Cemeteries: Illinois (Bond County - Lawrence County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
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(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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Illinois  (Christian County - Lawrence County)


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Bond County, IL: Montrose Cemetery (2)

Arthur A BISHOP *
Ruby Josephine (Dawson) BISHOP *

Champaign County, IL: Fairfield Cemetery (1)

Mary Kathryn (Griffith) BOVINE *

Christian County, IL: Buckhart Cemetery (1)

Harry Avery CAIN (unmarked as of 2015)

Christian County, IL: Linwood Cemetery, Pana (1)

Bobby Orin LANGLEY * 

Christian County, IL: Milligan Cemetery, Mt Auburn (7)

Edward Lee ANDIS *
George Henry ANDIS *
George Henry Jr ANDIS *
Golden Ruth (Powers) ANDIS *
Henry Frederick ANDIS *
Ruby Jane ANDIS *

Christian County, IL: Mound Cemetery, Pana (4)

Dorothy Jane (Langley) EKISS * 
Jessie E (Bafford) LANGLEY *
Wayne Lester EKISS * 

Christian County, IL: Mt Auburn Cemetery, Mt Auburn (7)

George Washington REED * 
Geraldine Hester (Andis) FINKS *

Jessie Opal (Andis) PRIOR *
Lawrence E "Pee Wee" PRIOR 
Nancy Jane (Cook) REED
Richard William ANDIS  
Virgil Lee Sr PRIOR *

Christian County, IL: Oak Hill Cemetery, Taylorville (1)

Leroy Ralph ANDIS (unmarked as of 2022)

Christian County, IL: Thomas Anderson Cemetery, Palmer (2)

Iva Rosetta (McConnell) DURBIN *
Sylvester Marion DURBIN *

Clark County, IL: Black Cemetery, Marshall (3)

Elizabeth Ann (Richey) ROBERTS *
Gregory E ROBERTS *

Gregory Ernest ROBERTS *
Larry Ernest ROBERTS *

Clark County, IL: Dunlap Cemetery, Dennison (7)

Bessie (Persinger) MASON *
Brice Odell COOK *
Cecile (Harrington) HEYEN *
Delmar HEYEN *
Frederick HEYEN *
Gladys Irene (Bedford) HEYEN * 
Linzy Leisure MASON *

Clark County, IL: Island Grove Cemetery, Martinsville (1)

Virgil Andrew LOSIER * 

Clark County, IL: Marshall Cemetery, Marshall (1)

Ephraim BEASLEY * 

Clark County, IL: Shad Cemetery, Anderson Twp (2)
(a.k.a. Shotts Cemetery or Siverly Cemetery)

Moses CLOUSE *
Pina Ann (Plunkett) CLOUSE *

Clark County, IL: Ziegler Cemetery, Marshall (1)

Esau BEASLEY (no evidence of any marker in 2021)

Clay County, IL: Keen's Chapel Cemetery, Iola (10)

Christena "Teeny" (Andis) SHAW *
Edith Mary LONG *
Edward Thomas LONG *
Eliza Cathern (Clark) COX *
Jesse Edward LONG *
Mary Maggie (Bedford) LONG *

Melvin Ray COX *
Oliver Henry David LONG *
Sylvester SHAW (unmarked as of 2022)
Timothy Fenimore COX *

Clay County, IL: Littleton Cemetery (2)

Catherine (Casebear) SHAW
Warren SHAW  

Clay County, IL: Old Union Cemetery, Louisville (1)

John OOTON * 

Clay County, IL: Oskaloosa Cemetery, Oskaloosa (1)

Archimedes R SMITH *

Clay County, IL: unknown cemetery, Edgewood (1)

Virginia Agnes BEDFORD (cannot find as of 2015)

Coles County, IL: Dodge Grove Cemetery, Mattoon (1)

Robert Vernon CAIN 

Coles County, IL: Mound Cemetery, Charleston (2)

Mary Bell "Mamie" (Sponsler) CAIN (unmarked as of 2015)
Robert Stanley CAIN *

Coles County, IL: Roselawn-Mound Cemetery, Charleston (7)

Michael COSSEL *
Solomon COSSEL *
Harry Alfred WHITESEL * 
Ida (Newby) WHITESEL * 
Nancy (___) COSSELL *
Pauline (Webster) WHITESEL *

Coles County, IL: Salem Cemetery (2)

Nancy (Cossel) MARTIN *
William B MARTIN * 

Cook County, IL: Bethania Cemetery, Justice (2)

Gustave Adoplph OEHLER *
Martha W (Dunner) OEHLER * 

Cook County, IL: Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Park (2)

Henry Paris SIPES *
Jennie Alice (Coventry) SIPES *

Cook County, IL: Lakewood Memorial Park, Elgin (4)

Carol Dorothea (Oehler) KNIZEK *
Frank Robert KNIZEK *
Mildred Irene (Anderson) OEHLER *
Richard Karl OEHLER *

Cook County, IL: Oakwood Cemetery, Chicago (1)

Jeremiah SKAGGS *

Cook County, IL: Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago (3)

Clifford Eugene SWITZER * 
Clifford Eugene SWITZER *
Elizabeth B (Leaton) SWITZER *

Crawford County, IL: Good Hope Cemetery, Flat Rock (2)

James Milton RASH *
Mary (Tevis) RASH * 

Crawford County, IL: Prairie Grove Cemetery, Dogwood (1)

unnamed male ANDIS *

Cumberland County, IL: Drummond Cemetery, Neoga (1)

