Fun With Andis


If you see anything else "Andis", take a photo and send it to us!


roadside in 
Washington County, Virginia


State Road 37, 
near Paoli, Orange, Indiana



Bobby Andis of Andis Wood Products, Smith Creek, Washington County, Virginia - 2007


Andis Pallet, Abingdon, Virginia - 2007



found on Ebay, July 2007


found on the Internet 
Knoxville, Tennessee - 2007


found on Ebay, July 2007


Valerie and Debra received a bag of 
homemade cornmeal when visiting 
Nancy (Andis) Aker on their 2007 research trip to Virginia


Valerie found this in her hotel room in Seymour, Indiana 
while on an ANDIS research trip! - 2008


Per John H Bailey:  My father bought 3 of these remanufactured commercial grade hair clippers for his adult children about 40 years ago. Mine is still in use. - 2009



found at a salon in Apopka, Florida - from Jim Fielder 2010


Andis Wines 

Sierra Foothills, California


September 2, 2011
Don’t Try This at Home
Kelly Overton Washington Times-Herald (Indiana)

WASHINGTON — Washington Firefighter Barry Andis brought in a Bhut Jolokia chili pepper he grew himself to the Times Herald offices Thursday. The pepper, also known as the ghost chili, is recognized as one of the hottest peppers in the world, about 400 times stronger than typical hot pepper sauce. On a dare, he then eats a piece of the pepper and after three minutes, the burn starts kicking in. Andis could not speak due to a swollen tongue. The chili has been known to hospitalize those who are not used to its bite.