Cemeteries: Oklahoma (Major County - Woods County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
If you want more information on any of the people listed below, 
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Major County, OK: Square Cedar Cemetery, Cleo Springs (3)

Billy Ray LEWIS *
Billy Ray II LEWIS *

Carole Jeannine (Bowhay) LEWIS *

Marshall County, OK: Cumberland Cemetery, Cumberland (1)

Brody Mikel DAVENPORT * 

Mayes County, OK: Bryan Chapel Cemetery, Boatman (4)

Billy Ray KEGIN *
Leota Mae (Hairston) KEGIN *
Maudie Mae (Reed) HAIRSTON *
William Tolliver HAIRSTON *

McClain County, OK: Blanchard Cemetery, Blanchard (1)

Eli Thomas Sr NAIL *

McClain County, OK: Byars Cemetery, Byars (8)

Davy Crockett MANER *
Geneive Lucille COE *
George Elzie JENNINGS (likely here with wife Mary, but no proof at this time)
Joseph Charles Sr MANER *
Mary Coleen COE *

Mary Winnie "Meddie" (Story) JENNINGS
Ruby Mae (Harness/Jennings) HENDRICKSON
Wanda Sue (Maloy) MANER

McClain County, OK: Old Johnsonville Cemetery, Johnsonville (1)

Mary Elizabeth (Thomas) NAIL *

McIntosh County, OK: Greenlawn Cemetery, Checotah (2)

Ella (Keith) EDDY *
James M EDDY * 

McIntosh County, OK: Greenwood Cemetery, Eufala (2)

Robert Daniel HOUSE *
Vera Viola (Morgan) HOUSE

Montgomery County, OK: Fairview Cemetery, Cherryvale (3)

Johnny Jefferson LITTAU *
Johnny Ray LITTAU *
Nicholas Ryan Alan LITTAU *

Muskogee County, OK: Fort Gibson National Cemetery, Fort Gibson (7)

Bob Harris KIMBALL *
Hazel Gertrude (Dolberry) SHIELDS *
John William MOORING *
June Rose (Holt) KIMBALL *
Helen Juanita (___) BUCKLES *

William Cecil DOYLE *

Muskogee County, OK: Frozen Rock Cemetery (5)

Arby/Arbie Ellen PARRIS (unmarked as of 2022)
Mary Ellen (Beasley) McKEE *
Robert Allen McKEE *
Sarah Ellen (McKee) ANDIS *
William Renna ANDIS *

Muskogee County, OK: Greenhill Cemetery, Muskogee (4)

Alice Syrena (Brown) WASSON *
Charles Benton WASSON *
Donna Michelle (Henson) TOMBLINSON *
Melvin Dolan CURTIS *

Muskogee County, OK: Memorial Park Cemetery, Muskogee (17)

Charles B PARRIS *
Dorothy Helen (Anderson) ANDIS * 
Forrest MAJORS *
Gene Autry MAJORS *
Glenna Mae (Parris) MAJORS * 
Grace Pearl (Allison) MAJORS, COLLINS *
John Erven McKEE *
Joseph B PARRIS *
Joseph Levi PARRIS *
Juvie I (Andis) PARRIS *
Letetia Lynn (Stanley) ANDIS * (funeral home marker)
Lucy Mae (Goodwin) PARRIS *
Mabel (____) McKEE *
Patricia Texanna (Parris) FREEMAN *
Ruby May (Andis) KYLE *

Wilburn Russell ANDIS *

Nowata County, OK: Memorial Park Cemetery, Nowata (3)

Andrew Jackson STILL *
Melinda R (Wilson) STILL * 
Toby Anderson STILL *

Oklahoma County, OK: Arlington Memory Gardens, Oklahoma City (7)

Bennie Lee STORIE *
Doris Elizabeth (Nail) STANFIELD *

John Vernon STANFIELD *
John Paul Sr McFARLAND *
Mary Ellen (Storie) LARE *
Sandra Kay STORIE
Virginia Lee (Stewart) STORIE *

