Cemeteries: Indiana (Shelby County - Starke County) 


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
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 Indiana   (Shelby County - St Joseph County)


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Shelby County, IN: Asbury Cemetery, Morristown (5)

Alfred N ARNOLD *
Arthur Elmo ANDIS * 
Cinderella (Young) SNYDER *

Helen Fay (Price) ANDIS *
Nancy Jane (Meyer) ARNOLD *

Shelby County, IN: Bennett Cemetery, Rays Crossing (1)

Evelyn Waneta (Russell) SHEPPARD * 

Shelby County, IN: Blue River Chapel Cemetery, Marion (1)

Thomas B SNYDER * 

Shelby County, IN: Boggstown Cemetery, Boggstown (3)

Dora A (Bradley) SWANGO *
Grace M (German) ANDIS *
Jesse Howard ANDIS *

Shelby County, IN: Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville (21)

Amelia (Purvis) KIRBY *
Annie Ellen (Dixon) HARMON *
Bobbie Duane ANDIS *
Clarence Fay KIRBY *

Elizabeth Anne "Lizzie" (Harmon) ANDIS *
Emma V (Reese) GLESSNER (no marker found in 2010) 
Ernest Junior RICHARDSON *
Flora Marie (Collora) KIRBY *
Franklin GLESSNER (no marker found in 2010) 
Fred Wesley IVIE *
Glen Dale ANDIS * 
Henry Jackson HARMON *

Herbert Howard ANDIS *
Jimmie Dean RICHARDSON *

Janet Sue (Andis) RICHARDSON *
Kathleen Ermadell (Towns) IVIE *
Kenneth Garnet PIKE *
Mary Louise (Broaddus) DORTON (unmarked - per cemetery records)
Steven Dale PIKE *

Steven Joe ANDIS *
William J KIRBY *

Shelby County, IN: Miller Cemetery, Shelbyville (2)

Dorothy Marie (Harris) MATTHEW *
Paul Richard MATTHEW

Shelby County, IN: Van Pelt (aka Ogden) Cemetery, Waldron (3)

Jennie Lynn RICHARDSON * 
Reba Louisa (Rush) HAMMOND *

Spencer County, IN: Shiloh Cemetery, Rockport (1)

Bettye Aliene (Payton) PARTRIDGE * 

St Joseph County, IN: Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, Osceola (15)

August Clayton SNYDER * 
Charles Oscar SALKELD *
Donald Leroy SNYDER *
Dorothy Irene (Meehan) MICHAEL * 
George A CLARK *
Gerald J MICHAEL *
Georgia Pearl (Harris) SNYDER
Joyce Colleen (Walker) SUSAN *
Karen Alvena (Browning) HARRIS * 
Kimlee (Snyder) DUERKSEN *
Oceanius Legrand SNYDER
Ralph Joseph "Joe" SUSAN (per cemetery office, this is unmarked)
Richard P GEER *
Thelma Etta (Powell) SNYDER *
Walter Ray HARRIS

St Joseph County, IN: Fairview Cemetery, Mishawaka (10)

Alberta A (____) FARR * 
Benjamin Harrison WRAY *
Carolina (Nail) MEEHAN *
Daniel Andrew MEEHAN * 
Florence Jane (Brown) WRAY
Frank William FARR * (memorial here, but buried in Japan)
James Arthur MEEHAN *
John Thomas MEEHAN *
Lawrence Willard HAIRELL *
Ruth Myrtle (McGowan) MEEHAN *

St Joseph County, IN: Highland Cemetery, South Bend (2)

Alice (McIntee) WRAY *
Carl E WRAY * 

St Joseph County, IN: Mt Pleasant Cemetery (3)

Betty Lou (Fugate) HARRIS *
Hazel Viola (Snow) FUGATE *
William A FUGATE *

St Joseph County, IN: Porter Cemetery, South Bend (2)

Edgar Eugene HARRIS *
Ronald Lee HARRIS *

St Joseph County, IN: Riverview Cemetery, South Bend (6)

Alfred J DANCH *
Mary Elizabeth (Sipes) TUCKER
Robert Leon HARRIS *
Roland Joseph TUCKER

Susan Mae (Danch) HARRIS * 
Vera P (Holmes) DANCH *

St Joseph County, IN: Southlawn Cemetery, South Bend (4)

Frederick John MARSHALL *
Mary Jane (Vilt) SUSAN *

Peggy Lee (Harris) MARSHALL *
Ralph J SUSAN *

St Joseph County, IN: St Joseph Valley Memorial Park, Granger (3)

Ralph Milton KLISE * 
Ruby (Sibbitt) MARVIN *
Tull Sullivan MARVIN * 

St Joseph County, IN: Sumption Prairie Cemetery, South Bend (4)

Alton Harvey HARRIS *
Cecil Elva (Miller) HARRIS * 
Grace Alice (Brockelsby) HARRIS * 
William Norvel HARRIS *

St Joseph County, IN: Westlawn Cemetery, North Liberty (6)

Darla (Bridgewater) CAMPION *
Donna Jean (Harris) HARBAUGH *
Mary Helen (Harris) BRIDGEWATER * 

William Woodrow BRIDGEWATER *

Starke County, IN: Highland Cemetery, North Judson (1)

William Harrison THOMPSON *

Starke County, IN: Round Lake Cemetery, Knox (2)

Dora (Adams) SALYER *
John Marion SALYER *




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