Cemeteries: Texas (Hidalgo County - Wood County), Utah


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
If you want more information on any of the people listed below, 
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Hidalgo County, TX: Hillcrest Memorial Park, Edinburg (5)

Beulah Mae (Edwards) FULLERTON *
Clyde Verl BROYLES *
Lou Verna "Vernie" (Edwards) DOUGLASS *

Hidalgo County, TX: Rio Grande Valley State Veteran's Cemetery, Mission (1)

Everett Ray BROYLES * 

Hidalgo County, TX: Valley Memorial Gardens Cemetery, McAllen (5)

Benjamin Thompson "Ben" ANDIS * 
David Lee ANDIS *

Lila Mae (Tinkle) ANDIS * 
Myrtle (___) BRUNSON

Hopkins County, TX: Restlawn Memorial Park, Sulpher Springs (2)

John James SOUTER * 
Martha Olive (White) SOUTER * 

Jasper County, TX: Kirbyville Cemetery, Kirbyville (25)

Audrey Cleveland "A C" HOGAN *
 Benjamin Franklin ANDIS *
Benjamin Franklin Jr ANDIS *
Bennie Selman (Sheffield) PALMER
Clara Belle (Langham) ANDIS * 
Etoila Lee (Palmer) LOYD
Eugene Addison PALMER
Harvey Thompson ANDIS
Henry Robert PALMER
Henry Tyson "Tice" PALMER *
Johnie Edward PALMER * 
Kyoko "Kay" (Kumagai) BATCHELOR *
Lannie M (___) BATCHELOR * 
Lela Corrine (Hicks) SHEFFIELD *

Maggie Vera (Dockery) PALMER *
Margaret Frances "Margie" (Andis) PALMER * 
Martin Bob BATCHELOR *
Mattie Florence (Harper) ANDIS *
Thomas Frances SHEFFIELD *

Thomas Harvey Jr "Buddy" PALMER *
Thomas Harvey Sr PALMER *
Vernie Lavelle (Loyd) HOGAN * 

Virginia Grace (Batchelor) WEBSTER *
William Shannon "Billy" McKEE *
Willie Raymond "Bill" BATCHELOR *

Jefferson County, TX: Magnolia Cemetery, Beaumont (2)

Jefferson Elexander WHITE
Mary Edith (Baird) WHITE

Jefferson County, TX: Oak Bluff Memorial Park, Port Neches (3)

Patricia Ann "Jeep" (McDonald) DeVILLIER *
Zella Mae (Batchelor) McDONALD  

Jim Wells County, TX: Sons of Herman Cemetery, Orange Grove (2)

Mary Darkess (Burnett) CURRIER *
Seth Edward CURRIER * 

Johnson County, TX: Greenacres Memorial Park, Cleburne (3)

Enos Charles PAYNE *
Mina Aloura "Allie" (Ledbetter) PAYNE * 
Opal Henry (Pate) HULL *

Knox County, TX: Goree Cemetery, Goree (12)

Ammie Lou (Hammons) EDWARDS *
Ballard Melton EDWARDS *
Charles Robin EDWARDS *

Charlie William EDWARDS * 
Doris Lee EDWARDS *

Hubert Henry EDWARDS *
Maude Myrtle (Andis) EDWARDS * 
Nancy (Beason) EDWARDS *

Ola Mae (Robin) EDWARDS *
unknown Edwards (child of Charlie William Edwards and Ola Mae (Robin) Edwards)
unknown Edwards (child of Charlie William Edwards and Ola Mae (Robin) Edwards)
William Preston EDWARDS *

Liberty County, TX: Palms Memorial Park, Dayton (1)

Virginia Rose (Losier) WHITT * 

Lubbock County, TX: City of Lubbock Cemetery, Lubbock (3)

Anna Goldie (Hamilton) BEVERS *
David Shawn DEARDORFF *

James Columbus "Lum" BEVERS *

Lubbock County, TX: Resthaven Memorial Park, Lubbock (16)

Betty Jane (Bowman) DEARDORFF *
Billy Jack HOUK *
Lyman George DEARDORFF *
Gladys Jennie (Wood) BOWMAN *
Hanz Reagan DEARDORFF *
James Everett BOWMAN *
John Franklin HOUK *
Julissa Jane (Collings) DEARDORFF *
Leroy Franklin "Frank" GOSDIN *
Lily Dee (Houk) Gosdin, ALEXANDER *

Marion Francis GOSDIN *
Mary Jo (Killian) GOSDIN *
Roy Franklin Jr HOUK *
Wanda V (Kimbrough) Houk, ELDRIDGE *

Matagorda County, TX: Cedar Vale Cemetery, Bay City, Matagorda (1)

Edward Martin ANDIS *

Midland County, TX: Resthaven Memoarial Park, Midland (1)

Melba Venessa (Lively) CAPPS * 

Milam County, TX: Friendship Cemetery, Davilla (2)

