Cemeteries: Tennessee (Sullivan County part 1)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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Sullivan County, TN: Adams Chapel United Methodist Church, Blountville (2) 

unnamed LOUDY (child of C Morton and Thelma N (Fleenor) Loudy) *
unnamed LOUDY (child of C Morton and Thelma N (Fleenor) Loudy) *

Sullivan County, TN: Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery, Kingsport (3) 

Chessie Oma (McCray) KITZMILLER *
Jerry Dayton KITZMILLER *
Zed Lochart KITZMILLER *

Sullivan County, TN: Blountville Cemetery, Blountville (7) 

Clarence Delaney HARR *
Cynthia Ella (Clark) HARR *
Donna Lynn HARR * 
Dorothy Belle "Dot" (Wills) HARR

Earl Clarence Delaney HARR * 
Jerry Douglas HARR
Michael Edwin HARR *  

Sullivan County, TN: Chinquapin Baptist Church Cemetery, Bluff City (13)

Anna Eureka (Kaylor) TESTER *
Donnie Edward TESTER *
Ernest K BARNETT *
Everett KAYLOR *
George E KAYLOR *
Gracie E (___) KAYLOR *
Kathaleen KAYLOR * 
Millard Fillmore TESTER *
Minnie Ethel (Harmon) TESTER *
Ruby (Lyon) KAYLOR *
Trula Marie "Toot" (Kaylor) BARNETTE *

William J KAYLOR *

Sullivan County, TN: Cold Spring Cemetery, Bristol (11) 

Arthur Austin FLEENOR *
Arthur Dryden FLEENOR *
Carita (Fleenor) WHITLOCK *
Charles Warren (Dr) FLEENOR
Charles Warren "Doc" FLEENOR *
Clarrissa J (Dryden) COWAN *
Elizabeth "Betty" (Brock) FLEENOR

Josephine Dulaney (St John) FLEENOR
Mary Louise (McChesney) FLEENOR
Nancy Ann "Nannie" (Cowan) FLEENOR *
William Ulvie WHITLOCK *

Sullivan County, TN: Colonial Heights Methodist Church Cemetery, Kingsport (1) 

James David Sherfey  

Sullivan County, TN: Cowan-Delaney Cemetery, Holston Valley (1)

Paschal E OFFIELD  

Sullivan County, TN: Crumley Cemetery, Bluff City (5)

Alvin Lee (Rev) GREENE * 
Claude Lafayette GREENE *
Johnathan Withers ANDIS *
Lelia Belle (Mann) ANDIS *
Virgie Malena (Broyles) GREENE *

Sullivan County, TN: East Hill Cemetery, Bristol

Note: A portion of East Hill Cemetery extends across the state border into Virginia. 
The cemetery caretaker confirms a Tennessee address, but for consistency   
we are placing all of our burials in the Virginia area of our site (see: VA, Bristol).

Sullivan County, TN: East Lawn Memorial Park, Kingsport (21)

Albert C CARTER *
Charles Selby FILLERS *
Chester GOINS *
Clarence Lee BRUMMETT *
Donald Edward HARRIS

Eliza Lucille (Fleenor) CARTER (unmarked)
Emma Kate (Anders) SPRIGGS
George Lee "Lee" SMITH *
Hugh Smeltzer BRUMMETT *
Ida B (___) FLEENOR *

Janet Rozelle (Good) COBB * 
John William or Woodland "Jay" SPRIGGS
Lulu N "Lou" (Anders) GOINS
Lydia Thelma "Thelma" (Johnson) SMITH
Margaret Delores (Brummett) HARRIS *
Marie Gilbert BRUMMETT * 
Marvin Dale "Poss" HARR
Milburn Ray RHOTON *
Millard Dennis FLEENOR
Peter Frank COBB * 
Vergie Ann (Fullen) BRUMMETT *
William Monroe BREWER

Sullivan County, TN: Eastern Heights Cemetery (2)

Linda (Craft) VEST
Kemper Homer VEST  

Sullivan County, TN: Emory Methodist Church Cemetery (5)
(a.k.a. Crooks Valley Cemetery)

Avery Arlanda HORNE
Benjamin Franklin Eads *
Charles S HILTON *
Dora Maxie (Smith) HORNE
Mary G (Coffman) EADS * 

Sullivan County, TN: Glenwood Cemetery, Bristol (3)

Effie Janis (Winebarger) CARTER
Effie (Isaacs) WINEBARGER

Sullivan County, TN: Glenwood-Shelby Hills Cemetery, Bristol (70)

Ackie Beatrice (Fleenor) FLEENOR *
Annie S (Hoss) FLEENOR *
Annis Marie (Kegley) ADAMS
Arlie F (Shelley) STEWART

Armond Verlyn or Verlin SMILEY *
Audrey (Farris) CLARK 
Berchie Elizabeth (Payne) SHEPHERD
Beulah D (___) ALLEN *
Beverly Gayle (Shelley) GREER
Blenda "Mommaw" (Rock) FLEENOR * 
Carrie E (Maness) MASSICLIA * 
Cecil Troy (Rev) COMER * 
Charles Douglas ORFIELD
Charles Edward HOBBS *
Charles Preston FLEENOR *
Charles Ray LITTON
Clarence Edward KEGLEY *
Clarence Westley COLTON *

