Cemeteries: Virginia (Pittsylvania County - Tazewell County) 


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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Pittsylvania County, VA: Dalton-Adams-Doss Cemetery, Gretna (2)

Robert Lee YEATTS *
Sabra Jane (Doss) YEATTS *

Pittsylvania County, VA: Floral Hills Memory Gardens, Ringgold (1)

Charles Raymond WORLEY

Pittsylvania County, VA: New Prospect Baptist Church Cemetery (2)

Claudia Lessie (Hudson) DAVID *
Joseph Goldie DAVID * 

Pittsylvania County, VA: unknown cemetery, Schoolfield (1)

Roland Worth STROUP  

Powhatan County, VA: First Baptist Church Cemetery, Flat Rock (1)

Ann (Ferrell) WORLEY *

Powhatan County, VA: Powhatan Community Cemetery, Powhatan (1)

Ryan O'Neal WORLEY *

Prince Edward County, VA: Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery, Rice (7)

Alfred William PRICE *
Evelyn (Doyne) PRICE *
Mamie L (Fleenor) PRICE *
Sion Stanley PRICE *
Susan Ballentine (Ligon) PRICE *
William Henry PRICE *
William Henry Jr "Billy" PRICE *

Pulaski County, VA: Draper's Valley Presbyterian Church, Draper (3)

Frank Edmond DRAPER *
Oscar Lynn HOWARD *
Susan Laberta "Berta" (Kegley) HOWARD *

Pulaski County, VA: Howard-Sayers Cemetery (2)

Fannie R (Sayers) HOWARD *
Henry Davis HOWARD (unmarked)

Roanoke County, VA: Hartman Family Cemetery, Boone's Mill (8)

Gary David KILBY *
Genorah L (Hartman) HARTMAN *
Guy Morgan HARTMAN *
James David KILBY *
LuRena (Hartman) KILBY *
Marvin Lavan KILBY *
Nancy E (___) HARTMAN *

Roanoke County, VA: Mountain View Cemetery, Vinton (1)

William Isaac Carper GREGORY

Russell County, VA: Breeding Family Cemetery, Cleveland (3)

Chloe (Smith) BREEDING 
Donald BREWER 

Russell County, VA: Carterton Cemetery, Carterton (2)

Henry King WORLEY
Rebecca Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Sexton) WORLEY

Russell County, VA: Ketron Memorial Gardens, Lebanon (2)

Lloyd Routh SMITH
Marion (Brooks) SMITH  

Russell County, VA: Musick Cemetery-Sourwood Mountain, Cleveland (2)

Ebbie Elizabeth (Musick) MUSICK
Leamon R MUSICK  

Russell County, VA: Russell Memorial Park, Lebanon (2)

Catherine (Rasnake) HARGIS *
William Leonard HARGIS * 

Russell County, VA: Temple Hill Memorial Park, Castlewood (23)

Angelina (Sproles) TURNER
Brenda Annette (Worley) WAMPLER

Christina Faye (Sproles) ERVIN
Claud Henderson SPROLES
Cynthia J (Worley) Lampkin, SPROLES 
Cynthia Jane "Aunt Pet" (Brewer) SPROLES
Edith (Sproles) REEDY
Edward Russell REEDY
Ellery William ADKISSON
Eugene Pierce WAMPLER
Georgia Etta (Townes) ERVIN
Guy Raymond SPROLES 
Ival Jonathan SPROLES
James Allen SPROLES *
Jessica Lorraine WAMPLER
John Oliver ERVIN
John Wesley RING
Lawrence Frederick SPROLES
Leona M (Sproles) RING
Mary (Casteel) SPROLES
Melvin Hagy SPROLES 
Ruby Lee (Helbert) KAYLOR

Scott County, VA: Estill Cemetery, Gate City (1)

Archibald Preston MANN *

Scott County, VA: Flanary Cemetery, Wood (near Dungannon) (2)

James Emmett LARK
Victoria (Lane) LARK

Scott County, VA: Gardner Cemetery (1)

Mamie Dot (McClain) DOUGHERTY * 

Scott County, VA: George Addington Cemetery (2)

