Military Honor Roll (Hagie - Hotle)


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This page honors our family members
that proudly served our country.  
As you can see from the notes in the last column, 
some made the supreme sacrifice.

Our Men and Women in Uniform
(those with a *(page where they appear) have a photo in their military uniform)

Last name, First name

Military Branch 


How served/notes
Hagie, Raymond Jones TEC5 - U.S. Army WWII
Bronze Star
Hahn, Walter Owen U.S. Army WWII
Haile, William Buckner Sr Major - U.S. Army WWII
Hairston, William Tolliver Pvt - OK 329th AUX RMT DEP QMC - U.S. Army WWI
Hall, James Monroe Pvt - U.S. Army WWII
Hall, William - WWII
Hamlet, Russell Alexander Major - U.S. Marine Corps Korea, WWII
Hamlet, William A - WWI
Hammond, William Mel U.S. Navy Korea
Hampton, Robert E (Rev) - Korea
Hancock, George Elliott U.S. Army WWII
Haney, Jewel Clyde U.S. Army WWII
Hanna, William Brady 179th Inf, Co. A - U.S. Army WWII
Hannert, Lynn Fay *(8)  U.S. Navy WWII
Hansen, Ralph Russell Jr PFC - Co. K, 21st Infantry Reg, SD - U.S. Army WWII
Hanson, Roland Winthrope "Hans"  U.S. Navy -
Hanson, Stewart Sidney S Sgt - U.S. Air Force WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Hardwick, Elden Clair *(4) U.S. Navy WWII (Germany)
Hardwick, Floyd C "Bud" MM1 - U.S. Navy Korea
Hardwick, Harry B U.S. Navy WWII
Hardwick, Herbert J Co C, 504 Military Police BN - U.S. Army WWII
Hardwick, Joseph Co C, 1st KY Cav Civil War (Confederacy)
Hardwick, Joseph Melvin U.S. Army WWI
Hardwick, William Lee U.S. Marine Corps -
Harmon, John Franklin U.S. Army unknown war
Harmon, Samuel R (Dr) Sgt - U.S. Army WWII (European Theater)
Harper, Irwin C S Sgt - U.S. Army Air Corps WWII
Harper, Rex I *(1) U.S. Navy Korea
Harper, William Charles Pvt - Co. M, 45th U.S. Volunteer Infantry - U.S. Army Spanish-American War
Harr, Clarence Dulaney U.S. Navy -
Harr, Jerry Douglas - Vietnam
Harr, Michael Edwin SP4, Co A, 27th Infantry, 25th Div - U.S. Army Vietnam (killed in action) 
Bronze Star, Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart
Harris, Cecil Dean Pfc - U.S. Army WWII
Harris, Donald Edward U.S. Army -
Harris, Donald Everett U.S. Air Force WWII
Harris, Edgar Eugene *(1) U.S. Army WWII (Japan, Philippines)
Harris, Glendal Dewayne U.S. Army (Caribbean)
Harris, Mervin Robert U.S. Army WWII (France, Germany, Netherlands)
Harris, Ralph U.S. Navy -
Harris, Ralph Henderson - WWII
Harris, Robert Bea S1 - U.S. Navy Seabees WWII
Harris, Robert Lee U.S. Army WWII
Harris, Robert Lee Sr U.S. Navy -
Harris, Robert Leon U.S. Marine Corps -
Harris, Rodney Allen "Rod" RM2 - U.S. Navy Vietnam
Harris, Walter J (Dr) Cpl - Co B; 346th IL Infantry - U.S. Army WWI
Harris, William Fay Lt Btry B67th Fld Arty - U.S. Army WWI
Harris, Walter Ray Indiana National Guard -
Harris, Wilbur Dean U.S. Army WWII
Harris, William Henderson S2 - U.S. Navy WWII (South Pacific)
Harter, Charles Eugene U.S. Air Force -
Hasse, Robert G "Bob" Cpl - U.S. Army Korea 
Bronze Star, Purple Heart
Haugsdal, Richard Allen SP4 - North Dakota National Guard -
Haugsdal, Robert Dale SP5 - North Dakota National Guard -
Hayes, Paul Robert - -
Hays, Kenneth Allyn 399th Reg, 100th Div - U.S. Army WWII (European Theatre)
Bronze Star
Haywood, Earl - possibly WWI
Hazel, Richard Joseph PFC - U.S. Army WWII
Head, Bill U.S. Air Force -
Head, Clarence Olen Cpl - U.S. Army Air Force WWII
Head, Earl Clifton Sgt - U.S. Army WWII
Head, Harrel E  U.S. Army WWII
Head, Rutherford James Jr U.S. Army -
Heard, Jefferson Ezell "Jeff" Jr  U.S. Army WWII
Heard, William W U.S. Army WWII
Hedges, George Edward Pvt - U.S. Army WWI
Hedges, George Edward Jr U.S. Marine Corps WWII
Hedrick, Carl Albert U.S. Navy WWII
Hedrick, George H TEC 5 - U.S. Army WWII
Harris, David Junior PFC, Co A, 503rd Infantry, 173rd ABN BDC Medical Corp - U.S. Army Vietnam (killed in action)
Helbert, Albert T U.S. Navy -
Heller, Glenn Norton  U.S. Army Korea
Heller, Phillip Wilford *(4) TEC 5; Co B, 347th Infantry - U.S. Army WWII (European and African Theatres)
Helnore, Robert Ross Main *(6) SSG - U.S. Army