Mary Elizabeth (___) DODSON *
William "Uncle Billy" DODSON *

Milam County, TX: North Elm Cemetery, North Elm (1)

Fayett Thomas FINNEY * 

Montgomery County, TX: Garden Park Cemetery, Conroe (2)

Ann Emaline (Shutters) PARMLEY *
Melvin Clair "Mel" PARMLEY *

Montgomery County, TX: Oakwood Cemetery, Conroe (7)

Edwin Lloyd Sr MEARS *
Frank B MEARS  *
George Buckner "Buck" MEARS *
Guy Dixon MEARS
Jessica Christine MEARS *
Katie Cleveland (Andis) MEARS *
Tom Bryan MEARS *

Motley County, TX: Roaring Spring Cemetery, Roaring Springs (2)

Edwin Eugene JAMES *
Sonja Yvonne (Brandon) JAMES *

Nacogdoches County, TX: Cushing City Cemetery (1)

Albert Pinkerton NORRIS  

Nacogdoches County, TX: Linn Flat Cemetery (1)

Frances (Dodson) ANDIS *

Nacogdoches County, TX: Oak Grove Cemetery, Nacogdoches (3)

Joseph Benjamin DRISCOLL *
Juanita Marie (Andis) DRISCOLL *
Mary A (Boise) RICHARDSON *

Navaro County, TX: Birdston Cemetery, Streetman (1)

Terry Darden HULLMAN * 

Navaro County, TX: Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana (1)

Henry Chris "H C"  Jr STEARMAN *

Nolan County, TX: Garden of Memories, Sweetwater (1)

Clayton Gerald GOZA *

Nueces County, TX: Seaside Memorial Park, Corpus Christi (3)

James Albert GILES *
Margaret Doris (Jennings) KAYLOR *
S E (Currier) GILES *

Orange County, TX: Restlawn Memorial Park, Vidor (2)

Benjamin Franklin III ANDIS *
Nora May (Chesser) DARDEN *

Palo Pinto County, TX: Woodland Park, Mineral Springs (2)

George Weldon JAMES *
Lillie Mae (Edwards) JAMES *

Parker County, TX: Tin Top Cemetery, Tin Top (1)

Howard Willard HARD * 

Potter County, TX: Llano Cemetery, Amarillo (3)

Lorenza Dow MORTON *
Richard Ray RUNYAN *
Winnie Malinda (Sharp) Morton, MAYFIELD *

Potter County, TX: Memorial Park Cemetery, Amarillo (8)

Joseph Oscar VINSON
Leonard Mitchell COX *
Sallie B (___) VINSON *
Thelma Mae (Vinson) UNDERWOOD (unmarked)
Ulric Wayne UNDERWOOD *
Vader Calvin "Punk" FERGUSON *
Vera Frances (Nail) FERGUSON *

Vera Gene (Leedy) VINSON *

Randall County, TX: Memory Garden Cemetery, near Canyon (2)

Edgar Ralph ANDIS *
Mabyn Gladys (Womack) ANDIS *

Red River County, TX: Clarksville Cemetery, Clarksville (4)

Edward Byron MITCHELL *
Mary (Smiley) BONHAM *
Mary Sue (Bonham) MURRAY *
William Edwin BONHAM * 

Rusk County, TX: Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Henderson (2)

Alta Fay (Barker) McCARTY *
Donald O McCARTY *

Scurry County, TX: Hillside Memorial Gardens, Snyder (2)

Marilyn Louise (Lewis) CHAUNCY *
Norman Milton LEWIS * 

Scurry County, TX: Snyder Cemetery, Snyder (2)

Nancy Carol (Lewis) BARNETT *
Ricky Lynn BROWN * 

Smith County, TX: Liberty Hill Cemetery, Tyler (2)

Floyd F MARTIN *
Minnie O (Murray) MARTIN * 

Smith County, TX: Rose Hill Cemetery, Tyler (4)

Ada Frances (Martin) BARKER *
Benjamin Franklin BARKER *
Betty Lee (McCarty) LEON *
Dominick K LEON * 

Stephens County, TX: Breckenridge Cemetery, Breckenridge (2)

Mary Ann (Cheatham) CURRIER *
Orlando Seth CURRIER *

Tarrant County, TX: Bear Creek Cemetery, Euless (1)

Kathleen "Cat" (May) GOSDIN *

Tarrant County, TX: Bluebonnet Hills Memorial Park, Colleyville (2)

Edna Mae (Reynolds) GARRETT *
Ralph Reeves Sr GARRETT * 

Tarrant County, TX: Emerald Hills Memorial Park, Kennedale (3)

Cornelia Mae (Story) WATSON * 
Harold Richard WILLIAMS *
Joyce Vincile (Stringer) WILLIAMS *

Tarrant County, TX: Greenwood Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Fort Worth (1)

Joe Linn BINGHAM * 

Tarrant County, TX: Laurel Land Memorial Park, Fort Worth (3)

E Margaret Ann (Anders) HARRISON *
Richard Lee MASSENGALE *
William B "Bill" ANDERS * 

