Cemeteries: Missouri (Morgan County - Washington County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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Missouri  (Morgan County - Texas County)  


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Morgan County, MO:  Big Rock Cemetery, Barnett (2)

George Freeman "Doc" WADDELL *
Mary E (___) WADDELL *

New Madrid County, MO:  Matthews Cemetery, Matthews (2)

Norman K FINLEY *
Vivian (___) FINLEY * 

Newton County, MO:  Greenwood Cemetery, Diamond (2)

Elijah Mansfield SPENCER  *

Newton County, MO:  Odd Fellows Cemetery, Neosho (2)

Althena Elnora (Tenney) KESSINGER *
Andrew Jackson KESSINGER *

Newton County, MO:  Osborne Memorial Cemetery, Joplin (2)

Hazel Pearl (Souter) GOINGS *
Leonard W GOINGS *

Nodaway County, MO:  Hopkins Cemetery, Hopkins (6)

George Jr KEGIN *
George Patrick KEGIN *
George Price KEGIN *
Hope Elizabeth (Florea) KEGIN *
Jerome Dowling STOCKTON *
Lydia J (Wolverton) STOCKTON *

Nodaway Co, MO: Mt Auburn Cemetery, Buchanan (2)

Leland Alfred HUGHES *
Mabel (Minnick) HUGHES *

Nodaway Co, MO: Myrtle Tree Cemetery, Maryville (2)

Emerson A APPLEBY *
Olive (Williams) APPLEBY *

Nodaway County, MO:  Oak Hill Cemetery, Maryville (13)

Christie Michelle DEW *
Daniel COOK *
Donna Lee (Cooper) ZASKE
Elsie Serena (Cook) JAQUAY *
Ethel Hope (Wampler) COOK *
Floyd Decon COOK *
Gary Dee COOPER *
John Morris COOK (unmarked in 2022)
Leland COOPER *
Mary Lorraine (Cook) COOPER *
Robert Edwin COOK *
unnamed male COOK (infant of Floyd and Ethel Hope (Wampler) Cook)
Sarena (Brown) COOK *

Nodaway County, MO:  Ohio Cemetery, Burlington Junction (3)

Barbara Ann "Anni" BOWES *
John Pitkin BOWES * 
Margaret Elizabeth BOWES *

Nodaway County, MO:  Prairie Home Cemetery, Graham (2)

Mary Katherine (Collins) WAMPLER *
William Crockett WAMPLER *

Nodaway County, MO:  Weathermon Cemetery, Guilford (3)

John Ruben FLANAGAN *
Mary Francis (Kennedy) FLANAGAN *
unknown infant FLANAGAN
(child of John Reuben Flanagan and Edna M Appleby)

Nodaway County, MO:  White Oak Cemetery, Pickering (2)

John Hamilton FLOREA *
Lenora Ellen (Killam) FLOREA *

Ozark County, MO:  Lutie Cemetery, Theodosia (2)

Frieda Mary (Flummerfelt) KESSINGER *

Perry County, MO: Whitewater Christian Cemetery, Perryville (1)

Curtis Alan HARRIS *

Phelps County, MO: St James Cemetery, St James (2)

Edna Fay (Richison) NELSON * 
Joseph Nathaniel NELSON *

Phelps County, MO: Trout Cemetery (7)

Benjamin Franklin TROUT *
Charles William TROUT *
Ella Artie (Snow) TROUT *

Ethel Nadine (Richison) TROUT *
Nelson Lee TROUT *

Sylvia Elizabeth (Kelley) TROUT *
Zella Victoria (McKee) TROUT *

Pike County, MO: Greenwood Cemetery, Clarksville (1)

Claude Jerome STIMSON *

Polk County, MO: Humansville Cemetery, Humansville (9)

Arthur Bethel McNEELY *
Benjamin Harrison McNEELY *
Birdie May (McNeely) PARRETT *
Byrda Virginia (Purdin) McNEELY *
Camma Mary (Coffin) McNEELY *
Marshie McNEELY *

Mary Catherine "Mollie" (Qualls) McNEELY *
William Homer McNEELY *
William Orpheus PARRETT *

Polk County, MO: Tinker Cemetery, Humansville (2)

Joseph Copeland Marion PARRETT *
Louisa (Hyre) PARRETT *

Pulaski County, MO: Bloodland Cemetery, Fort Leonard Wood (1)

Bennie Enid (York) GANN * 

Pulaski County, MO: Watts Cemetery (1)

William Henderson GANN * 

Putnam County, MO: Lupton Cemetery, Unionville (2)

William (Rev) ANDIS *
William Lee ANDIS *

Ralls Co, MO: Grand View Burial Park, Hannibal (2)

Francis Luther WINGET *
Lena Mae (Harris) WINGET *

Randolph Co, MO: Oakland Cemetery, Moberly (2)

