Bowman line

Torri Brackens: 
     Wiley Parker & Mary Catherine (Raisner) Andis line

Aaron Brown, Margaret (Martindale) Trowbridge:
John William and Frances May (Killion) Andis line

Lindsay Clark: 
     James C & Elizabeth (Miller) Andis line

Arlena (Andis) Coffman; Kim Harper; William L Fielder: 
     Isaac & Martha Ella (Yount) Andis line... in particular, the Charles Elmer & Mary Magdeline (Ritcheson) Andis line

Kim Cone:
     Miles & Sarah Ida (Cannady) Anderson family

Sharon DeBolt, Margaret Morrison, Gary Reedy:
     Jacob Wilson & Nackey Ann (Manley) Bowman line

William Leon Fielder (and all the cousins he rounded up!):
     Isaac & Martha Ellen (Yount) Andis line... in particular, the William David & Mamie Ethel (Andis) Fielder line

Mike Fortner, Nancy (Hardwick) Howell: 
     John A & Isabella (Bough) Andis line... in particular (1) Eli Caswell & Mary "Meg" (Fortner) Andis (2) Elisha Ephraim "Eph" & Mary Tabitha (Andis) Fortner (3) Joseph & Elizabeth (Andis) Hardwick.  Mike also submitted fabulous Fortner photos. 

Lisa Galentine:
     Charles Washburn and Core E (Andis) Wahlquist line

Jacqueline (Girdley) Vickers: 
     Martin and Gennette (Girdley) Bowman line; Reason and Mary Jane (Bowman) Scott line

Jerry Gregory; Esther Mink:
     Thompson & Nancy (Andis) Mink line

Ralph Harris: 
John Henry & Susannah (Spalding) Harris line; John Henry & Martha (Andis) Harris line

Mark Hotle:
     Elvin Frank & Corda Mae (Andis) Hotle line

Nina (Andis) LaRue: 
John A & Isabella (Bough) Andis line... in particular (1) Isaac Delmar "Ike" & Mary Lucinda (Rowe) Andis (2) Thomas "Jerry" & Nancy Margaret (Andis) Waggoner (3) Eli Caswell & Mary Margaret "Meg" (Fortner) Andis (4) Ottie Way & Hannah Ada (Andis) Mitchell 

Jody Long:
     Peter & Surelda (Webster) Javine line

Shirley Head Mellons; Terra McDavid; Wanda Turner: 
Isaac B & Eleanor (Andis) Maness line; Williamson & Eleanor (Andis) Carter line 

Steve Mitchell:
     Ira Titus and Leslie Lyle (English) Andis line

Donna (Andis) Paddock: 
William & Elizabeth A (Langley) Andis line; William & Frances Ellen (Overstreet) Andis line

Shade Shutters:
All that is Shutters related!

Eldon Vickers; Donna Sargent:
Asher and Mary Catherine (Bowman) Vickers line

David Webster:
     James & Elizabeth Nancy (Bowman) Webster line