By The Numbers


This website was created in 2004, but Debra and Valerie have been researching for decades.

Here are some interesting statistics about this website and our related research.


Number of individuals in our website index:  35,412

Documents and photos on this website:  28,900

Tombstone photos on this website:  8,977

States with largest number of burials: 
Indiana 3412; Virginia 1766

Cemeteries with the highest number of interments: 
Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, IN - 193
Riverview Cemetery, Seymour, IN - 151
Mountain View Cemetery, Bristol, VA - 189
Burns City Cemetery, Burns City, IN - 122


Research trips Debra and Valerie have taken in regard to this website:

Indiana and Illinois - 7 Valerie 
Minnesota (Todd County only) - 1 Valerie
Oklahoma and Kansas - 5 Valerie
Oklahoma (Tulsa only) - 1 Valerie
 Virginia (Washington County, Richmond, Roanoke) - 1 Debra and Valerie together
Virginia (Washington County) - 2 Debra alone
Virginia (Virginia State Library, Richmond) - 10+ Debra
National Archives/DAR Library, Washington D.C. - 3 Valerie; 3 Debra
Family History Center, Salt Lake City, Utah - 7 Valerie
Family History Center, Mesa, Arizona - countless Valerie
Maryland (Frederick area) - 2 Valerie