Military Honor Roll (Angst - Bowman)


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This page honors our family members
that proudly served our country.  
As you can see from the notes in the last column, 
some made the supreme sacrifice.

Our Men and Women in Uniform
(those with a *(page where they appear) have a photo in their military uniform)

Last name, First name

Military Branch 


How served/notes
Angst, James Maxwell U.S. Army -
Anthens, Walter Harry Pvt, Co. C, 83rd Div., 329th Infantry -
U.S. Army
Appleby, Delbert Ernest SGT - U.S. Air Force WWII
Appleby, Forrest Ermal TEC 5 - U.S. Army WWII
Appleby, Francis Lee "Frank" TEC 5, U.S. Army WWII
Appleby, Raymond H PFC - U.S. Army Air Corps WWII
Appleby, Rickey G U.S. Army -
Applewhite, Scott Carter (Dr)  U.S. Air Force WWII (Commander of the Robert B Green examining unit)
Arbaugh, Troy Elmer U.S. Army -
Arbaugh, Troy Eugene U.S. Air Force -
Arens, Edward William U.S. Marine Corps Korea
Arney, Floyd William  U.S. Navy -
Arnold, Hilda Cleo (Scudder) 1st Lt - U.S. Army WWII
Arthur, Charles William U.S. Army WWII
Artz, Richard W U.S. Army WWII
Atkinson, William Earnest U.S. Army WWII
Aulner, Gerald - -
Austin, Norman Street U.S. Army WWII (European Theatre - Battle of the Bulge)
Auxier, Samuel Morgan Pvt, Provost Guard - U.S. Army WWI
Ayers, Thomas Henry Pvt - U.S. Army Korea
Babb, James Everett Pvt - U.S. Army WWI
Bailey, Marvin U.S. Army -
Baker, Dale Jennings  U.S. Army, U.S. Navy WWII
Baker, Gerald B  U.S. Army Korea
Baker, Leslie Howard  PFC - U.S. Army -
Baker, Robert Alvin or Edward U.S. Navy -
Ballard, Alvin Lexis U.S. Army WWII
Balsley, Joseph *(6) Captain - 27th IN Infantry, Co H and Co D Civil War (Union)
Balsley, Thomas Howard Cpl - U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Barker, Edmond Hallie - WWII
Barker, Ernest Conley U.S. Army WWII
Barker, Sam Maurice - -
Barker, Sherwood Millard 2md Battalion, 105th Regiment War of 1812
Barlow, Charles Maynard Waggoner - U.S. Army WWI
Barlow, Gregory Scott *(6) Lt - U.S. Navy Desert Storm (Navy Achievement Medal)
Barlow, Jeffrey Justin U.S. Air Force -
Barlow, Michael Eugene Captain - U.S. Air Force Korea
Barnard, Byron F (Dr) U.S. Army WWI
Barnes, John W Sgt - U.S. Army Korea
Barr, Malcolm Everett  U.S. Army WWII
Barry, John Lawrence U.S. Navy WWII
Batchelor, William Raymond "Bill" MM3 - U.S. Navy WWII
Bates, Leroy Frank  T4 - U.S. Army WWII
Baxter, Dale Herman U.S. Navy Vietnam
Bayley, Kenneth Leonard TX National Guard; Captain - U.S. Army Air Force Bronze Star, Military Merit Medal
Beach, Dale Allen U.S. Air Force -
Beasley, Emanuel J U.S. Marine Corps -
Beasley, Ephraim Illinois WAGR - U.S. Army WWI
Beasley, Gregory Dean *(3) U.S. Navy Desert Storm
Beasley, Joseph Franklin  U.S. Army WWII
Bechdoldt, Chris Edward U.S. Coast Guard -
Bechdoldt, Gene Wesley U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam
Bechdoldt, Robert Theodore  U.S. Army -
Bechdoldt, Theodore Lee Pvt - Co G, 353rd Infantry - U.S. Army WWII
Beck, Roscoe Earl U.S. Army Air Corps WWII
Becker, William "Bill" U.S. Army -
Bedwell, Loren Leon U.S. Navy WWII
Beins, Darrell Dee Pvt - U.S. Marines Corps Korea
Bell, Teddy Arlon U.S. Navy Korea
Bellamy, Clyde M U.S. Army WWII
Bellamy, Paul B Jr - -
Benefield, Barnett Private - Co. B, 38th IL Inf Reg Civil War (Union)
Benefield, Forrest Duelle TEC5, 654th Signal AW Co - U.S. Army WWII (Italy, Germany, France)
Benefield, Howard Eugene U.S. Navy Korea, WWII
Benell, Herschel Kenneth U.S. Navy WWII
Bentley, Claude Jr U.S. Army -
Bentz, Lyle Ray Coast Guard; U.S. Air Force WWII; Korea
Bevers, Bruce El Von U.S. Air Force -
Bevers, Leonard Lane SFC - U.S. Army Vietnam
