Joseph "Joel" Carter


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3) Joseph "Joel" Carter:
   born c. 1865 Scott Co, VA; photo including Joel;
   died 25 Sep 1888 Lee Co, VA; cause of death: typhoid fever; death records;
   possibly buried Kirk Cemetery Pine Grove, Ely's Creek, Lee, VA;
   census records for Joel;
   married Susan Hughes on 28 Dec 1883 Lee Co, VA
             (born Apr 1865 Lee Co, VA; photos including Susan;
             died 16 Jul 1918;
             buried Kirk Cemetery, Pine Grove Ely's Creek, Lee, VA; tombstone photo;
             Susan married 13 Feb 1890 Lee Co, VA (2) Joseph Crockett Doss*
             (21 Mar 1861 Hancock Co,TN-20 Apr 1936 Lee Co, VA; death certificate;;
             son of William Delaney Doss (03 May 1833 TN-01 May 1919 Lee Co, VA and
             Nancy Brown (04 May 1839 Fentress Co, TN-15 May 1926 Lee Co, VA)
             Joseph and Susan
had children:
                  Uliss S (06 Jan 1889 Lee Co, VA-22 Jun 1924 Norton, Wise, VA; buried Barron Cemetery or Red Hill Cemetery, Pennington Gap, Lee, VA),
                  Elihue - photos of Elihue; (02 Sep 1895 Lee Co, VA-Feb 1968 Pennington Gap, Lee, VA),
                  Harvey (02 Sep 1896-Sep 1964 Lee Co, VA; WWI draft registration card; married Ruby Jane Kirk; photo of Ruby),
                  Herman (07 Nov 1898 Lee Co, VA-Aug 1969 Pennington Gap, Lee, VA),
                  Ernest (1900-1918 buried Kirk Cemetery, Pine Grove Ely's Creek, Lee Co, VA; tombstone photo)
                  Oscar (01 Oct 1904 Lee Co, VA-01 Apr 1986 Lee Co, VA) 
                  Marcus H - photo of Marcus; (23 May 1907 Lee Co, VA-08 Dec 1942 Bell Co, KY; buried Kirk Cemetery, Pine Grove Ely's Creek, Lee, VA);
                  photos of Susan and Joseph; daughter of William H Hughes (born 30 Oct 1825 Dry Branch, Lee, VA;
                  died 11 Dec 1864 Lee Co, VA; cause of death: related to murder)
and Ellenor/Elender Cunningham (c. 1835-1875 Lee Co, VA))
   marriage record for Joseph and Susan;

               * Joseph Doss is a brother of Oscar Stewart Doss, found here under (1) Silas Maness.
       1) William M "Will" Carter - see separate personal page

        2) John J Carter - born 01 Feb 1886 Lee Co, VA; photos including John J Carter
                 died 01 Sep 1931 Portland, Multnomah, OR; death certificatedeath notice
                 cause of death: homicide; abdominal gunshot wound penetrating 
                 liver and bowel; news articles regarding murder
                 buried Rose City Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah, OR; tombstone photo;
                 married Johanna D "Joan" Skidmore (born 03 Dec 1893 Harlan Co, KY; 
                            died 28 Sep 1973 Pacifica, San Mateo, CA - no obituary found in Pacifica, CA
                            death certificate; cause of death: posterior myocardial infarction;
                            buried Skylawn Cemetery, San Mateo, San Mateo, CA; tombstone photo;
                            Johanna married (2) Humbert Patch (05 Dec 1907 MT-13 Jun 1983 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI; U.S. Army - WWII);
                            daughter of John Skidmore (Jun 1857 Harlan Co, KY-12 Oct 1931 Meskill, Lewis, WA) and 
                            Julia Harris (Aug 1861 Harlan Co, KY- 18 Feb 1944 Chehalis, Lewis, WA); John and Julia buried
Sunset Memorial Gardens, Chehalis, Lewis, WA; tombstone photo)
                      1) Frederick Joseph Carter - born 06 Jan 1907 WA; 
                                died 02 Mar 1982 Berkeley, Alameda, CA; cremated - 
                                no obituary found in Berkeley, CA or San Francisco, CA;      
                                buried Skylawn Cemetery, San Mateo, San Mateo, CA -
                                there is a Find a Grave memorial for Frederick, but cemetery has no record of him
                                death certificate; cause of death: cardiopulmonary arrest, arteriosclerosis; 
                                1930 census from the "Crews of Vessels"


                                married Catherine M Johnson on 16 Jan 1934 Vancouver, Clark, WA
                                           (born (___); died (___); signature:

                                marriage certificate for Frederick and Catherine;  
                                divorced; children? 