Oklahoma County, OK: Bethany Cemetery, Bethany (2)

Garnett Rolland QUINN *
Ximena Euseba (Andis) QUINN

Oklahoma County, OK: Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, Oklahoma City (5)

Bessie (Coats) YOUNG *
Byron Lee (Rev) WAYMON *
Doyle Owen NAIL *

Ramona Frances (Andis) Wayman, KROBER *

Oklahoma County, OK: Gracelawn Cemetery, Edmond (6)

Delbert Daniel "D D" BALDWIN *
Hattie May (Baldwin) HUNT * 
Lenora B (Baldwin) DAVIS *
Minerva Viola "Minnie" (Brooks) BALDWIN * 
Paul Vane HUNT
Robert R DAVIS * 

Oklahoma County, OK: Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma City (8)

Albert Clifford HIRSHFIELD *
Donald Ray ROWLAND
Ernest Wayne KENNARD
Fenton Maxwell CARVER * 
Harold Eugene PALMER
Irma May (Hunt) KENNARD *
Karl Paul KENNARD *
Pauline Fern (Hunt) HIRSHFIELD *

Oklahoma County, OK: Memory Lane Cemetery, Harrah (9)

Anita June WIGGINS *
Bessie Olena (Nail) WIGGINS *
Charles Frederick WIGGINS *
Charles Frederick "Fred" Jr WIGGINS *
Frank Marion WIGGINS *
Frederick Leroy WIGGINS *
Mary Mae (Lyons) WIGGINS *
Mildred Louise (Singletary) WIGGINS *
Oleta May WIGGINS *

Oklahoma County, OK: Oakwood Cemetery, Edmond (3)

Don David MARTIN *
Thaddaeus Don MARTIN *
Virginia Ruth (Wiggins) MARTIN *

Oklahoma County, OK: Resthaven Memory Gardens, Oklahoma City (6)

Billie Jo (Grider) WIGGINS *
Birdie L (Tennison) GRIDER *

Clifford Eugene WIGGINS *
Farrell B BROWN *

Larry Eugene SMITH *  
Wilson Lee GRIDER *

Oklahoma County, OK: Resurrection Memorial Cemetery, Oklahoma City (7)

Alice May (Smith) ANDIS *
Billy Rex ANDIS *
Joyce Eldora (Chambers) KIRKPATRICK *

Leonard F JONES *
Perle Emmett Jr ANDIS *
Shirley Lorine (Davis) Andis, JONES *
Stephen Lee KEGIN *

Oklahoma County, OK: Rose Hill Burial Park, Oklahoma City (3)

Agnes (Coughlin) BOSWELL *
Glenn Douglas LAWS * 
Grover Cleveland BOSWELL *

Oklahoma County, OK: Sunny Lane Cemetery, Del City (10)

Benjamin Franklin TRAIL (unmarked as of 2022)
Billy Ray POWELL *
Christine (Anders) RUSSELL
Hubert Smith RUSSELL * 
Jack Lafayette STORIE *
James Lovel COE * 
Joy STRINGER (unmarked as of 2022)

LaVeta (Dentis) ANDIS *
Lloyd E KROBER *
Virginia Lee (Peters) STORIE *

Osage County, OK: A J Powell Cemetery, Hominy (1)

Serena Jane (Harlan) Melton, ANDIS *

Osage County, OK: Ethel Reese Cemetery, Barnsdall (9)

Enid (Webster) FRANKLIN *
Mabel Cornelia (Saferite) JAVINE *
Mary Beth (Webster) BUCKLES *
Mary Esta (Buckles) JONES *
Myrtle Lorena (Campbell) BUCKLES * 
Pearl Arthenia (Buckles) BUNCH *

William Lee BUCKLES *
William Riley BUCKLES *

Osage County, OK: Fairfax Cemetery, Fairfax (2)

