Bessie B Fleenor


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9) Bessie Bell Fleenor:
        born Sep 1891 VA; 
        died possibly 09 Feb 1968 Sullivan Co, TN;
        married Charles Franklin "Charlie" McCroskey 26 Aug 1909 Sullivan Co, TN
                 (born 11 Jun 1887 Craig's Mill, Washington, VA;
                 died 16 Apr 1971 Bristol, VA;
                 death certificate; cause of death: undertermined;
                 buried Mountain View Cemetery, Bristol, VA
                 WWI and WWII draft registration cards
                 son of Robert Craig McCroskey* (18 Jan 1860 VA-12 Dec 1899 VA) and
                 Margaret "Maggie" Rock  (09 Jun 1864 VA-16 Feb 1946 Washington Co, VA);
                 Maggie married (2) Elige L Owens* (04 Sep 1863 Washington Co, VA-16 Apr 1940) on
                 06 Mar 1901 Washington Co, VA - by John F Giles; Maggie and Elijah buried 
                 Fleenor Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery, Washington Co, VA - tombstone photo)
                        * Robert McCroskey is a brother of Andrew W I McCroskey, found here.  
                        * Elige L Owens is a brother of James W Owens, found here.           

      marriage record for Bessie and Charles;
           1) Ollie Mae McCroskey - born 25 Jun 1910 Bristol, VA; 
                    died 05 Jul 2006 Oregon, Lucas, OH; obituary; death record;
                    buried Lake Township Cemetery, Walbridge, Wood, OH; tombstone photo;
                    married Habron William Jessee c. 1926 VA
                             (born 1906 VA;
                             died 1951 Lake Township, Wood, OH ;
                             buried Lake Township Cemetery, Walbridge, Wood, OH; tombstone photo
                             son of Charles Habron Jessee (27 Aug 1875 Russell Co, VA-17 Dec 1918 possibly Russell Co, VA) and
                             Cora L Cantrell (24 Mar 1880 VA-07 Aug 1965 Bristol, Sullivan, TN))
                                 1) Hubert Franklin Jessee - born 28 Dec 1926 VA;  
                                            died 07 Aug 1979 Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, MI; obituarydeath record
                                            buried Lake Township Cemetery, Walbridge, Wood, OH; tombstone photo;
                                             U.S. Army - WWII; enlistment record
                                            married Mary Jakubec (living?; Mary married (2) ____ Boulis)
                                              1) Terrance "Terry" Jessee - living?; married Jeanie ____ (living?); children?
                                              2) Thomas Alan Jessee - born 16 Mar 1946 Toledo, Lucas, OH;
                                                        died 24 May 2004 East Toledo, Lucas, OH; obituary;
                                                        buried Lake Township Cemetery, Walbridge, Wood, OH; tombstone photo;
                                                         U.S. Army - Vietnam;
                                                              1) Jennifer Jessee - living?;
                                                                         Jennifer married (1) ____ Pecina (living?);
                                                                             1) Vince Pecina - living?; married; children? 
                                                                         Jennifer married (2) ____ Johnson (living?); children?                                                              
                                 2) Juanita Jessee - born 22 May 1929 Toledo, Lucas, OH; 
                                            died 13 Nov 2008 Lighthouse Point, Broward, FL; obituary;
                                            buried Lake Township Cemetery, Walbridge, Wood, OH - unmarked;
                                            married John Thomas Ballinger (born 15 Jan 1923; 
                                                        died 26 Aug 1994 Fort Lauderale, Broward, FL);
                                                1) Elizabeth Ballinger - living?; married ____ Milana (living?)
                                                              1) Michael Milana - living?; married; children? 
                                                2) Robert Ballinger  - living?; married; children? 
                                 3) Kenneth Vernon Jessee -  born 12 Sep 1939 Toledo, Lucas, OH;
                                              died 18 Mar 2014; obituary;
                                              buried Lake Township Cemetery, Walbridge, Wood, OH; tombstone photo;
                                              Kenneth married (1) _____ (living?)
                                              Kenneth married (2) Nancy J Bartok c. 1971
                                                      (born19 May 1950 Toledo, Lucas, OH;
                                                      died 20 Nov 1993 Oregon, Lucas, OH; obituary;
                                                      buried St. Ignatius Cemetery, Oregon, Lucas, OH; tombstone photo);
                                             divorced 23 Jan 1974 Lucas Co, OH; 
                                                 1) Scott Jessee - living?; married?; children?
                                                 2) Mike Jessee - living?; married?; children?
                                                 3) Vincent Jessee - living?; married?; children?
                                                 4) Juanita Jessee - living?; married ____ Roy (living?); children?
                                 4) Carolyn W Jessee - born 23 Nov 1940;
                                            died 30 Nov 2018 Perrysburg, OH; obituary - includes photo;
                                            buried Lake Township Cemetery, Walbridge, Wood, OH; tombstone photo (burial site);
                                            married Richard W Friess c. 1958 (living?)
                                                1) Tammy S Friess - living?; married?; children?  
                                                2) Toby A Friess - living?; married?; children?    
                                                3) Brittany Friess - living?; married Doug Stork (living?); children? 
                                 5) Sharon A Jessee - living?; 
                                            married James John "Rocky" Marquette
                                                       (born 02 Feb 1941 OH;
                                                       died 16 Jul 2006 Perrysburg, Wood, OH; obituary - includes photo;
                                                       cause of death: pancreatic and liver cancer;
                                                        U.S. Air Force);
                                           divorced 10 Jul 2002 Lucas Co, OH;
                                           no children 
                                 6) Vernon L Jessee - born 14 Apr 1947 Toledo, Lucas, OH; 
                                            died 14 Dec 1994 Oregon, Lucas, OH; obituary;
                                            buried Lake Township Cemetery, Walbridge, Wood, OH; tombstone photo;
                                            married Catheri T ____ c. 1969 (living?)
                                            divorced 15 Aug 1977 Lucas Co, OH;
                                                 1) Ginger Jessee - living?; married Scott Helmke (living?); children?
                     2) Paul Simon McCroskey - born 07 Apr 1912 Benhams, Washington, VA; 
                             died 01 Jun 1984 Knox Co, TN; 
                             married Lucy Francis Brown on 24 Dec 1938 Wallace, Washington, VA
                                            (living?; daughter of Wiley Brown and Lula Sexton);
                             marriage record for Paul and Lucy;
                     3) Coy Lee McCroskey - born 17 Apr 1914 Washington Co, VA;
                             died 02 Jul 1992 possibly Bristol, VA; 
                             buried Valley View Cemetery, Washington Co, VA; tombstone photo;
                             Coy married (1) Mildred Virginia White on 01 Apr 1938 Wallace, Washington, VA  
                                       (born 02 Jan 1919 Washington Co, VA; 
                                       died 27 Feb 2008 Abingdon, Washington, VA; obituary - includes photo
                                       buried Valley View Cemetery, Washington Co, VA; tombstone photo;
                                       daughter of Henry Paulson White* and Maude Melissa Harley*)
                             marriage record for Coy and Mildred;    