                      2) Lee Nicholas Carter - born 07 Feb 1909 WA; 
                                died 08 Jun 1958 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA; 
                                cremated; death certificate
                                buried Cypress Lawn Cemetery, Colma, San Mateo, CA; crypt photo;
                                married ____; divorced; children? 

                      3) Myrtle Olive Carter - born 09 Mar 1912 Tacoma, Pierce, WA; birth certificate
                                died 12 Jun 1984 Daly City, San Mateo, CA - 
                                no obituary found in San Jose Mercury-News, San Jose, CAdeath certificate; cremated;
cause of death: pulmonary edema, prosthetic aortic valve malfunction;                                  
                                buried Skylawn Memorial Park, San Mateo, San Mateo, CA; columbarium photo;
                                Myrtle married (1) Arthur Scott (living?);
                                     1) John James Scott - living?; 
                                              U.S. Marines;
                                             married Rita M ____ (living?)
                                                 1) unknown Scott - living?; married?; children? 
                                                 2) unknown Scott - living?; married?; children? 
                                                 3) unknown Scott - living?; married?; children? 
                                                 4) unknown Scott - living?; married?; children? 
                                Myrtle married (2) Phillip Almonte in CA (living?)
                                     2) Gilbert Carter Sr Almonte
                                             born 21 Jul 1934 Port Angeles, Clallam, WA; 
                                             died 11 Nov 2004 possibly Pacifica, San Mateo, CA; obituary;
                                              U.S. Marines;  
                                             married Karen A Secor (living?)
                                                 1) Gilbert C Jr Almonte - living?; 
                                                        married Sharon B Rocha on 07 Aug 1982 San Mateo Co, CA; 
                                                            1) Rochelle Antoinette Almonte - living?; 
                                                                   married Jeramy Lloyd Lee Whitley on 
                                                                       02 Feb 2002 Clark Co, NV (living?); children? 
                                                            2) Paula K Almonte - living?; married?; children?
                                                 2) Audrey C Almonte - living?; 
                                                        married Matthew W Bender 
                                                             1) Nicole Marie Bender - living?; married?; children? 
                                                 3) Phillip E Almonte - living?; 
                                                        married Lupita Maria Gavidia (living?); children? 
                                                 4) Nicholas M Almonte - living?; 
                                                        married Dawn M ____ (living?); children? 
                                Myrtle married (3) Godofredo "Fred" Flores Gundran Sr 
                                            (born 04 Jun or Sep 1904 Philippines; 
                                            died 14 Sep 1995 possibly Nevada City, Nevada, CA
                                            no obituary found in Nevada City, CA
                                            buried Skylawn Memorial Park, San Mateo, San Mateo, CA; columbarium photo)
                                     3) Frederick James Gundran - living?; 
                                              married Patricia Anne McLamb on 25 Mar 1985 Reno, Washoe, NV; 
                                     4) Feliciano Alberto "Butch" Gundran - living?; married?; children? 
                                     5) Patricia Judith Gundran - living?; 
                                              married Frank Roy Chavez on 14 Feb 1988 Minden, Douglas, NV  
                                              divorced; children?    

                      4) James Edward "Jimmy" Carter - born 22 Jul 1922; 
                                died 16 May 2009 Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA; obituary
                                cremated and ashes scattered at Bodega Bay, Sonoma, CA;
                                manifest including James's name
                                 U.S. Merchant Marines; Presidential certificate for service;  
                                married Chrystene Lillian Fogerstrom 
                                             (born 04 Jun 1912 Kirksville, Adair, MO; 
                                             died 04 Oct 1995 Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA; obituary;
                                             cremated and ashes scattered at Bodega Bay, Sonoma, CA; 
                                             daughter of Eric Earl Fogerstrom (17 Sep 1889 Callaway Co,  MO-24 Apr 1959 Kirksville, Adair, MO) and
                                             Mabel Catherine Young (14 Feb 1896 Adair Co, MO-23 Jan 1942 Kirksville, Adair, MO);
                                             Eric and Mabel buried Maple Hills Cemetery, Kirksville, Adair, MO - tombstone photos

                                             Chrystene married (1) Raymond Paul Wheeler on 07 Oct 1933 Adair Co, MO;
                                             Chrystene married (2) Fred C Flencher on 02 Mar 1935 Macon, Macon, MO);             

       3) Lillie Frances Carter - see separate personal page