Dewey Vernon JAVINE *
Jimmye Lynn (Herring) JAVINE  *
Ruby (Worl) JAVINE *

Osage County, OK: Foraker Cemetery, Foraker (1)

Ida (Gurskey) LITTAU  *

Osage County, OK: Javine Cemetery (2)

Ethel Clara JAVINE *
Peter JAVINE *

Osage County, OK: Lookout Family Cemetery (1)

Clarence H "Penrod" CLEM  

Ottawa County, OK: Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, Miami (7)

Ada M (Reniker) STREET *
Hattie Viola (Smith) SMITH *
Henry Franklin RENIKER *
Hugh Melvin CUNNINGHAM *
Mae E (____) RENIKER *
Otto L "Mutt" SMITH *
Paul Arthur JAMES *

Pittsburg County, OK: Oak Hill Memorial Park, McAlester (4)

Eula May (Arnold) RUSSELL *
Hugh Wilson RUSSELL * 
Myrtle A (Stark) ANDERS *

Pontotoc County, OK: Egypt Cemetery, Ada (1)

Stella NAIL (unmarked as of Feb 2022) 

Pontotoc County, OK: Memorial Park Cemetery, Ada (1)

Merle Edward DEVEREAUX *

Pontotoc County, OK: Rosedale Cemetery, Ada (5)

Bertha Elsie (Ward) STRICKLAND *
Charles Cleveland "Charley" NAIL *
Ethel (Shockley) NAIL
Frank Leroy STRICKLAND *

Roxie (South) NAIL

Pottawatomie County, OK: Tecumseh Cemetery, Tecumseh (3)

Esther (Weaver) THOMASON *
William Grover MARTELL  *

Pottawatomie County, OK: Wanette Cemetery, Wanette (20)

Alice C NAIL *
Alice Susan (Davis) NAIL *
Bessie Juanita (Wallace) NAIL *
Caroline Elizabeth (Aston) DAWSON *
Clayton Ray NAIL *
Eugene Lamar NAIL *
George Thomas NAIL *
Ivaleen (Barkley) NAIL *
Jacqueline Viola (Shadden) THOMPSON *

James Manuel NAIL *
James William NAIL *
James Troy NAIL * 
Marion Zane "Rink" THOMPSON *
Mary Elizabeth (Nail) BATES *
Pauline (Bentley) NAIL *
Richard Perry (Rev) BATES *

Ruby Lee (Bryant) NAIL * 
Sarah Isabelle (Dewitt) BATES *
Thomas B DAWSON *

Puchmataha County, OK: Antlers City Cemetery, Antlers (2)

Maude May (Shotten) SINGLETARY *

Roger Mills County, OK: Red Star Cemetery (4)

Claud Henry CURRIER *
Emma Ruth (Burnett) CURRIER *
Ernest Henry CURRIER *
Margaret Jolene (Gamble) CURRIER *

Rogers County, OK: Lone Elm Cemetery, Claremore (1)

June Doris SHROUT * 

Seminole County, OK: Little Cemetery (3)

Auville Kay SWENGEL *
  Ida May or Merle (Auvil) SHROUT *
Leroy Sheridan SHROUT *

Seminole County, OK: Maple Grove Cemetery, Seminole (4)

Blanche (Nixon) NIX *
Homer Benton MALOY *
Lillie Mae (Wood) MALOY * 
Thomas Berry NIX *

Stephens County, OK: Resthaven Memorial Gardens, Duncan (3)

Eunice Levita (Johnson) ROOMES *
Harold Wesley ROOMES *
Laveta Imogene (Roomes) CLIFT *

Texas County, OK: Elmhurst Cemetery, Guymon (3)

Clydean "Starr" (Ellard) WALKER *  
Hazel Ione (Crisp) WATSON *

Homer Lee WATSON *

Tulsa County, OK: Clinton Oaks Cemetery, Red Fork (1)