                                     * Henry and Maude can also be found here.
                                 1) Robert Allen "Bobby" McCroskey - living?; married?; children?    
                                 2) Carol Jeanette McCroskey - living?; 
                                         married Herbert Johnson on 17 Jul 1957 Buncombe Co, NC (living?);
                                         marriage record for Carol and Herbert;
                                 3) Judy McCroskey - living?; 
                                         married Edward D "Eddie" Montgomery (living?); children?      
                     4) Audrey Ellen McCroskey - born 26 Sep 1916 Washington Co, VA;
                             died 29 Feb 2008 Bristol, Sullivan, TN; obituary
                             buried Fleenor Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery, Washington Co, VA; tombstone photo
                             married William Thomas Pippin c. 1934  
                                       (born 19 Oct 1911 Washington Co, VA; 
                                       died 30 Apr 1999 Bristol, VA; 
                                       buried Fleenor Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery, Washington Co, VA; tombstone photo)
                                 1) Haynes Maynard Pippin - born 13 Feb 1936 likely Washington Co, VA;
                                        died 1941 likely Washington Co, VA; 
                                        buried Fleenor Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery, Washington Co, VA; tombstone photo
                                 2) Zelda A Pippin - living?; 
                                         married Lloyd W Hashbarger (living?);
                                             1) Jeffrey L Hashbarger - living?; married?; children?     
                                 3) Donna D Pippin - living?; 
                                         married James E Davis (living?)
                                             1) James Dean "Jamie" Davis - living?; 
                                                    married Stephanie Colston (living?); divorced;
                                                         1) Seth Davis - living?; married?; children?     
                                                         2) Chandler Davis - living?; married?; children?  
                                             2) Angela "Angie" Davis - living?; 
                                                    married Dale Sherman Cook (living?)
                                                         1) Ethan Cook - living?; married?; children?     
                                                         2) Jaden Cook - living?; married?; children?  
                                                         3) Ansley Cook - living?; married?; children?     
                                             3) Shawn Edward Davis - living?; 
                                                    married Shannon Lee Hall (living?; Shannon married (2) Frank Thomas Hall);
                                                         1) Kirstyn Ramey Davis - living?; married?; children?     
                                                         2) Kylie Raine Davis - living?; married?; children?     
                                                         3) Keegan Reanna Davis - living?; married?; children?                                 
                                 4) Patsy Pippin - living?; married?; children?    
                                 5) Peggy Pippin - living?; 
                                         married Ronnie Minnick (living?)
                                             1) Timmy Minnick - living?; married?; children?     
                                             2) Chad Minnick - living?; married?; children?    
                                 6) Daxtral Gene "Dack" Pippin - living?; 
                                         married Shirley Ann Kaylor* on 15 Sep 1972 Washington Co, VA  (living?)
                                         marriage record for Daxtral and Shirley;

