Military Honor Roll (Abbott - Andis)


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This page honors our family members
that proudly served our country.  
As you can see from the notes in the last column, 
some made the supreme sacrifice.

Our Men and Women in Uniform
(those with a *(page where they appear) have a photo in their military uniform)

Last name, First name

Military Branch 


How served/notes
Abbott, David Francis SP5 - U.S. Army Vietnam - KIA
Abbott, Walter F  U.S. Merchant Marines -
Abel, Billy Joe SP4 - U.S. Army Vietnam
Abrams, Robert Smith  SP3 - U.S. Army Security Agency -
Acsbok, Barry Allan  U.S. Army Vietnam
Adams, John Sevier MM2 - U.S. Naval Reserve Force WWI
Adams, Robert Steele Jr Air Gunner - U.S. Navy WWII
Adams, Robert Steele Sr Cpl; Co A, 101 Inf - 
U.S. Army
WWI Purple Heart
Adams William Beechel "Bill" U.S. Army WWII
Addington, Thomas Howard U.S. Marines Korea
Adkins, John Clifford U.S. Navy WWII
Adkins, Miley E "Arkie" U.S. Army WWII
Adler, John William "Jack" Pvt, Artillery - U.S. Coast Guard WWI
Allen, Gary I *(7)  U.S. Army -
Allen, James B "Jim"  U.S. Army Vietnam
Allen, Lloyd B PFC - U.S. Army WWII
Allen, Robert Lee "Bob" *(7)  E4 (Jet Mechanic), ADJ3 - U.S. Navy Philippines
Allen, Theodore Ben "Ted" PFC - U.S. Army Korea
Allie, William Hoyt Sgt, Paratroops II Airborne - U.S. Army WWII
Allison, Robert James  U.S. Army -
Allsup, Carroll Wayne - Vietnam
Allsup, Keith E PFC, 10th Engineers Div - U.S. Army Vietnam
Almonte, Gilbert Carter Sr U.S. Marines -
Altop, Junior Ray U.S. Army WWII
Amick, John Wesley Sr MSgt, Special Service Engineers - U.S. Army WWII (European and Pacific Theatres)
Anders, Leo U.S. Army -
Anders, William B "Bill" U.S. Army -
Andersen, John Valentine - Korea
Anderson, Allen Graham Cpl - U.S. Army WWI
Anderson, Charles Isaac U.S. Army WWII (European Theatre)
Anderson, Clifford Leroy U.S. Air Force -
Anderson, Emory Orville MOMM1 - U.S. Navy WWII
Anderson, George Lee A2C - U.S. Air Force Vietnam
Anderson, Gilbert James  U.S. Air Force -
Andis, Aaron Winfred PFC - U.S. Army Korea
Andis, Andrew VA Militia; 7th Reg War of 1812
Andis, Anna Lucille A "Lou" U.S. Army Nurse Corps WWI
Andis, Arthur E U.S. Army WWII
Andis, Arthur Edward RM3 - U.S. Navy Vietnam
Andis, Benjamin Franklin Jr BM1 - U.S. Navy WWII
 USS Tennessee, USS Stansbury
Andis, Benjamin Franklin III U.S. Navy -
Andis, Billy Ralph U.S. Army WWII
Andis, Billy Rex HA1C - U.S. Navy WWII (Omaha Beach, Normandy)
USS Benzie County (LST 266), LST 137, LST 294
Andis, Carl Edward U.S. Army WWII
Andis, Carl Lee U.S. Air Force WWII (Pacific Theatre)
Andis, Cecil Elmer - WWII
Andis, Chad Jeremy U.S. Navy -
Andis, Charles Benjamin "CB" U.S. Army/OK National Guard -
Andis, Charles Earl U.S. Army -
Andis, Charles Edgar *(1) CM2, Seabees - U.S. Navy WWII
Andis, Curtis Napoleon Pvt, 329th Infantry - U.S. Army WWII (Germany)
Andis, Curtis T U.S. Army WWII
Andis, David Eugene "Junior" S2C - U.S. Navy WWII
USS New Jersey, USS Varian
Andis, Donald Joe U.S. Army -
Andis, Dwight Leon U.S. Marines Corps WWII
Andis, Earl Glenn U.S. Army Air Corps -
Andis, Earl J Sr S1 - U.S. Navy WWII
USS Shawnee
Andis, Edgar Ralph 29th Co., 8th BN, 165th Depot - U.S. Army WWI
Andis, Edmond R Co. A, 48th VA Infantry Civil War (Confederacy) died in service
Andis, Emory Gail *(1) Sgt - U.S. Army WWII
Andis, Eugene Philbert *(3) U.S. Army Air Corps WWII
Andis, Ervin Lorraine "Andy" Indiana National Guard -
Andis, Fred Cecil U.S. Army WWII
Andis, George Edwin - Korea
Andis, Gilbert Avery *(4) U.S. Army WWI
Andis, Gilbert Eugene U.S. Air Force -
Andis, Gilbert Junior Cpl - U.S. Army Korea
Andis, Gilbert Russell U.S. Army Korea
Andis, Glen Huston Airman Basic - U.S. Air Force Persian Gulf
Andis, Guy H Co. F, 117th Inf - U.S. Army WWI; Battle of Ypres-Lys