Bevins, George W PFC - U.S. Army WWII
Biddle, Jerry Allen  U.S. Army -
Biessenberger, Lawrence J F2 - U.S. Navy WWII
U.S.S. LSM 342
Bingham, Joe Linn  U.S. Army Vietnam
Birdwell, Cecil Akard Sea2 - U.S. Navy WWI
Bishop, Ezra H SGT - U.S. Army WWII
Black, John Leo U.S. Navy Vietnam
Black, Preston Doyle  U.S. Marine Corps Iraq
Black, Wilburn Leo - -
Blackburn, Gordon Kenton U.S. Army WWII
Blackerby, Colten Bryce  U.S. Army Saudi Arabia
Blake, Harley Francis Pvt, Battery A, 26th Field Artillery IN - U.S. Army WWI
Blake, Hubert Dusil U.S. Army WWII
Bland, Jordan Nash *(4) U.S. Air Force -
Bland, Kenneth Eugene Col - Indiana National Guard -
Blankenship, Steven Lee  U.S. Marine Corps -
Blount, James Robert A3C - U.S. Air Force -
Board, Wilford L - WWII
Bode, Dennis W TEC 5, U.S. Army WWII
Bogard, Elmo Rudolph A3C - U.S. Air Force Korea
Boggs, Avis U.S. Navy WWII
LCT Flotilla 12; LCT Flotilla 26;
 U.S.S.Nespelen AOG 55
Boggs, Henry Herman Cpl - Co. C, 52nd IN Infantry Civil War (Union)
Bohenkamp, Howard W U.S. Army WWII
Boman, Burnham Lunsford *(8) S1 - U.S. Naval Reserves WWII
Boman, George Otis U.S. Army WWI (France)
Boman, Harold Raymond U.S. Army -
Boman, Henry Ralph "Pete" *(1) Cpl; Co. E, 591 Engineer Boat Reg., 3640 QM Truck Co - U.S. Army WWII (Italy, North Africa)
Good Conduct Medal, American Defense Service Ribbon, Bronze Arrowhead
Boman, Jack Bartley U.S. Army WWII
Boman, Raymon J Pvt; Co. K, 20th KS Volunteer Infantry Spanish-American War
Boman, Thomas Lee U.S. Air Corps -
Boman, Walter Earl U.S. Army -
Bond, James Robert U.S. Army Korea
Bond, Robert Jeffrey Clifford U.S. Air Force -
Bondy, Warren J U.S. Air Force Vietnam
Boogaerts, Donald Edward S1 - U.S. Navy WWII
Booher, Claude T  U.S. Army WWII
Booher, Lestol Ray  U.S. Army WWII
Booher, William Z U.S. Army WWII
Boomgarden, Claus U.S. Navy WWII
U.S.S. Wyoming AG-17, U.S.S. Boxer CV-21,
U.S.S. Tarawa CV-40
Boomgarden, Raymond U.S. Air Force Korea
Botts, John Thomas "J T" Pvt - Mosby's Reg, VA Calvary (Partisan Rangers); Co. C Civil War (Confederacy)
Bovard, James H PFC - U.S. Marines Corps WWII
Bowers, George Robert "Bob" Jr U.S. Navy -
Bowes, John Pitkin Cpl - U.S. Army Korea
Bowhay, Arthur J - WWII
Bowhay, George Arthur U.S. Army Air Force Reserves -
Bowhay, Joseph Leroy "Joe" U.S. Air Force WWII
Bowhay, Wendell Eugene S Sgt - U.S. Army Air Force WWII
Bowman, Alva William Pvt, Co. I, 20th Reg., Bat 6 - U.S. Army WWI (France)
Bowman, Charles Harold Fay "Hal" U.S. Army  (Philippines)
Bowman, Donald Glenn U.S. Army Korea
Bowman, Edward Glenn TSGT - U.S. Air Force Korea, Vietnam
Bowman, Fay David *(5) Cpl; 62nd Arty; HQ Co - U.S. Army WWI (France)
Bowman, Guy - -
Bowman, Hal *(4)  Strategic Air Command - U.S. Air Force -
Bowman, Ira Edgar *(5) Captain; U.S. Army Medical Corp WWI
Bowman, Jack Manteau Pilot - U.S. Navy WWII (South Pacific)
Bowman, James Everett Pvt - U.S. Army WWII
Bowman, James Glenn SFC - U.S. Army Korea
Bowman, Loren Douglas U.S. Navy Vietnam
Bowman, Ned Alan *(4) U.S. Army -
Bowman, Orin Howard U.S. Army WWII (Pacific Theatre)
Bowman, Pleasant Henry Co. K, 49th IN Infantry Civil War (Union); died from wounds
Bowman, Rex A SM1 - U.S. Navy WWII (Asiatic and Pacific Theatres)
Bowman, Sidney Ellsworth *(5) Pvt - U.S. Army WWI (Europe)
Bowman, Starlin Ermal (1) U.S. Army;
(2) Major - U.S. Air Force
(7th AF Bomber Group Photo Intelligence Unit)
WWI; WWII (Central Pacific) - Bronze Star
Bowman, Thomas S - -
Bowman, Victor Virgil Captain - U.S. Army WWI
Bowman, Wayne Fletcher *(8) AB - U.S. Air Force Korea


Our Men and Women in Uniform
(those with a *(page where they appear) have a photo in their military uniform)