1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), Washington;
Bosnia (SFOR); Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF); Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines (OEF-P)

Henderson, John Dale  Pvt, Co C, 16th Infantry - U.S. Army WWII
Henderson, John Raymond Pvt - U.S. Army -
Hendrix, Erful Dallas Pvt, Quartermaster Corps - U.S. Army WWII
Henley, Elmer H TEC5, HQ BTRY, 789th FA BN - U.S. Army WWII
Henley, John Dalton U.S. Army WWII
Henniger, Lux E U.S. Marine Corps -
Henry, James Elvert or Elverett PFC - U.S. Army WWII
Herndon, Rick *(5) U.S. Army Vietnam
Herndon, William Cody Sr U.S. Navy -
Herrin, Clarence Elvin U.S. Navy WWII
Herron, David S U.S. Marines -
Herron, Jeremy J  U.S. Air Force -
Herron, Mack Everett Sr PFC - U.S. Army Korea
Hildreth, Jesse "Bud"  SSML3 - U.S. Navy WWII
Hill, Elmer Finley U.S. Army WWI
Hill, William Henry  U.S. Air Force WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Hill, William Hiram E3 - U.S. Navy WWI
Hilliard, James E U.S. Army WWII
Hilton, Tommy Lee SP4 - U.S. Army -
Hines, William Thomas MSGT - U.S. Army WWII
Hirth, Vernon Carl MoMM1C - U.S. Navy WWII (Pacific Theatre)
USS Rusels APD-85 and LCI 441
Hobart, Joe Bush Jr 2nd Lt - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -
Hobbs, Alfred Tennyson Jr U.S. Navy -
Hobbs, Amanda Raeh U.S. Marines Okinawa
Hobbs, Billy Dale *(7) U.S. Army WWII
Hobbs, Calvin L U.S. Navy -
Hobbs, Charles Benjamin *(6) U.S. Army Engineers WWI (France)
Hobbs, Charles Edward *(6) U.S. Army WWII (France, Belgium)
Hobbs, Charles Franklin U.S. Army WWII
Hobbs, Clarence John - WWI (France)
Hobbs, David Leroy U.S. Air Force -
Hobbs, Donald Dale U.S. Army Afghanistan
Hobbs, Esquire Monroe  Co E, 63rd Inf. Reg. VA Civil War (Confederacy);
  (died of "camp fever")
Hobbs, Estie Tec 5, 3185th Signal Service Bn - U.S. Army WWII
Hobbs, Jerome  Co E, 63rd Inf. Reg. VA    Civil War (Confederacy); (deserted)
Hobbs, Jesse Houston "Junior" U.S. Army WWII
Hobbs, Kenneth W PFC - U.S. Army Korea; (killed in action)
Hobbs, Lowell Vernon *(6) Security Service - U.S. Air Force Korea (Far East)
Hobbs, Robert Lee "Lester" U.S. Army WWII
Hobbs, Sylvan Julian U.S. Navy -
Hobbs, Terry Dean U.S. Air Force -
Hochstein, Mark A Tec 3 - U.S. Army WWII
Hockett, Larry Wayne PFC - U.S. Army Vietnam
Hogan, Audrey Cleveland "A C" U.S. Navy WWII
Holland, Frank H U.S. Air Force WWII
Holley, Isaac Thomas "Speedy"  U.S. Army WWII
Holley, Johnie Wesley  U.S. Army Vietnam
Hollingsworth, Henry L U.S. Merchant Marines WWII (Atlantic Run)
Holly, Marvin Ralph U.S. Army WWII
Holman, George Daniel U.S. Marine Corps Korea
Holman, John M  U.S. Navy WWII
Holman, Ovie N MM1 - U.S. Navy WWI
Holman, Ovie Robert U.S. Army WWII
Holly, Marvin Ralph U.S. Army WWII
Holmes, Bondford Cecil Sgt - U.S. Army WWII
Holt, Elbert Roscoe  U.S. Army WWI
Holt, Harry Hubert  U.S. Army -
Holt, Sigel Chester  U.S. Army WWI
Hooks, Charles U.S. Air Force -
Hooper, Haskell Wennell S Sgt - U.S. Army WWII
Hopkins, Jack Neff Pvt, Battery C, 469th Field Artillery Battalion - U.S. Army Korea
Hoss, Samuel Edmond  Sgt - Carter's 1st Cavalry Reg. TN Civil War (Confederacy)
Hostas, Jarret Laneer  U.S. Air Force Italy
Hostas, Wesley Anton SP5 - U.S. Army -
Hotle, Eldon Russell *(2) U.S. Army Korea
Hotle, Floyd Eugene *(2) U.S. Army WWII


Our Men and Women in Uniform
(those with a *(page where they appear) have a photo in their military uniform)