William R RAMSEY  *

Tulsa County, OK: Floral Haven Memorial Gardens, Broken Arrow (2)

Helen Irene (Kegin) BROWN (cemetery states there is no record of her here
Lizzie Ethel (Brooks) MORAIN

Tulsa County, OK: Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa (11)

Carrie Jane (Holt) FINLEY *
Elizabeth Louise (Litchford) SPENCER *

Elva (Hembra) FINLEY *
Foley Orestus "Sherman" SHUTTERS
Jeanette "Nettie" (Alexander) SHUTTERS *
Melva Merle (Scott) HART *
Thomas Welch FINLEY *
Virginia May (Litchford) MOORING *
Wilbur Clay SPENCER *
William Franklin "Frank" HART *

Tulsa County, OK: Oaklawn Cemetery, Tulsa (1)

Robert Leonard HOLT  

Tulsa County, OK: Rose Hill Cemetery, Tulsa (21)

Betty Lee (Scott) YOUMANS *
Carrie (Humphry) FOX *
Charles Arthur SCOTT *
Christeline (Kosted) HOLT *

Della M (Fox) HOLT *
Everett A "Spec" HOLT *
Francis Ariel HOLT * 
Harold Wade HOLT * 

Helen Margaret (Schuette) HOLT *
Ida May (Grimes) HOLT *  
James FOX *
Louise Margaret (Davis) RYAN *
Margaret "Maggie" (Allensworth) GRIMM *
Minnie (____) SCHUETTE *
Ralph Leonard HOLT *

Ruth Sophie (Kosted) HOLT *
Sarah Jane (Andis) Shrout, Queen, HOLT *
Sigel Chester HOLT *
William Pearl GRIMM *

Wagoner County, OK: Elmwood Cemetery, Wagoner (3)

Bertha Eula (Beaver) SPENCER *
Edgar Jay JACKSON *
Genevieve Virginia (Javine) JACKSON *

Washington County, OK: Memorial Park Cemetery, Bartlesville (12)

Albert Daniel ENGLEKING *
Albert Judson MOSMAN * 
Carol Elizabeth (Engleking) MYERS *
Clayton DeWayne MYERS *
Delora (Mosman) HOLT *
Elbert Roscoe "Bert", "Deacon" HOLT * 
Malissa J (Anderson) MOSMAN *

Melvin B HEINE *
Nellie Grace (Lucas) ENGLEKING * 
Paul Ray (Rev) ENGLEKING
Pauline (Shutters) HEINE *


Washington County, OK: White Rose Cemetery, Bartlesville (5)

Almira J "Alice" (___) WEBSTER *
Dora May WEBSTER *
Henry Jacob HEINE *
Rose A (Pickup) HEINE *
Steward Allison WEBSTER (unmarked as of 2022)

Washita County, OK: High Point Cemetery, Colony (1)

Andrew Anderson Franklin SHIPMAN * 

Washita County, OK: Red Top Cemetery, Colony (8) 
(a.k.a Buck Creek)

Cora Belle (Fleenor) SHIPMAN *
James M MORGAN (no marker found in 2022)
Lucia Mabel (Leedy) HOLLY *
Margaret Roselle "Rose" (Fleenor) LEEDY *
Martin Leonard LEEDY *
Mary E "Mollie" (Andis) FLEENOR * (funeral home marker)
Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Fleenor) MORGAN (no marker found in 2022) 
Willie Newton LEEDY *

Woods County, OK: Alva Municipal Cemetery (2)

LeRoy "Roy" CAMPBELL * 
Merle George "Chink" CAMPBELL *

Woods County, OK: Pleasant View Cemetery (2)

Docia Elizabeth (Martin) QUINN * 
Walter M QUINN *

Woods County, OK: Waynoka Cemetery (4)

Charles Albert NICHOLSON *
Gladys Florence (Mincher) NICHOLSON *
Gretchen Rosella (Nicholson) DAVENPORT *
Marion King DAVENPORT *



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