Charles Cromwell ADDINGTON *
Emma A (Addington) ADDINGTON * 

Scott County, VA: Good Cemetery, Duffield (1)

Habron JOHNSON *

Scott County, VA: Holston View Cemetery, Weber City (24)

Barbara Carol Cragg (Parks) CARTER *
Bonnie (Miller) KAYLOR *
Coy Bradley KAYLOR *
Dale Henson DEAN * 
Edna Mae (Kaylor) BISHOP *

Edna May (Taylor) KAYLOR *
Frances Ann (Addington) QUILLEN *
Gary Stuard COX
Gilmer Clyde MULLINS *
Henry Harmon MILLER *
Jack Thomas *
Kila B (Collins) ADDINGTON *
Mallie A (Bellamy) JONES *
Marjorie Elizabeth (Cress) DEAN *
Nettie (Brewer) THOMAS *
Ralph B KAYLOR *
Ray Walter "Bill" KAYLOR *
Ronald Reeford CARTER *
Rosa Lee (Walker) MILLER *

Roy Lee Sr KAYLOR *
Sallie Kate (Johnson) KAYLOR *
Shirley Elizabeth THOMAS *
Wilford Cromwell ADDINGTON *
William Samuel JONES *

Scott County, VA: Immamuel Lutheran Church Cemetery (2)

Anna Pearl (Bethany) SALYER
Ezra Hendricks SALYER  

Scott County, VA: Ira Taylor Cemetery, Duffield (1)

Williamson CARTER *

Scott County, VA: Johnson and Head Cemetery, Duffield (1)

Deana (Cox) KAYLOR  

Scott County, VA: Katron Cemetery, north of Kingsport, TN (1) 

Anna Belle (McMullen) MANN 

Scott County, VA: Livingston Cemetery (1)

Melvina P (Barker) WORLEY (unmarked) 

Scott County, VA: McConnell Cemetery (1)

James QUALLS (possibly buried here)

Scott County, VA: N B Lane Cemetery (2)

Cora Lee (Morrison) McDAVID *
Reece D McDAVID *

Scott County, VA: unknown Cemetery (2)

Benjamin Johannes FLEENOR

Smyth County, VA: Grosses Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Chilhowie (2)

Rissie Etelka (Haga) POE
Wiley Robert POE 

Smyth County, VA: Pleasant Hill Church Cemetery, Groseclose (3) 

Ephraim KEGLEY *
Nancy Jane (Pickle) KEGLEY *
Polly (Cline) KEGLEY *

Smyth County, VA: Rose Lawn Cemetery, Marion (1)

Nannie Wilma (Comer) SMILEY * 

Smyth County, VA: Westwood Memorial Gardens, Chilhowie (2)

Margaret "Peggy"/"Pippy" (Madison) KEGLEY *
Richard Eldridge "Poppy" KEGLEY *

Stafford County, VA: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Stafford (4)

Alma Jean (Stapleton) BANKS *
Pearl Hobert STAPLETON *
Stella Christine (Thomas) STAPLETON *

Tazewell County, VA: Clinch Valley Memorial Cemetery and Mausoleum, Richlands (3)

Nathan Clintwood HOBBS
Robert Junior HOBBS  
Tishie (Sawyers) HOBBS

Tazewell County, VA: Green Hills Memory Gardens, Richlands (2)

Henry Aston DAILEY
Sarah Ida Belle (Hobbs) DAILEY  

Tazewell County, VA: Greenhills Memory Gardens, Claypool Hill (2)

Lena Mae (Taylor) HESS
Zero HESS  

Tazewell County, VA: Jones Chapel Cemetery, Cedar Bluff (1)

Bonnie Lee HENKEL  

Tazewell County, VA: Keen Cemetery, Richlands (1)

Catherine Elizabeth "Nannie" (Powers) HOBBS

Tazewell County, VA: Maple Hill Cemetery, Bluefield (3)

Carl English CREASY
Pauline (Duncan) CREASY
Roby Thomas DAVISON  

Tazewell County, VA: unknown cemetery, Richlands (1)

William Washington HOBBS



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