Norene (Beeler) SHIPLEY *
Wallace M SHIPLEY *  

Ripley Co, MO: Cyclone Cemetery, Current View (3)

Elizabeth Ann (Webster) Phillips, PETTY *
Jonathan Daniel WEBSTER *
Lodesky (Spaulding) WEBSTER *

Scott Co, MO: Garden of Memories, Sikeston (1)

Edith Bertha (Taylor) BEARD *

Shannon Co, MO: Delmar-Medley-Blake Cemetery, Timber (1)

William Ronnie BLAKE * 

St Francois Co, MO: Doe Run Cemetery, Doe Run (10)

Clyde William HOEHN *
George Washington ELY
Harry R Jr ELY
Henry Raymond ELY
Howard Gale ELY *
Jesse Milbourne COBURN *   
Lula Marie (Barnes) ELY
Melvin George ELY
Mildred Gladys (Coburn) ELY
Terry Michael II ELY

St Francois Co, MO: Iron Mountain Cemetery (2)

Elza James HURT *
Mary Opal (Snow) HURT

St Louis Co, MO: Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St Louis (5)

Acree BROWN *
Edward William RUNGE *
Harvey Leroy HOUSER *
Patricia J (Allen) RUNGE *

John Samuel COX * 

St Louis Co, MO: Friedens Cemetery Mausoleum and Chapel (1)

William Roscoe "Ross" WEBSTER *

St Louis Co, MO: Manchester Cemetery, Manchester (1)

Rev Frieda Faye (Kessinger) BETTS *

St Louis Co, MO: Mt Hope Cemetery, Lemay (2)

Harry Houston FINLEY *
Ruth C (___) FINLEY *

St Louis Co, MO: St Peter's Cemetery, Normandy (1)

Ervin Eugene HUDELSON *

 Stoddard County, MO: Bernie Memorial Cemetery, Bernie (2)

Nancy Jane (Murphy) TEETERS *

Stoddard County, MO: Dexter Cemetery, Dexter (6)

Ada (Hayes) HARRIS *
Betty C (Brent) HARRIS *
Helen A (Teeters) GRAY *
Henry Ervin HARRIS
Lowell G HARRIS *
Vanna Lynn (Gray) BERNARD *

Stoddard County, MO: Hagy Cemetery, Dexter (2)

Branon Lee GARRETT *
Zelpha L (Harris) Teeters, Lane, GARRETT *

Stoddard County, MO: Rock Hill Cemetery, Puxico (1)

Christina (Gramm) WESTHAFER (unmarked as of 2022)

Sullivan County, MO: Green Castle Cemetery, Green Castle (9)

Alonzo Preston TAYLOR *
Andes Leon TAYLOR *
Dillard Vernon MARDIS *
Gladys Blanche (Crawford) MARDIS *
Helen LeNelle (Mardis) TAYLOR *
Irvin William TAYLOR *
Mary Ellen (Daniels) TAYLOR *
Mary Gertrude (Andis) TAYLOR * 
Kenneth Vernon (Rev) TAYLOR * 

Texas County, MO: Allen Cemetery, Raymondville (3)

Rosie Etta (Snow) MEDLOCK *
Spencer H MEDLOCK *
Vernon Lee MEDLOCK *

Texas County, MO: Boone Creek Cemetery, Licking (1)

Cynthia (Clouse) Beasley, ADKINS (unmarked as of 2022)

Texas County, MO: Craddock Cemetery, Licking (6)

Dorothy Jean (Wooster) RICHISON *
Georgia Jean (Hadley) RICHISON *
Janice (Gann) RICHARDSON *
Joseph David GANN  *
William Jr RICHISON *

Texas County, MO: Hutchason Cemetery, Licking (5)

Allen Unly WREST *
James Henry SNOW *
Joseph WREST *
Thursey (Linthicum) WREST *
Virginia Mae (Snow) WREST *

Texas County, MO: Licking Cemetery, Licking (10)

Bobby Ray RICHISON *
James Aaron RICHISON
James Eugene RICHISON * 
Julia Virgie (Snow) Richison, HANNA *
Mary Ann (Kelley) RICHISON *
Ruby Jean (Richison) BLAKE *
Sanford Eliza SNOW *
Teresa Ann TROUT *
Viola Jean (Robertson) SNOW *
William Sisro RICHISON *

  Texas County, MO: Mitchell Cemetery, Licking (3)

Ada SNOW *
Joseph Wilson SNOW *
Rosa Bell "Rosie" (Snow) JACKSON *
Zella Victoria (McKee) SNOW *

Vernon County, MO: Mount Vernon Cemetery, Walker (2)

Hannah (Frost) HOPPER *
William HOPPER *

Wagoner County, MO: Elmwood Cemetery, Wagoner (1)

Bertha Eula (Beaver) McCOMBS * 

Washington County, MO: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Potosi (2)

Donald Edward DECLUE *
Patricia Ann (Ely) DeCLUE * 



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