Cemeteries: Indiana (Howard County - Huntington County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
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Indiana   (Howard County - Huntington County)


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Howard County, IN: Albright Cemetery (1)

Lou Emma (Hite) KNIGHT *

Howard County, IN: Alto Cemetery, Alto (1)

Emily "Emma" (Guire) SHUTTERS (unmarked as of 2022)

Howard County, IN: Crown Point Cemetery, Kokomo (55)

Adolphus BATTIE *
Alva Clifton "Cliff" PIERCE *
Alvah O SHUTTERS (unmarked as of 2022) 
Amanda E (Davis) PIERCE *
Amanda E (Spicer) Shutters (unmarked as of 2022)
Annie M (Havens) LONG
Bert V WISE *
Carol Rita COWELL *

Clara (McGee) SHUTTERS *  
Clayton Roderick COWELL
David M CLEM *
Desta Ethel (Shutters) WISE *
Elizabeth Margaret (Shutters) PIERCE *
Etta Mae (Wright) PIERCE
Frank L ROSWELL (unmarked as of 2022)  
Garry DeSoto SHUTTERS *
Geneva A (Battie) MOORE *
Gertrude S (Pierce) BATTIE *  
Hazel B PIERCE *
Helyn F (Thomas) BATTIE *
Henry Y WOOTEN *
Hiram H LINES *
James Morris SHUTTERS *
Jefferson Frank "Sheffey/Sheffa/Shep" (Rev) SHUTTERS *
Jesse GUIRE *
Jesse MYERS *
Judith Claudette SHUTTERS *  
Katherine (Kinsley) COWELL *
Kenneth Adolphus BATTIE *
Laura Ann (Wooley) PIERCE *
Laura Ethel (Rodefer) SHUTTERS
Lora Benjamin SHUTTERS *
Mabel Alice (Long) SHUTTERS *
Malissa M "Lizzie" (Wooten) SHUTTERS *
Mamie E (___) HANCE
Marshall E SHUTTERS * 
Mary (Washington) GUIRE *
Matthias SHUTTERS *
Matthias Washington SHUTTERS *
Maude Belle (Shutters) LINES *
Nancy (Shutters) Myers, CLEM *
Nancy (Thomas) SHUTTERS
Patty Lou SHUTTERS *
Rachel (McCracken) WOOTEN *
Richard Edward SHUTTERS *
Robert Lee HORN * 
Samuel Case MOORE (mausoleum)
Sarah E (Shutters) Shutters, ROSWELL (unmarked as of 2022)  
unknown SHUTTERS (child of Jefferson Frank and Malissa M (Wooten) Shutters) - unmarked as of 2022
William David PIERCE *
William Howard PIERCE *

Howard County, IN: Friends Cemetery, New London (2)

Ettis Henry KIRKENDALL *
Edna (Moulder) KIRKENDALL *

Howard County, IN: Greenlawn Cemetery, Greentown (2)

Robert T SMITH *
Vivian Melba Dean (Penley) SMITH *

Howard County, IN: Memorial Park Cemetery, Kokomo (4)

Howard A SHAW *
Louie Alice (Creason) SHUTTERS
Pearl (Logan) SHAW *
Stoy Otho SHUTTERS *

Howard County, IN: New Hope Cemetery, Phlox (3)

Frank Loral MOORMAN *
Iva (Overman) MOORMAN *
Lee Eugene MOORMAN * 

Howard County, IN: Russiaville Cemetery, Russiaville (2)

Clara Lillian (Ratcliff) KIRKENDALL *
Robert V "Chop" KIRKENDALL *

Howard County, IN: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Kokomo (12)

Audia A (Wise) WERBE *
Clarence Rebman WERBE *

Earl Ervin SHUTTERS *
Frances M RATCLIFF * 
George Franklin PRUETT * 
Jean Eva (Woodward) McMANAMA *
Marjorie Ann (Shutters) SALSBERY

Mary L (Shaw) SHUTTERS *
Oma Mae (Shutters) RATCLIFF *
Rebecca Anna (Fields) PRUETT *
Roy Omer RATCLIFF * 
William Ray "Bill" McMANAMA *

Huntington County, IN: Mt Etna Cemetery, Huntington (2)

Frank Marion STEPHENS
Minnie (Botkin) STEPHENS

Huntington County, IN: Gardens of Memory, Huntington (7)

Arnold Vernon TAYLOR *
Dorothy May (Woods) KISTLER *
Evelyn Gerturde (Schearer) TAYLOR *
Patsy Lee (Taylor) CROWELL *  
Raymond Vern KISTLER *
Russell KISTLER *
Velma Marie (Higgs) KISTLER *

Huntington County, IN: Lancaster Cemetery, Lancaster (2) 

Mary Opal (Speece) RICHARDSON *
William Everett RICHARDSON *

Huntington County, IN: Red Men Cemetery, Warren (3)

Dollie Marie (Cloud) SMITH *
Ethan J CLOUD *
Lucy Frances (James) CLOUD *


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