Andis, Harley Isaiah PFC HDQRS, Co 27, Field Artillery - U.S. Army WWI
Andis, Herman E "Buck" U.S. Army WWII
Andis, Ira Titus *(2) Pvt - U.S. Army WWI
Andis, Ivan Lee U.S. Army Air Force WWII
Andis, James C Co. D, ___ Reg Mexican War
Andis, James Cleo U.S. Army WWII
Andis, James Clinton *(1) PFC, Co. A, 131st Machine Gun BN - U.S. Army WWI
Andis, James David II U.S. Air Force -
Andis, James Elmo S1- U.S. Navy WWII
USS General H L Scott, USS Yosemite, USS Gemsbok, USS Ajax, USS Briareus
Andis, James Franklin Pvt - U.S. Army WWII
Andis, James Walter Conf: Co. A, Carter's 1st TN Cav.;
Union: Co. H, 2nd Reg. US Vols
Civil War; (Confederacy & Union); POW
Andis, Jerad Marshall U.S. Navy -
Andis, Jesse Alton *(1) 24th Inf Div, 1st Btn, 19th Reg - U.S. Army Korea - 2 Purple Hearts, 4 Bronze Stars
Andis, Jesse Franklin  U.S. Army WWII
Andis, Jesse James 111th Co, 8th Reg - U.S. Marine Corps  WWI
Andis, Jesse James Jr U.S. Marine Corps;
 MM1 - U.S. Navy Seabees
WWII; wounded in explosion on Saipan, then eventually died from causes related to those injuries
Andis, Jesse James Jr  U.S. Army, Merchant Marines Korea
Andis, Joe L Cpl - U.S. Marine Corps -
Andis, John Martin Co. G, 64th Reg. VA Mtd. Inf. Civil War (Confederacy); POW
Andis, John Melvin  U.S. Army WWII
Andis, Johnathan David Pvt - Co B, 21st VA Calvary, 105th VA Militia Civil War (Confederacy); deserted
Andis, Kenneth Edgar "Andy" Sr *(2) EN2 - U.S. Navy Korea
Andis, Kenneth Ray *(2) RM3 - U.S. Navy Korea
Andis, Kenneth William  PFC - U.S. Army WWII
Andis, Larry Alven U.S. Air Force -
Andis, Levi Co. E, 85th IN Infantry Civil War (Union); died at Annapolis, MD
Andis, Louis/Lewis Co. G, 132nd IN Infantry Civil War (Union)
Andis, Marion Hubert U.S. Army Korea
Andis, Marshall Edwin U.S. Army -
Andis, Marshall Wilford CFM - U.S. Navy WWII
Andis, Matthias Flying Camp of Frederick Co, MD (Middle District Troop) Revolutionary War
Andis, Maxwell Gene *(2) Cpl, 850th Air Engr Co - U.S. Army WWII (European Theatre)
Andis, Michael Dwane U.S. Army -
Andis, Opher James U.S. Army WWI
Andis, Paul Eugene U.S. Navy -
Andis, Paul William "Bill" - -
Andis, Perle Emmett *(5) M SGT - U.S. Army Korea
Andis, Ralph E *(1) U.S. Navy WWII
Andis, Randall "Randy" U.S. Marines -
Andis, Ray Alvin U.S. Army WWII (Battle of the Bulge)
Andis, Reid Tyler U.S. Marine Corps Iraqi Freedom - Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal
Andis, Richard Ira *(6) U.S. Navy -
Andis, Richard Justin *(6) U.S. Marine Corps Iraq
Andis, Richard Lee *(6) U.S. Navy Korea, Vietnam
Andis, Robert Ben MM2 - U.S. Navy -
Andis, Robert Glenn U.S. Navy Korea
Andis, Robert Harold U.S. Army WWII
Andis, Robert Perry Co. A, 2nd Infantry - U.S. Army Spanish-American War
Andis, Robert Washington S1C, USS Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 12 - U.S. Navy WWII
Andis, Roy Francis *(1) U.S. Army WWII
Andis, Ryan Brent F16 Crew Chief - U.S. Air Force Gulf War I
Andis, Samuel Dwane *(4) U.S. Navy -
Andis, Sherman David SC2 - U.S. Navy WWII
USS Half Moon
Andis, Sherman Fleenor Retired Captain, Medical Service Corps - U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Andis, Sherman Lee U.S. Navy Seabees Vietnam
Andis, Simon P Co. K, 64th Reg. VA Mtd. Inf. Civil War (Confederacy); (Gettysburg); died as a POW
Andis, Terry Lee U.S. Navy Vietnam
Andis, Tucker U.S. Air Force -
Andis, Viva Leona *(3) Ensign - U.S. Navy (nurse) WWII (European Theatre)
Andis, Wayne A *(1) U.S. Marines -
Andis, Wilbur C U.S. Army WWII
Andis, William  National Guard -
Andis, William Francis U.S. Army -
Andis, William Rexford "Bill" U.S. Army Korea
Andis, William S Co. I, 64th Reg. VA Mtd. Inf. Civil War (Confederacy); (Gettysburg)


Our Men and Women in Uniform
(those with a *(page where they appear) have a photo in their military uniform)