Nathan Albert CAIN *

Douglas County, IL: Cartwright Cemetery, Tuscola (2)

Mary Elizabeth (Foster) STEVENSON *
Thomas Henry STEVENSON * 

Douglas County, IL: Fairfield Cemetery, Newman (6)

Andrew Smith MAXWELL *
Callie L (Stevenson) GRIFFITH *
Ella Viola (Wood) MAXWELL *
Glenn Julius GRIFFITH *
Mary Kathryn "Kay" (Griffith) BOVINE *

Pearl Benjamin GRIFFITH *

Douglas County, IL: Jordan Cemetery, Fairfield (3)

Cecile Viola (Maxwell) GRIFFITH *
Lawrence Stanley GRIFFITH *
unnamed infant male GRIFFITH (son of Lawrence Stanley Griffith and Cecile Viola (Maxwell) Griffith) *

Douglas County, IL: Newman Cemetery, Newman (2)

Carl Wilbur AYERS *
Orpha Estell (Turbeyville) AYERS *

DuPage County, IL: Elm Lawn Cemetery, Elmhurst (1)


Edgar County, IL: Edgar Cemetery, Paris (1)

Francis Leon GOSNELL * 

Edwards County, IL: Marion Cemetery, Bennington (1)

Forest Holden WOODRUFF *

Fayette County, IL: Crum's Chapel Cemetery (1)

Lillie Mae (Ingrum) CRUM * 

Fayette County, IL: Independencel Cemetery, Ramsey (2)

Ivy Ione (McFarland) HALL * 
James Monroe HALL *

Fayette County, IL: Ramsey Cemetery, Ramsey (1)

Earl Elsworth BEDFORD *

Fayette County, IL: Ritter Cemetery, Vandalia (1)

William Russell McFARLAND *

Fayette County, IL: Sharon Cemetery, Ramsey (13)

Alyce Cathern Marie (Cox) TROXEL *
Dorothy Marie (Brooks) McFARLAND *
Gary Levi McFARLAND *
Ina Grace (Ooton) McFARLAND * 
Iva Alice TROXEL *
Jerry David "Poppy" McFARLAND *

Melvin G McFARLAND *
Melvin G Jr McFARLAND * 
unnamed McFARLAND (infant twin of William Levi McFarland and Clara Bell Bishop) *
unnamed McFARLAND (infant twin of William Levi McFarland and Clara Bell Bishop)
William Levi "Pat" McFARLAND *
William Patrick McFARLAND *

Woodrow TROXEL *

Fayette County, IL: St Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Ramsey (4)

Charles Edward OTTO *
Charles Henry OTTO *
Laura Rosanna (Durbin) OTTO *
Virginia Francis Marie (McFarland) OTTO *

Fayette County, IL: unknown cemetery, Vandalia (1)

Beulah Elsie (Ooton) McFARLAND (cannot find as of 2015)

Fulton County, IL: Oak Hill Cemetery, Lewistown (1)

Linda Jo (McFarland) DUNCAN * 

Greene County, IL: White Hall Cemetery, White Hall (2)

Frederick H WHITE *
Nellie M (Castleberry) WHITE *

Hamilton County, IL: IOOF Cemetery, McLeansboro (2)

Joseph H STAGG *
Wanda (Biggerstaff) STAGG *

Iroquois County, IL: Floral Hill Cemetery (2)

Anna Elizabeth (Baum) BOARDMAN *
Herbert Vinson BOARDMAN *

Iroquois County, IL: Saint Marys Cemetery, Beaverville (1)

Rosella (Francouer) CURBY * 

Iroquois County, IL: Sugar Creek Cemetery, Stockland (2)

Charles M RHANOR *
Mary Louise (Highland) RHANOR *

Jasper County, IL: Plainfield Cemetery, Rose Hill (2)

Leland Edward KEACH *
Wanda L (Fear) KEACH *

Jefferson County, IL: East Salem Cemetery (1)

John Esaw BEASLEY (unmarked as of 2022)

Jefferson County, IL: Oakwood Cemetery, Mt Vernon (1)

Callie MADDOX * 

Kendall County, IL: Lincoln Memorial Park, Kankakee (4)

Edward W SECOR *
George King DETZLER * 
Marjorie (Hibbard) SECOR *

Maureen F (Wray) DETZLER * 

Knox County, IL: Trenton Cemetery (1)

James Earl LASSWELL * 

Lake County, IL: Lake Mound Cemetery, Zion (2)

Henrietta Marie (Stocker) BROOKS *
Ross R BROOKS * 

Lake County, IL: Wauconda Cemetery, Wauconda (1)

Carl Ferdinand Martin TIETZ *

LaSalle County, IL: Leland Cemetery, Leland (1)

Thomas Luther FARRIS * 

LaSalle County, IL: Little Indian Creek Cemetery, Leland (1)

James E LONG * 

Lawrence County, IL: Billett Cemetery, Billett (3)

Anna Jane (Harris) MITCHELL * 
Francis Marion MITCHELL * 
  Levi Jackson MITCHELL * 

Lawrence County, IL: Lawrenceville Cemetery, Lawrenceville (4)

Dixie (Kirkpatrick) HARRIS * 
Elvet Harold "Butch" HARRIS * 
Grover Cleveland WAGNER *
Hattie Jane (Richmond) WAGNER *

Lawrence County, IL: Pisgah Cemetery, Bridgeport (1)

Eugene I Buchanan * 

Lawrence County, IL: Pollard Cemetery (2)

Charles E McCARTY *
Sallie (Organ) McCARTY * 



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