                                        *  Shirley Ann Kaylor can also be found here, under (3) Robert Thurman Kaylor.

                                             1) Christi D'Ann Pippin - living?; 
                                                       Christi married (1) David Chadrick Hensley on 04 May 2002 Bristol, VA (living?);
                                                       marriage record for Christi and David;
                                                       divorced 13 Feb 2008 Bristol, VA; divorce record;  
                                                       Christi married (2) ____ Keller (living?);
                                                            1) Bryce Keller - living?; married?; children?
                     5) Betty V McCroskey - living?; 
                             married Harry Frank Gatton on 01 Aug 1945 Bristol, VA
                                        (born 26 Feb 1921 Toledo, Lucas, OH; 
                                         died 09 Aug 1992, Sylvania, Lucas, OH; obituary
                                         buried Lake Township Cemetery, Walbridge, Wood, OH; tombstone photo;
                                          U.S. Army Air Corps - WWII;
                                         son of George Gatton and Carrie Kimble);
                             marriage record for Betty and Harry
                                 1) Ronald L Gatton - living?;
                                            Ronald married (1) Theresa M ____ (living?);  
                                            divorced  29 Apr 1985 Lucas Co, OH;
                                            Ronald married (2) Lisa M Garris on 07 Oct 1989 Lucas Co, OH (living?)
                                            children: (We do not know if these are Theresa's or Lisa's chidren.)
                                                 1) Ronald L Jr Gatton - living?;
                                                          married Katheri A Lowe on 17 Sep 1993 Lucas Co, OH (living?);
                                                 2) Jonathan J Gatton - living?; married?; children? 
                                                 3) Jodi Ann Gatton - living?
                                                          married Mark A Wodarski on 28 May 1987 Lucas Co, OH (living?);
                                                 4) Hannah Gatton - living?; married?; children? 
                     6) Nora Emeline McCroskey - born 31 Aug 1921 Benhams, Washington, VA;
                             died 17 Dec 2005 Havre De Grace, Harford, MD; obituary - includes photo
                             buried Mountain View Cemetery, Bristol, VA; burial site;
                             Nora married (1) Claude T Booher on 08 Oct 1941 Abingdon, Washington, VA
                                       (born 1922 Washington Co, VA;
                                       died by Jul 1971;
                                        U.S. Army - WWII; enlistment record
                                       son of German Leslie Booher (02 Feb 1896 Washington Co, VA-19 Jul 1945 Appalachia, Wise, VA;
                                       death certificate; obituary; likely buried Mountain View Cemetery, Bristol, VA)
Mary Belle Mumpower (05 Oct 1895 Washington Co, VA-05 Jan 1990;
                                       buried Mountain View Cemetery, Bristol, VA; tombstone photo));
                             marriage record for Nora and Claude;
                                 1) Claudia M Booher - living?; married ____ Thomas (living?); children?
                             Nora married (2) Charles Warren Pippin* on 24 Jul 1971 Bristol, VA
                                      (born 09 Dec 1917 Bristol, VA; 
                                      died 28 Dec 2009 Bristol, Sullivan, TN; obituary)
                                      son of William Thornton Pippin (02 Feb 1863 Washington Co, VA-08 Feb 1947 Benhams, Washington, VA;
                                      death certificate)
and Lucy E Townsend (19 Apr 1881 Washington Co, VA-09 Jun 1973 Danville, VA; death certificate);
                                      William and Lucy buried buried Valley View Cemetery, Washington Co, VA; William's tombstone photo)
                             marriage record for Nora and Charles;
                             no children