Tarrant County, TX: Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Arlington (3)

Iris Opal (Proffer) WASSON *
Jerry Joe WASSON (unmarked)
Joseph Andrew WASSON * 

Tarrant County, TX: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Fort Worth (8)

Billie Lee (Osborne) SHUTTER *
Claude Alvey SHUTTER
Elmer Newton SHUTTER
Eloise (Griffin) SHUTTER *
Jacob Darron SHUTTER *
Malcolm Carlos SHUTTER *
Raymond Carlos SHUTTER *
Sadie Grace (Alvey) SHUTTER *

Tarrant County, TX: Oakwood Cemetery, Fort Worth (2)

Ethel Lorean (Payne) MORROW *
Thomas Farley MORROW * 

Tarrant County, TX: Parker Memorial Cemetery, Grapevine (1)

Herman F DRISKILL * 

Tarrant County, TX: Shannon Rose Hill Cemetery, Fort Worth (3)

Joe Dan GOSDIN *
Lillian (Dyer) QUEEN *
Melvin Jacob QUEEN *

Taylor County, TX: Abilene Municipal Cemetery, Abilene (2)

Audie Marvin GILES *
Cynthia (McGehee) GILES * 

Tom Green County, TX: Lawnhaven Memorial Gardens, San Angelo (2)

Jack Warren BEALL *
Robert Perry Sr TAYLOR *

Upshur County, TX: East Mountain Baptist Church Cemetery, East Mountain (2)

Charles Leonard BROWN * 
Hazel Lorene (Marling) BROWN *

Walker County, TX: Oakwood Cemetery (Adickes Addition), Huntsville (5)

Jack AMICK *
Jerry Richard AMICK *
Jill AMICK *
John Wesley Sr AMICK *
Ora Elizabeth (Mears) AMICK *

Wheeler County, TX: Shamrock Cemetery, Shamrock (3)

Anna Bell (Bates) HARPER *
Charles Henderson MAYFIELD *

Lawrence Virgil HARPER *

Wichita County, TX: Burkburnett Cemetery, Burkburnett (4)

Ethel (Bennett) DOLBERRY (unmarked as of 2022)
Forrest Eugene WISE *
James Albert DOLBERRY (unmarked as of 2022)
Robert Garnet Jr SHELLEY *

Wichita County, TX: Crestview Cemetery (5)

Adolphus Campbell "Doc" MORROW *
Helen F (Fowler) MORROW *

Helen Josephine (Wiesmann) MORROW *
Henry Chris STEARMAN * 
Oscar Saraprudence MORROW *

Wichita County, TX: Highland Cemetery, Iowa Park (1)

Waymon Doyle "Rusty" EDWARDS * 

Wichita County, TX: Riverside Cemetery, Wichita Falls (6)

Buna V (Baker) SHUTTERS *
Clyde Robert BARRETT (unmarked as of 2022)
Henry E FOWLER *
John David SHUTTERS *
Laura Jeanette (Shutters) STEARMAN *
Leona (Williams) FOWLER *

Wichita County, TX: Rosemont Cemetery, Wichita Falls (3)

Georgia Iona (Morrow) BROWN *
Myrtle Florence (Nail) RILEY * 
Thomas Farley MORROW *

Wichita County, TX: Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Wichita Falls (3)

Mary Bridget (Cawley) MAY *
Mary Elizabeth (May) ANDIS * 
Patrick J MAY *

Wilbarger County, TX: Eastview Memorial Park Cemetery, Vernon (2)

Myrtle Faye (Stone) VAUGHN *
Sam Zone VAUGHN * 

Wilbarger County, TX: Wilbarger Memorial Park, Vernon (1)

Nelda Ray (Young) O'NEAL *

Willacy County, TX: Raymondville Memorial Park, Raymondville (5)

Andrew Clarence BRISTOL *
Eula Elizabeth (Pyle) BRISTOL *
Leona Oreta (Bristol) CURRIER *
Michaelle Kay CURRIER
William Earl CURRIER * 

Wood County, TX: Holly Tree Cemetery, Hawkins (2)

Betty (___) PEACOCK *
Jack Edward PEACOCK * 



Daggett County, UT: Manila Cemetery(1)

James Nelson PETTIT * 

Davis County, UT: Clearfield City Cemetery, Clearfield (2)

James Myron PETTIT *
Leontine (Benoit) TANNER *

Grand County, UT: Grand Valley Cemetery, Moab (9)

Carol Elizabeth (Balsley) HINES * 
Elizabeth (Standifer) TROUT *

Howard Warren BALSLEY *
Jessie (Trout) BALSLEY *
Roger Floyd BALSLEY *
Thomas Howard BALSLEY * 
Thomas Perry "Pink" TROUT *
Virginia Gail HINES *
William Thomas HINES *

Iron County, UT: Cedar City Cemetery, Cedar City(2)

Alvan Homer STEVENSON *
Leroy ROSE * 



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