Claude Gaines "Pappaw" FLEENOR *
Clyde W MANESS * 
David Timothy STALLARD *
Dorothy Frances (Shepherd) Arnold, FULTON * 
Dorothy Irene "Dot" (Mock) PARSONS *
Edgar T MOORE *
Edith Leona (Clark) LITTON
Erma Evelyn (McCroskey) STEWART

Evelyn Lee "Willie" (Kegley) COMER * 
G Giles FARRIS *
George Holly "G H" Jr GALLOWAY *
George W BEVINS *
Georgia Mae (South) HAGAN * 
Goldie Lee "Cracker Jack" (Wyatt) SHELLEY *
Henry Thomas SPANGLER *
Hugh H HAGAN * 
Ida Mae (Ison) Hobbs, COWAN *
Illa Elizabeth (Lane) VANHOOK *
Isaac Emory BREWER *
Jesse Roberts FLEENOR *
Jewel Imo (Vickers) BREWER * 
John Virgil FLEENOR *
Jonathan Davis "J D" GALLOWAY * 
Joseph A "Joe" ROGERS *
Kathy Joanne (Adams) STALLARD *
Lee Henry FLEENOR *
Lucy Maud (McCrary) COLTON *
Mabel Frances (Colton) SMILEY * 
Margaret "Loretta" (Kegley) LEONARD
Margaret Mabeleen "Mabel" (Goodman) GALLOWAY * 
Marian L (Richard) ROGERS *
Mattie (Ballard) MOORE *
Minnie Ellen (Roberts) FLEENOR *
Minnie (Rock) FLEENOR *
Nellie Bertie (Cox) WYATT *

Nettie V M (Doss) MANESS (unmarked)
Peggy Marie (Hite) HOBBS *
Richard A VANHOOK *
Robert Holley "Bob" ANDERSON *

Roscoe FLEENOR *

Russell Dillard SALYER
Samuel A BREWER * 
Sarah Alice (Hite) FLEENOR *
Silas Edgar MANESS * 
Sudie Lou (Denton) FARRIS *
Trula Mae (Shelley) RAGAN * 
Verdie (Brewer) Shepherd, ANDERSON *
Wayne Leonard VANHOOK  
William Everett Sr COWAN *
William Washington FLEENOR *

Sullivan County, TN: Gunnings Cemetery, Gunnings (25)

Bertie Lee (Andes/Andies) SMITH
Charles Herman "Heck" FLEENOR *
Carra Alice "Carrie" (Thompson) FLEENOR *
Edna Maude (Duff) FLEENOR *   
Hattie V (Bondurant) Gunnings, COWAN *
George Cleaton SMITH

Ida Emalie (Adams) FLEENOR *
James Washington FLEENOR *
Jesse C Jr HOLT *
Jesse Carter Sr HOLT *
Jesse H ADAMS *
Jesse Joel FLEENOR *
Lucinda (___) HAWK

Margaret Susannah "Maggie" (Fleenor) KETRON *
Mary Ann "Anna" (Clark) FLEENOR *
Mildred G (Morris) FLEENOR *
Myrtle (Fleenor) HOLT *
Rosa (Shankle) FLEENOR * 
Susan A (Bond) ADAMS *
Thomas Henry COWAN *

William Miller FLEENOR *

Sullivan County, TN: Holston Valley Church Cemetery (1)

Freelove (Robinson) OFFIELD (reinterred at Holston Valley Church Cemetery, Abington, Washington, VA)

Sullivan County, TN: Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery, Blountville (8)

Alfred F SHANKLE *
Anna Pearl (Bethany) SALYER
Ezra Hendricks SALYER
Frances V "Fannie" (___) RODEFER *

Kitty J (____) FLEENOR  
Thomas G RODEFER *

Sullivan County, TN: Morning View Cemetery, Bluff City (38)

Ada I (Fields) ROE *  
Adeline Mary "Addie" (Smithson) ROE *  
Aetna Gladys HENDRIX *
Arnold H KAYLOR *
Cecil Akard BIRDWELL *

Charles Edgar Lee ROE *  
Chassie Mae (White) ROWE *
Clarence Cecil CARRIER *

Doris Ann (Kaylor) GOODMAN * 
Effie Belle (Dyche) MALONE *

Eliza (Hyatt) SHELLEY *
Elizabeth A (Roe) FOUST * 
Elizabeth (Garrett) ROE *
Evelyn C (Roe) HAWKINS *

Franklin G ROE *  
Hugh W KAYLOR * 
Ida Lydia (Foust) BIRDWELL *

James Lee ROE *  
Jessie Carl Lynch SHELLEY * 
Lawrence J ROWE *  
Lewis Paul ROE *
Lucille (Malone) KAYLOR
Margaret (Roe) STAFFORD *
Martin S MALONE *
Mary E FOUST *

Myrtle N FOUST *

Nancy Elizabeth (Garrett) ROE *
Nannie Gertrude HENDRIX
Oscar R ROE *
Ossie Mae (Rowe) CARRIER * 
Susan "Sudie" (Roe) HENDRIX
Stella (Roe) CARRIER *  
Virginia "Jennie" ROE *
William Koon FOUST * 
Worley Claude GLOVER *



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