                                             * Charles Warren Pippin is a brother of Almeda W Pippin, found here under (1) Lura Mae Andis.

                     7) Raymond McCroskey - born c. 1922 Washington Co, VA; 
                             died by 2005; married?; children?
                     8) Beulah Lee McCroskey - born 19 Feb 1926 Washington Co, VA; 
                             died 01 Sep 1988 Sullivan Co, TN; 
                             married Charles Warren Leonard on 24 Dec 1944 Bristol, VA  
                                       (born 08 Nov 1922 Washington Co, VA; 
                                       died 31 May 1994 Sullivan Co, TN;
                                       son of James Leonard and Ocie Shaffer)
                             marriage record for Beulah and Charles;
                     9) Clara Earnestine McCroskey - living?; 
                             married Darold Wayne Booher on 05 Jun 1948 Washington Co, VA  
                                      (born 17 Jun 1924 Benhams, Washington, VA; 
                                      died 11 Nov 2003 Bristol, Sullivan, TN; obituary
                                      buried Mountain View Cemetery, Bristol VA; tombstone photo;
                                      son of Robert Craig "Bob" Booher* (02 Oct 1899 VA-23 Aug 1967 possibly Bristol, Sullivan, TN) and
                                      Bonnie Ethel Worley* (08 Apr 1906 Benhams, Washington, VA-
                                      19 Jul 2001 Abingdon, Washington, VA; obituary; buried Mountain View Cemetery, Bristol, VA)
                             marriage record for Clara and Darold;

                              * Robert Craig Booher is a brother of Cleveland Booher, found here under (7) Lorane Clark.
                                      * Bonnie's father (Jesse Franklin Worley) can be found here under (1) Elizabeth Clark.

                                  1) Randy Booher - living?; married?; children?  
                                  2) Steven Craig Booher - living?;
                                            married Carolyn Elizabeth Greene on 18 Feb 1984 Washington Co, VA
                                                    (living?; daughter of Arbin Jerome Greene and Shirley Joyce Bevins);
                                            marriage record for Steven and Carolyn;
                                  3) Gregory Allen Booher - born 07 Oct 1953; 
                                             died 23 Jul 1999 Sullivan Co, TN; 
                                             buried Mountain View Cemetery, Bristol VA; tombstone photo
                                             never married
                   10) Minnie Bell McCroskey - born 23 Dec 1932 Bristol, VA; 
                             died 04 Jun 2005 Havre de Grace, Harford, MD; obituary - includes photo;
                             married Estin Franklin Mumpower
                                     (born 26 Jun 1930 Bristol, VA; birth record;
                                     died 26 Feb 2015 Belcamp, Harford, MD; obituary; death record
                                     buried Harford Memorial Gardens, Aberdeen, Harford, MD; tombstone photo;
                                     son of Ray Franklin Mumpower (03 Nov 1900 VA-29 Sep 1967 Bristol, VA; death certificate;
                                     buried Susong Cemetery, Bristol, VA)
                                     Evalee Agnes "Dolly" Shuttle (02 May 1902 VA-20 Nov 1990 Bristol, VA))
                                 1) Brian K Mumpower - living?; married Leslie Ann K ____ (living?);
                                                1) Rachel C Mumpower - living?; married?; children?
                                 2) Rhonda Sue Mumpower - born 14 Jun 1950 Bristol, VA; birth record;
                                           died 26 Sep 2009 Bristol, VA; death record;     
                                           married?; children?    
                                 3) Brenda Mumpower - living?; married ____ Worley (living?); children?    
                                 4) Teresa June Mumpower - living?; married Richard A Ruff (living?); children? 
                                 5) Michael Estin Mumpower - living?; married?; children? 
                                 6) David Ray or Rhea Mumpower - living?; married?; children?